Great Swamp (Borost)

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File:Great Swamp concept.jpg
The Great Swamp, an impenetrable thicket of trees mired in bog and mud.

The Great Swamp is a region to the North of Borost characterized by its inaccessibility. The swamp presents many dangers to any and all travelers: it is infested by numerous diseases, populated by savage and violent Serpent-folk, and is so densely forested that accurate navigation is nearly impossible.

The Great Swamp is wholly inaccessible to all Races of Borost. The only intelligent species capable of sustaining itself in its midst is the Serpent-folk, who are believed to be native to the swamp. The Serpent-folk likely maintain their Kingdoms and Realms within the swamp itself, as no settlements outside of it have been found.

The edge of the swamp traditionally marks the Northern edge of Borost. The swamp is believed to be gradually occupying the marshes and bogs to its immediate south, formerly occupied by Alenreic, as the canals and dams of old are gradually destroyed, and the wetlands of the area restored.

History[edit | edit source]

The swamp has existed in Borost from the dawn of recorded time. In addition, Borostím tradition maintains that it is home to many accursed spirits and foes, legends that date thousands of years back.

The swamp has always served as a barrier preventing the land-based exploration of the lands to the north of Borost.

Swamp disease[edit | edit source]

The Swamp is infamous for the many diseases borne by its animal denizens. Disease is one of the primary obstacles preventing the exploration of the wetland, and no progress has been made in combating the diseases, which are still not well-understood.

The Melzaft expedition attempted to collect samples to study the diseases present in the swamp. Led by Borost:Tue Melzaft, the expedition collected many specimens from the very boundary of the swamp. Of the twenty-five members of the expedition, ten died on the first day. Their corpses were carefully studied, and it was determined that they perished from contact with the Borost:Bloodstingers. On the second day, a further six members perished. They were found to have also died of such wounds. On the third day, the expedition hastily departed the area.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Great Swamp, as the name implies, is a large forested wetland. It is considered a true swamp, wherein the Great Swamp contains a large number of trees and other vegetation. There is little relief in the area, as seen from the sky: Nevertheless, it is located next to the large orogenous zone.

It is believed that the Great Swamp is nurtured by a great river further to the North of its mapped boundaries, since only a few of its tributaries travel south of the edge of the treeline. In order to produce the conditions necessary for its sustenance, the waters of this great river must travel at a slow or near-stagnant pace. This theoretical river is likely generated by the meltwater of the glaciers to its immediate east, although this has yet to be confirmed.