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A number of languages are spoken in Borost. Three main linguistic families appear to have developed in the land: Serpent-speech and Chtzul language to the north, Borostimat in the center, and two primary human languages throughout the continent. The Leyan language, as well as the Dwaerkar language, appear to have primarily developed elsewhere in the world.

Chtzul[edit | edit source]

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The Chtzul speak a number of dialects, all of which are branches or variations of a common Chtzul language. The Chtzul of the same tribe understands themselves well, but this understanding diminishes the further away one tribe is from another. Either way, Chtzul can force other tribes to comply with them and collaborate through pacts, diplomacy and coercion even when a tribe doesn't understand the dialect of the leader.

Dwaerkar[edit | edit source]

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The Dwaerkar speak a number of dialects and languages, all of which are a branch of the primary Dwaerkar language.

Original Dwaerkar[edit | edit source]

The Original language is now lost in time, and no tribe is known to continue speaking it, and is seldom found but in historical sources. Contemporary scholarly and theological documents utilize the Aalderdwaer dialect, which is the direct descendant of the original Dwaerkar language.

Aalderdwaer[edit | edit source]

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Aalderdwaer, literally "Ocean-Dwaer," is the most-spoken language, and the lingua franca of the Dwaerkar freeholds. It directly traces its origins to the first Dwaerkar inhabitants of Borost, for which reasons it has become associated with the Ocean.

Aalderdwaer is primarily spoken in Tielsland, the Homeland. This includes cities as important as Ouwestad and Terbrug.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Austral tongue[edit | edit source]

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The Austral tongue is the language of the southern men. The Borost:rangers and the Borost:wild folk use this language. Although very similar to the Boreal tongue, both languages are mutually unintelligible. With each generation, both the Austral and the Boreal tongue separate a little bit more.

Boreal tongue[edit | edit source]

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The Boreal tongue is the former language of Alenreic, in the north. Much of the Boreal tongue has been lost since the fall of the High Kingdom. The amount that remains is preserved in the chronicles before the fall of the kingdom but is no longer being used by anyone.

Leyan[edit | edit source]

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The Leyan language is primarily spoken by the Lizard-folk and Skink-folk. Somewhat counterintuitively to what would be expected for "hissing reptiles", it is considered by linguists to be one of the most melodic languages of Borost.

Serpent-folk[edit | edit source]

Serpent speech[edit | edit source]

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Serpent-speech is the name given by academicians to the language of the Serpent-folk and Terbolds of the Great Swamp. It appears to be a combination of spoken words, hisses, groans, grunts, and other audible signals. No written records of this language have been discovered. It has thus far eluded any attempts at translation.

Símic languages[edit | edit source]

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Borostimat[edit | edit source]

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Borostimat is one of the primary languages of the peninsula, and it has the largest amount of speakers of any singular language therein. Overall, it is considered to be the lingua franca of the peninsula, even though the Dwaerkar have yet to embrace it in any significant numbers.

Heavily standardized and codified, the Borostimat language has evolved comparatively little since Tavres Ilsím ordered its standardization more than 25 centuries ago.

Tirsosi[edit | edit source]

The Tirsosi langage is the one of the red elves or Tirsosím people. It's highly spoken in the Tirsosi peninsula.

Lesser known languages[edit | edit source]

In Borost there are a variety of other lesser known languages.