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The Borost:Hillfort of Neudenaald, emblematic of the city.
The Borost:Hillfort of Neudenaald, emblematic of the city.
Etymology: New Harbor
The Merchant City
Dwaerkar freeholdHelderen
 • TypePatrician republic
 • BodyCouncil of Neudenaald
 • MagistrateWolik Korthodum
 • Total4,268,154

Neudenaald, occasionally known as Aalderstad, is the capital and largest city of Helderen freehold, as well as the most populous Dwaerkar city of Borost.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The city's name means "New Harbor", with Terbrug being considered the "Old" or "First Harbor."

Aalderstad, "City of the Harbor," is occasionally used, primarily in rmoantic sources. The real aalderstad, though, is Terbrug, for which reason this practice is not very common.

History[edit | edit source]

The site of Neudenaald was originally host to Kaer Illrend, a Borostím city, and today best-known for the Battle of Kaer Illrend which opened Ÿphergund's War.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The climate of Neudenaald is largely temperate, comfortable for both its Dwaer and elven inhabitants. There is abundant water and rain through the entire year, and the rolling hills around the city are fertile and well-cultivated.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]

Governance[edit | edit source]

The government of the city is patrician, with the wealthy bankers and merchants of Neudenaald acting as a self-perpetuating pseudo-aristocracy.

Magistrate[edit | edit source]

The "Honorable Magistrate of Neudenaald" is the chief executive power of the city and of Helderen freehold. He is chosen by the Council upon the death of the previous Magistrate. Through means and methods of questionable legality, Borost:Clan Korthodum has transformed the position into a de-facto hereditary one.

However, the banking and trading Korthodums have no intentions to transition into autocracy -- both because the Magistrate is a largely powerless and ceremonial office, that can achieve no such feat, and because the illusion of republicanism better suits the economic interests that fill their overflowing coffers. Magistrates can be impeached, but this has never occurred.

City Council[edit | edit source]

The Council of Neudenaald, often known as the Council, is the chief legislative and true executive power of the city and freehold. The council is of no fixed size: A seat in the council can be purchased from the city's government itself, which allows the wealthy merchant classes to hold the reins of the freehold's governance. This arrangement has resulted in a capitalist paradise, attracting affluent merchant and banking guilds from across the entire continent.

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