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File:Orothost the Holy.jpg
Orothost the Holy, here shown in an apotheosized deific manifestation.

Orothost Cyndyrstref, more commonly known as Orothost the Holy, and also known as the Blade of Moonlight, was a Borostím spellcaster, sorcerer, adventurer, warrior, poet, scholar, and theologian. Orothost was contemporaneous with legendary King Tavres Ilsím, who established the city and kingdom of Koss Gaer. His legendary persona has become deeply intertwined with the Borost:Borostím struggle for independence.

Little factual information is known of his life. What is known for certain is that Orothost was born in Borost:Caer Daimab, still a small village at the time, and began as a wizard's apprentice somewhere in modern Vaalsebossen. From there, he grew to become one of the most important warriors and sorcerers in the armies of Tavres Ilsím. At some point, he found the Borost:Holy Blade of Moonlight, perhaps with the assistance of one of the Borost:Eyes of Manred, a gift from Ilsím. Eventually, he perished in combat and was buried in Borost:Caer Daimab under the Borost:Monument to Orothost the Holy.

Orothost is better known for his legendary actions, which cannot be corroborated by historical sources. For example, legend has it that Orothost defeated the first incursion of the Borost:Abyssal forces, who attempted to remove Tavres Ilsím from power. As the first Champion of the Borost:Old Gods, Orothost is said to have defeated the Abyss with his Borost:Holy Blade of Moonlight, after which he became known as Orothost the Holy.


Orothost was born to a peasant family in Borost:Caer Daimab, a small hunting village at the time. He was born with, extremely uncharacteristically for a Borostím, cyan-blue eyes and hair.

There are few accounts of his early days, and many of the early feats he is claimed to have performed are likely fictitious.

First experiments in spellcasting[edit]

It is known, however, that, from an early age, Orothost possessed special proclivity in the arcane practices.

Tutelage and apprenticeship[edit]

At some point, Orothost, still a young spellcaster, traveled to Vaalsebossen, where he became apprenticed to Borost:Milidreth Hywnnyn, another famous spellcaster.

Service under Tavres Ilsím[edit]

Orothost became a Master Wizard at roughly the same time that Milidreth, his tutor, died amidst mysterious circumstances.

Tavres Ilsím something something

Acquisition of the Holy Blade of Moonlight[edit]

In one of the many quests he performed for Tavres Ilsím, Orothost ventured to a cave deep amidst the Borost:Tridian mountains. Although he never recounted the exact events that happened therein, it is known he emerged with the Borost:Holy Blade of Moonlight.

File:Orothost the Holy discovers the Holy Blade of Moonlight.jpg
Orothost discovers the Holy Blade of Moonlight, deep in the caverns of WIP.

He is said to have confided in King Ilsím of the forthcoming attack of the Borost:Abyssal forces.

Legendary acts[edit]

Champion of the Old Gods

Vanquisher of the first incursión of the Abyssal forces


There are many accounts of the death of Orothost, all of which vary significantly.

Scholars believe he perished in one of Ilsím's wars, fighting what was likely another Borostím army.

Others believe he may have been assassinated...


Whatever the cause, time, and location of death, Orothost was given a great burial by King Ilsím.

To this day, he remains buried in the Borost:Monument to Orothost the Holy.


File:Orothost the Accursed wielding the Holy Blade of Moonlight.jpg
Orothost the Accursed, monstrous and inhuman, but still wielding the Borost:Holy Blade of Moonlight.

The Borost:Dunfeeden expedition confirmed rumors that Orothost remains alive. Apparently, he has fueled his unnaturally long lifespan by using sapient lives as reagents to catalyze the Restricted:Abyssal sorcery of Borost:Lifedrain (name is a WIP), which has led to his transformation into a hideous monstrosity residing in the deepest ruins of old Koss Gaer. Orothost has become demented and inhuman, but still wields the Borost:Holy Blade of Moonlight, which he employed to kill 15 of the 32 members of the expedition, including the Head Inquirer, Borost:Gehrman Mzunstelaar.

The expedition retrieved the following message. It is the only known writing to be almost certainly of Orothost:

To the reader:

Whatever happens, and in whatever state you so find me in, spare me the sweet mercy of death. I must be allowed to atone for the Second Sin of the Sím. My transition into a feeble and accursed wretch is the greatest torment which I can endure. As such, it affords me the best, though still slim, chance of cleansing my Soul. I may only be allowed to perish once the Old Covenant is restored, and the Moon shines once more upon the Abyss.


— Orothost, the Accursed

It is believed, although not confirmed, that the Borost:Second Sin refers to the same event as other writings found in the ruins of Koss Gaer. The nature of the Second Sin, and its possible relationship with the similarly obscure Borost:First Sin, remains unknown. Other obscure terms in the note include the Borost:Old Covenant, and the mention of the Abyss.