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Raime of Allsellen, Leader of the Organization.

The Rangers, officially the Honourable Order of Self-Defence, and often known as the Foresters, the Striders, and many other names, is an organization comprised of men ostensibly dedicated to the defence of that race. In practice, however, the main goals of the Rangers have been to attack and sabotage the projects of Dwaerkar and Borostím alike.

The Rangers are currently led by Head Ranger Raime of Allsellen, also known as Raime the Rebel, Raime the Traitor, and many other epithets. His principal lieutenants are Second Rangers Gael of Lunfrick, Idris Coldwind, and Caile of the Tower.

Other Rangers of note include Archer Schmidt, Gaertholde the Furious, Thunelde the Silent, and Gaire the Blade of Fire.

History[edit | edit source]

The Order was established in the year +432 by the famous brigand and mercenary, Lorne, the First Ranger. Ostensibly dedicated to the protection of Mankind, the early rangers were mostly outlaws and highwaymen, robbing people across the country, and perpetrating numerous atrocities. The Order was rapidly confronted by Dwaerkar leaders of the land, which resulted in their dispersion and decentralization.

Present logistics[edit | edit source]

Activities[edit | edit source]

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Forces[edit | edit source]

The Order, at present, includes about 10,000 Rangers, most of whom operate in the forests South of Borost. This permanent force comprises the core of the Order.

In times of the Invasions, the Order receives many thousands of volunteers, which it drafts and trains along the lines of its self-defence efforts.

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