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Religion is of great importance to nearly all of the people in Borost. There are several dominant faiths in the land.

Faith of Kel[edit | edit source]

The likeness of Kel is a dominant motif in the architecture of the Dwaerkar.

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Kel is the God of the Dwaerkar culture. The religion dedicated to his worship is known as the Faith of Kel. Adherents of the Faith of Kel largely dedicate themselves to his worship, with ancillary actions being mostly the result of interpretation. Being the only monotheistic faith in Borost, the other cultures of the land refer to Kel as the Lonely God.

The Faith of Kel has been the victim of a great number of schisms. As the Dwaerkar settled outside of the ancestral homeland, they also began to develop alternative interpretations of the Word of Kel. In Scheveningen, for example, heteropraxy follows the lines of establishing syncretism with the faiths of the Borostim. In Zuiderbaai, the use of sorceries is permitted.

Followers of Kel[edit | edit source]

Script error: No such module "main". The Followers of Kel are Dwaerkar priests who spread the Borost:Word of Kel around the land. As of recently, this is considered to be one of the most dangerous professions, and they are often attacked by the New Covenant and the Rangers alike. Few are the Followers of Kel that continue to spread the holy world unescorted by generous amounts of Dwaerkar soldiers.

Nonetheless, the Followers are a monastic, didactic, and pacifistic order that forsakes violence. Above all, the Followers of Kel value the storage and perpetuation of knowledge in the name of Kel. However, their influence is said to extend in many ways beyond simple conscience-keeping for the Dwaerkar population.

Sons of Kel[edit | edit source]

Script error: No such module "main". A secret religious order, the Sons of Kel are a miniscule organisation with disproportionate influence and representation. Well-known across the East for their black robes and violent demeanour, the Sons of Kel believe that the Borostím should and will be wiped out during a final “race war” that will sweep the continent and secure Borost for the Dwaerkar forever. They contribute to this goal by annoying the authorities -- Dwaerkar and Borostím alike -- with their violent, terrorist activities against Borostím communities.

Covenant of the Borostím[edit | edit source]

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The Pantheon of the Borostím is Borost:símic, and contains the following deities:

  • Elenryd, Spirit of the Moon. Captain and spokesman of the Gods, and progenitor of the Borostím.
  • Syldryd, Spirit of Life.
  • Gwenryd, Spirit of Wind.
  • Maedryd, Spirit of Fire.
  • Levenryd, Spirit of Water.
  • Mynryd, Spirit of Earth.

In addition, the Borostím maintain belief in the Abyss (Borost)al powers. The Abyssal powers are led by Manred, Lord of the Abyss, who frequently plots against the Borostím, and is supposedly responsible for all misfortune.

Servants of the Moonlight[edit | edit source]

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The Servants of the Moonlight is an organization that has attempted to unite the practitioners of the Faith of the Old Gods, and to demand the right of full practice from the Dwaerkar. The Servants are, of course, outlawed in most of the Dwaerkar freeholds. In the more conservative regions of Borost, such as Tielsland and Hyrost, organisations like the Servants are violently persecuted by the authorities.

Guardians of the Night[edit | edit source]

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The Guardians of the Night was an organisation populated by radical and extremist activists and terrorist who committed numerous atrocities.

Responsible for the Attack on the Golden Tower. Following the attack, the organisation was persecuted and attacked in an effort spearheaded by Ouwestad. It was shortly thereafter disbanded, and its leaders tried and executed.

New Covenant[edit | edit source]

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The New Covenant is a clandestine and violent religious group. Its operatives, known as Agents, are dedicated to eradicating the practice of the Faith of Kel in the elven population. The New Covenant has committed numerous acts of terrorism against Dwaerkar and Borostim alike.

The New Covenant is led by the Adjudicator, a mysterious fugitive and outlaw, who bears a large bounty in all Dwaerkar freeholds. His principal lieutenants are the infamous First Agent and Second Agent.

Pantheon of the Tirsosim[edit | edit source]

Religion of the Chtzuler[edit | edit source]