Skink-folk (Borost)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
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File:Skink, archer.jpg
A Skink archer, equipped with a smallbow. Skinks are too small to even handle a shortbow, for which reason they often have to coat the arrows of their smallbow with dangerous toxins in order to improve their effectiveness.

Skink-folk, often simply Skinks, known to themselves as Tend Ley (Younger People) and to the Dwaerkar as Skeenkar, are a small race of coldbloods. They are distinguishable by their large, perceptive eyes, and their impressive ability to camouflage.

They are seldom larger than about 90 cm in height: They are thought to be the smallest sapient race in Borost.

They have an impressive assortment of biological traits. Most notably, they are able to actively camouflage by changing the color of their skin. In addition, they can individually focus their large eyes, affording them stereoscopic vision -- for which reason they make excellent archers, particularly when they can establish an ambush.

In contrast to the intelligence and cunning of the Lizard-folk, with whom they have established a partnership, Skinks are considered to be quite foolish.