Borost:Sons of Kel

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
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When conducting their nefarious activities, Sons of Kel usually wear masks or other such disguises.

The Sons of Kel is a Dwaerkar secret-member and closed-door religious and political association whose primary aim is to subjugate the Borostím, their culture and their religion, and to replace it with their own. To this end, they have conducted numerous terrorist activities against Borostím figureheads and civilians.

The activities of the Sons of Kel are outlawed in all Dwaerkar freeholds as per Fatherhood policies. However, this ban is only enforced in some of the more liberal freeholds. The more conservative freeholds, such as Hyrost, in fact embrace the Sons of Kel all-but-publicly.


Known members[edit]