Tavres Ilsím

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King Tavres Ilsím, First of His Line.

Tavres Ilsím (Tavres, Servitor of the Sím), and known as the King, the First of His Line, and a myriad other epithets, and born Tavares Kylwyngref, was a legendary Borostím King and the first recorded monarch of a unified Borost in the Borost:Kingdom of Koss Gaer.

Ilsím was born to a disfavoured noble family in modern Borost:Goudevelde, nowadays at the outskirts of Borost. There are many tales told of his childhood, most of which are likely fictitious. What is known is that he developed a keen sense of strategy and martial skill. Battle after battle, his domains grew. Once his territory encompassed most of Borost, he elected to establish his capital, Koss Gaer, close to the center of his new Kingdom. There, he was crowned King of the Borostím by the High Priests, and ruled for one-hundred and fifty years.

Once King, his reign pivoted around the creation of a strong, cohesive realm. The fruits of his efforts are evident: despite mismanagement and rebellion, the Kingdom lasted for thousands of years. He successfully curbed the intense individualism of the Borostím, forging its culture anew amidst great collective works and enormous projects. In all respects, he showed great skill as a soldier, politician, and diplomat, which he employed for the benefit of his people.

Legend states that, along with Orothost the Holy, Ilsím defended his realm from the Abyss (Borost)al forces in the Borost:First incursion of the Abyss, although he perished in the process. Other legendary actions attributed to Ilsím include stealing the Borost:Eyes of Manred, building the Barends, the mountain range in which Ouwestad now stands, and even having a child with Borost:Sylryd, the Spirit of Life.

Following his death, Ilsím was buried in the ruins of his capital in the Borost:Mausoleum to Tavres Ilsím.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Birth and infancy[edit | edit source]

The First of His Line was born to a small noble family in modern Borost:Goudevelde, who lived in a now-forgotten rural estate.

The Kylwyngref family

Rise to power[edit | edit source]

It is mostly confirmed that, in his thirties or forties, Ilsím decided to become a warrior. He joined the ranks of a local chieftain. As a soldier, he participated in numerous battles, most of which pitted Borostím against each other. Sources claim that, upon seeing the carnage that Borostím inflicted upon each other, he retreated to the wilderness to meditate. After twenty years, he emerged.

It is not known exactly what occurred in those twenty years in the forest. Borostím legend claims that Elenryd, the Spirit of the Moon, visited him to bestow limitless martial and magical prowess. More reliable sources claim that he found tutelage in the figure of a "solitary swordsman," the identity of whom is unknown. Based on his future choice of personnel, it is most likely that the lone swordsman may have been Borost:Allyant of the East, one of his future captains. Other candidates include Borost:Lyryc, the Whisperer, Borost:Cynfred, the Wanderer, and even Borost:Crayton the Brave, widely regarded as the best swordsman of all time.

Coronation and Koss Gaer[edit | edit source]

Age and dementia[edit | edit source]

Death and burial[edit | edit source]

Restricted[edit | edit source]

After his tomb was minutely inspected by the Borost:Dunfeeden expedition, it has been confirmed that neither Ilsím's body nor the Borost:Eyes of Manred are located in his mausoleum.

Many among the educated believe the Mentor may be Ilsím. The Mentor, the guardian of the Abyss,