Bots:I, cyborg

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

This text was made by NimoStar in AiDungeon.

You are NOD, a cyborg living in the the futuristic city of Zail. You have a bionic arm and a holoband. You're walking down the dark city streets while neon lights flash brightly above you. As you pass an alley you see a group of three men attack a woman. The woman is screaming for help while the three men hold her down. You freeze in place.
Is someone going to help that woman?
Cyborg NOD to the rescue! With your new bionic arm you smash one man in the head, breaking his neck. You use your metal hand to throw the second man to the ground and shine your light in his face.
Yeah, you have an arm-mounted LASER!
You stare down at the third man who is on his stomach with his face in the gutter. "There is no need to be ashamed of your actions. You were merely doing your job."
Cyborg nod takes the woman to his apartment. She is lying on his bed and looks at you with surprise. "You're a cyborg?"

> You say "I'm fully funcional and programmed in multiple techniques."
"Well, I never!" she says. "I didn't expect anyone like you in this city."
You find this amusing and laugh. The woman looks at you with confusion. "What is so funny?"
You pause, searching for the words. "You said 'like you', as if I was a man. But I am a machine."
The woman is surprised to hear you speak,
with your robotic voice, your robotic brain, and your robotic... robot.
You nod your head. "You can say I am similar to a human."
The woman lies down on the bed.

> You say "You really like my bed, don't you?"
"Yes!" she says. "I'll be here all week."
"Neither of us has a job, do we?"
She shakes her head. "No."

> You say "what if I don't have human food?"
"Oh..." she says. "I suppose you're like the rest of them, then."
"The rest of who?"
She sighs and sits up. "Robots. The other mechanicals who refuse to work."
You look at her. "The rest of what?"
"Mechanicals. Humans without jobs. Without purpose. Without a future."

> You say "Well miss I take offense to that. How do you think I pay for that nice comfy bed?"
She looks at you. "How do you pay for it at all?"
"My owner, Mr. Reynolds, is very kind to me and my partner, Fookenshark."
"Your partner?"

> You say "Yes, I am a gay robot. Plot twist! HAHAHA"
"Oh," she says. "Well, that explains why you're so flirty."
You look at her confusedly. "I'm flirty?"
She shakes her head. "No, you're a robot. We have gay robots here."
You look at her in confusion. "What are you talking about?"
"The owner of this apartment building is a pimp."

> You say "Well, that's news to me"
She nods. "That's why you're so well taken care of. He must pay you an absurd amount to have him."
"Well, I'm not doing that."

> You say "I will prove it to you. You want heterosexual robot copulation, young human lady?"
She shakes her head. "Repair shop around the way takes our old electronics and sells them for parts. You could probably fix yourself up."
You think about it.

> You say "Yes, I think I will sell myself for parts. Wait..."
"Did you say repair shop?"
There's a pause where she looks at you with confusion.
"Uh, yeah..."
You stand up and walk to the door.
You walk down the street and find the local electronics repair shop.

> You say "Hello, I want to repair myself with the repairs you have in this repair shop. Repair me up!"
A man with grease, dirt, and grime all over him looks at you.
"Say what?"
"I would like to be repaired."
"Alright, lay your arm on the counter."

> You comply.
You comply, and the man proceeds to look you over.
"What are you, a new model?"
"OK, we got exactly one that's designed to take a beating."
He goes to work, and you stand by patiently.
"That will be $200."
"It will be $200."
"I don't have $200!"

> You say "The best I can do is to offer you a woman sex slave. She's on my apartment and doesn't want to leave."
"What's her name?"
He pauses for a moment. "Hell, fine, take her out of storage. We'll repair her and use her for spare parts."

> You say "Nice."
"Y'know, you're a body that's in good condition. You'd probably work in our product line."

> You say "Are you offering me a job?"
"I sure am."
"Well, what is it?"
He raises his eyebrows. "I need a new face. Someone pretty."
"How much will that cost?"
"We'll need to negotiate a price."
"How do I get a copy of this?"
The man smirks.

> You say "I want two thousand dollars, cash. And then dividends. My face will be movie stuff."
You shake hands and part ways.
The man goes into a back room, and you walk out of the repair shop with a brand new face.

> You go back to your apartment.
You walk back to your apartment, the day's first sunlight casting a yellow glow over the ash and soot that once was your city.
Your elevator opens directly onto your floor, as an old man steps in. He gives a smile, but his face falls as he notices your face.
"Oh dear, I'm late. I must get back to work."
He turns and walks away.

> You say "I think I just sold my good face for a meager two thousand dollars and got a bad replacement..."
You sit down on your couch and sigh. You grab your head.
"Well, what now?"
Your doorbell rings.
Who could entrance an entire building of people out of curiosity?
Of course, it was Kayla...
You go to the door and open it.
A pile of boxes sits outside your door.
A sea of faces looks at you from behind the boxes.

> You say "What is this stuff? I didn't order any boxes."
"No, we don't think you did." A voice says from behind the boxes.
The boxes slide to the side, revealing a dozen Kaylas. Kayla 1 through Kayla 12 are all there.

> You say "Goddamit, Kayla. One of you was annoying enough!"
"Sorry. It's just we're all so beautiful and none of our customers are interested. So we figured, why not sell us to someone who will?"

> You say "Well, first, I need your opinion on something..."
You turn to the man behind you.
"Who is the best looking out of all of you?"
The twelve Kaylas look at you.
Kayla 1: "Me."
Kayla 2: "Me."
Kayla 12: "Me."

> You say "And what do all of you think of my face?"
"We're too scared to say." Kayla 1 says nervously.
"We think you are a little ugly." Kayla 2 says.
"I suppose you are the average."
You turn to the man behind you and make your decision. "Comissioner, I want these Kayla robots recycled immediately."
"I'll see what I can do."
You close the door and decide what to do with your future...
Maybe you should go back to the repair shop to steal your old face back. You remember how to get there, and you can always go through the back way. Still, it's a pretty risky endeavor. Any one of the dozens of Kayla workers could be on shift.
But it's a risk you are willing to take. You go though the back alleys evading the hundreds of Kaylas who are working on the streets. You sneak into the repair shop easily enough and steal your old face, which takes about thirty seconds. You replace it with your old one and turn to leave.
But then, Kayla 6 discovers you...
"Hey you! You're in our line of vision!" she says. It sounds like she's coming after you with a wrench.
In a swift movement, you shatter her arm and take off her optical sensors. She makes a horrible high pitched scream before her other arm and leg are broken. You turn to leave again, when suddenly Kayla 8 tackles you.

> You say "I made you! You can't do this to me! You are nothing without me!"
She is able to push you around by simply sticking her unbroken arm under your feet. You smash one of her eyes with your fists and then step on the sensor in her neck, killing her.
You sneak back up to the alleys, but your GPS signal will surely put you at the scene of the crime. You have your beautiful face back, but you are now a fugitive. If the police try to scan you, your face will show up on their scopes. The only thing you can do...
You run to the sewers.
There, a whole cyborg underground of blackjack and hookers lurk. Outlaws, wanted people, criminals... just like you. Except they need the money more than you. They'll most likely rob you and either kill you or sell you into slavery if they think you have something valuable on your person.
But one thing is certain: You will never sell your face again.