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From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

This text was made by Avengium in AiDungeon. , in scenario named "Character Description Generator.". Some sentences are corrected or modified.

  1. Name: Jan
  2. Type: Halfling
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: friendly, quiet, short
  5. Description: Jan is a halfling who stands at a mere four feet tall. He has a large smile on his face and is always willing to help anyone. He has brown hair and eyes. He usually wears a blacksmith's apron over a shirt and breeches. Over this he wears a cloak that was once black but has faded due to extensive washing. He has trouble finding clothes that fit over his little frame, and the cloaks he do find are usually taken by bandits.
  1. Name: Tom
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: angry, wild, strong
  5. Description: Tom is an angry young man with wild black hair and dark eyes. He is very muscular and tall, standing at around six foot tall. He usually wears a set of chainmail armor with a weapon attached to his side. When working, he prefers to wear a plain white tunic. He has a scar going through his upper lip. His name may imply that he is a warrior by trade, but he isn't necessarily honorable.
  1. Name: Henry
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: friendly, average height
  5. Description: Henry is a friendly, tall man with short, messy black hair and light eyes. He is average in build and height, and is clean shaven. He usually wears a tunic, belt, cloak and breeches. He prefers to work unarmored. He currently employees several other dwarves who help in the general upkeep of the shop. He is loyal to his workers, and will fight any enemy that threatens them.
  1. Name: Rebecca
  2. Type: Shop clerk
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: nervous, shy, small
  5. Description: Rebecca is a petite, nervous woman with short brown hair. She is usually seen with a hand over her mouth and a terrified look on her face. She is about three feet tall. She is very shy, and will constantly make incoherent noises such as squeals and squeaks, to the point that it becomes annoying to those around her. She is very caring, and will do anything to help others. It is for this reason that she works as a shop clerk, as she is paid to do.
  1. Name: Jim
  2. Type: Not trustworthy
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: lazy, loudmouth, ugly
  5. Description: Jim is a lazy, loudmouthed man with a terrible sense of personal hygiene. He has a huge afro, and his beard is so thick that it needs to be tied back every time he buys anything. He wears a filthy tunic over a set of shorts, and never seems to be clean. He also has a large ego, believing that he is a fantastic blacksmith. He is not a loyal worker, often leaving work for days on end to go drink in the bars. He is not trustworthy, and will often talk about how much of a "good guy" he is.
  1. Name: Grug
  2. Type: Orc
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: fierce, religious, greedy
  5. Description: Grug is a large orc that is always seen wearing a thick woolen robe. His head is partially obscured by a large, bushy black beard. He has a large, protruding chin that juts out slightly over his upper lip. His eyebrows are thick and dark, meeting in the middle to form a thick, dark mustache. He has a dark tan and firm, shaved face. His teeth are large, especially his fangs, which are large and curved. He has a dark, stubbly chin due to his fondness of scratching. His neck is thick and his massive arms have dark tattoos running from his wrists to his elbows. His hands are much like a human's: small with three fingers and a thumb. His legs are thick and his feet have thick, broad, dark toenails. He wears no shoes. He always has a happy, smiling face and a gleam in his eye. He is always seen giving alms to the poor or saying prayers for the dead.
  1. Name: Gruzub
  2. Type: Felhound
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: large, demonic, vicious
  5. Description: Gruzub is a large, black hound with a long snout and a bushy black tail. His eyes are pure canine, lacking the purple glow of an infernal. Instead, they are red, like blood stains. He has long, thin legs with neat, sharp claws for hands. His mouth is filled with teeth, like a dog's, but they are sharper and longer. He has no nose, but his open maw seems to twist it's face into a snarl. His body is covered with a thick layer of fur, which gives him a somewhat cuddly appearance. He is constantly wet, and his fur is always erect, standing on end.

Gruzub's origins are unknown. He's just appeared one day, in the heart of a richer district. Nobody knows where he came from or how he appeared. Nobody left to ask either, as the night he arrived a squad of soldiers raided the district and set the buildings on fire. No one has seen him since, but he seems to pop up every now and then. Soldiers patrol the streets looking for him, but they never find him, for he always escapes before they can pounce. He's not very large, only about the size of a large dog. However, his sharp teeth and claws makes him considerably more dangerous than one would assume.

  1. Name: Trink
  2. Type: Robot
  3. Gender: genderless, is a robot
  4. Traits: Curious, analyst, apprentice
  5. Description: Trink is a metallic box with no distinguishable arms or legs. It has a single eye that consists of a lens, video camera, and powerful computer. It uses its arms (or whatever parts can be assumed to be on the inside) to conduct its acrobatics. It is stored in a large metal case which is fuelled by a powerful battery. It can be configured to a large degree of flexibility, and it is capable of performing highly technical tasks such as hacking into highly fortified computers or disarming traps. It is also able to analyze the weaknesses of machines or creatures, and can come up with tactics to take down various foes.
  1. Name: Rook
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: leader, skilled, bald, gray
  5. Description: Rook is the leader of the thieves' guild. He is a young human, though he has already been through military basic training which has given him a highly trained body. He has dark black hair that he keeps cut very short. He wears the standard uniform of the Thieves' Guild, which consists of a black leather jacket, black pants, and a gray hooded cloak. He wears gray gauntlets with silver lining, and gray boots with silver lining. He has a silver ring on his right middle finger.
  1. Name: Klint
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: young, mean, nervous, skinny
  5. Description: Klint is the youngest and meanest of the group. He is ugly, thin, and a nervous wreck. He keeps biting his nails and licking his lips. His eyes are constantly darting around, and he seems to be looking for someone to hit. Despite this, he is very skilled. He could survive on his own. He was a miner before the mini-plague, and has been lurking in the dark corridors of the mines ever since.
  1. Name: Edgar
  2. Type: Charming
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: daring, young, handsome
  5. Description: Edgar is a young, dashing human. He is extremely handsome, and has a certain charm about him. He has naturally curly black hair, striking blue eyes, and is quite tall. He wears leather armor with no shirt, and has a sword by his side. Despite being young, he is a battle hardened warrior. He is also known to lead a group of mercenaries.
  1. Name: Tom
  2. Type: Warrior
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: brave, silent, skilled
  5. Description: Tom is a brave warrior. He wears chainmail armor with a steel shield and sword. He is silent, and has learned to not make unnecessary noise. His shield is black with a red Dragon on it. This dragon is the emblem of a mercenary guild he is allied to. He has several skills, not only a warrior.
  1. Name: Lucy
  2. Type: Inventor
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: serious, curious, young
  5. Description: Lucy is a serious child. She wears a long red dress with black outlines, and has short black hair. Despite her age, she is quite beautiful. She is very intelligent, and knows advanced things such as how to shoot a bow and arrow without effort. She is always inventing trinkets and traps.
  1. Name: Eliza
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: bar maid, pretty, short
  5. Description: Eliza is a short human girl who works as a bar maid in the local inn. She has long brown hair, light brown eyes, and keeps it tied up in a bun. She is always smiling, and is usually quite friendly towards customers. She is willing to please worthy males in different ways but she is very demanding and selective if she decides to take an extra step.
  1. Name: Ihn
  2. Type: Hobgoblin
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: scout, wild, magic user
  5. Description: Ihn is a young scout for the infamous General Ryghan. He wields a bow with great skill and has a knack for finding magic items. Some of his magic is to track and find items. He is a very wild and fun-loving hobgoblin. He will always find time to drink, gamble, fuck, or fight. Although he has a serious exterior, he enjoys life and will always remain optimistic. He has proposed to Eliza several times but he keeps being rejected. He has fame of being a womanizer and women know it.
  1. Name: Ignatius
  2. Type: Vampire
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: black, vampire, servant
  5. Description: Ignatius is a black form of a common bat. He is a male, and has been trained by vampires to be a stealthy messenger. He has been imprinted with the knowledge that the vampires' servants are to deliver messages to the Claw always, no matter the cost. As a result, he will deliver the message even if he is to his own death. He carries messages between the highest leaders of the Syndicate and their various assets around the world. He reads the messages he carries and is very well informed of the secret plans of the Syndicate. He is afraid of the Claw because is a very imposing and cruel aristocrat.
  1. Name: Jacob
  2. Type: Halfling
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: short, green, mercenary
  5. Description: Jacob is a halfling mercenary who serves at the Syndicate. He hails from the town of Toret and originally worked as a guard before losing his job as a guard. He then found work with the Syndicate as a mercenary for the most part. He is cheery and friendly, though can be serious when the situation arises. He is quite skilled with a bow, and has been known to use a sling. He was a good guy before losing his job but now is in a downwards spiral inside the criminal Syndicate.
  1. Name: Tiakal
  2. Type: Nymph
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Beautiful, hard working, joyful, loves to drink
  5. Description: Tiakal is a beautiful nymph who, despite her looks, works hard every day. Her violet eyes sparkle with joyfulness even when she's working under the sun. As a Nymph, she is prone to heavy sexual desires. She spends most of her free time getting drunk with the guards or the villagers, in which case she can be quite horny. She has a very high sex drive. She recently became head healer of the town after the former healer died of an unknown illness, and she's quite happy with her new position.
  1. Name: Kane
  2. Type: Vampire
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: dark, assassin, nightwatch
  5. Description: Kane is a tall, gaunt man with dark features. He wears a dark hooded cloak and gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints at the murders he commits. He is known to watch for a while before acting on a potential victim. He prefers to work at night, as he is a vampire and can act quickly to suck the life of a potential target before they even realize they're in danger. He is the current nightwatchman of the city. He watches and protects the city of other dark and sinister menaces but most people don't know he is also a menace.
  1. Name: Karat
  2. Type: Cavor
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: young, mage, white
  5. Description: Much like his fellow Creation faithful, Karat has a very youthful appearance. He is very tall, standing at six foot five. His skin is very white, and he has blond hair, which he keeps long. He keeps it tied back in a ponytail. He has a thin mustache and goatee. He wears a robe with an eye covered by a headpiece, which covers his hairline and part of his face, and extra eyeholes below it. He keeps his hands covered by leather gloves. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister.
  1. Name: Kelso
  2. Type: Ogre
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: large, ogre, mercenary
  5. Description: Kelso is the largest of the work for the Syndicate, and is quite large. He has a long beard to cover his chin, which prevents him from being able to close his mouth fully. He has very large hands, which can crush a man's skull with ease. He is a mercenary, hired by the Syndicate to perform various tasks. He is not affiliated with any city and tends to form relationships with destroyed cities so he has a place to stay when he is not on mission.
  1. Name: Kyle
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: young, mage, student
  5. Description: Kyle is a young human with blond hair and blue eyes. He's short, at only five feet tall, and is fairly skinny. He's a student, being enrolled in the city's magic school. His parents are unaware of his work for the Syndicate. He is fairly new to the city, having only moved here not long ago.
  1. Name: Lucius
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: old, mage, rich
  5. Description: Lucius is quite old. He isn't sure exactly how old, as he does not keep track of his age, but he knows it's at least been twenty years since he's last had a physical exam. He is bald, having sacrificed his hair to use his magic more efficiently. He wears a black robe with a purple lining, and purple slippers with no heels. He has a long, hooked nose and lipless mouth. His eyes are cold and void of warmth. He carries around a walking stick to help him move about.
  6. History: Lucius was born in a small village, probably no larger than twenty houses. During his youth, he was always small for his age. When he was very young, his father would beat him for not killing a large enough animal for the village's gathering. He was always a very quiet child. When he was seven, the village was raided by bandits. His father was taken, and the rest of the villagers were slaughtered. The bandits did not take anything, leaving soon after. For months afterwards, Lucius wandered as he could not read the writing on the raided buildings. Eventually, he was found by people from the nearest city. They took him in, taught him how to read, and trained him in the ways of magic. For the next eight years, Lucius lived in the city. When he was sixteen, the Syndicate came to the city. They offered the city a deal: join them or be destroyed. The city fell into disrepair after years of constant use of magic by its soldiers and citizens, and the Syndicate decided to renew it. A pittance in taxes were owed to them and they would take care of all the city's needs. The city accepted the offer, and Lucius became a Syndicate mage at seventeen. For the next ten years, he lived in the city. Now, he was able to do as he pleased. He did whatever work he felt like, mostly minor tasks that didn't require him to leave the city.
  7. Powers and abilities: As a Pure Mage, Lucius can store up magical energy within himself, rather than expending it instantly. He has very little need to eat, sleep, or even use the bathroom. He can exist without any of these things, at least in a basic sense. He can also use this energy to perform small bursts of combat magic. The longer he stores the magical energy, the greater the effect.

He has access to a large list of offensive spells, most of which are nature-based. Because of his background in Necromancy, he has access to a few undead-commanding spells as well.

  1. Name: Zyryla
  2. Type: Mermaid
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Alluring, sea dweller, marine
  5. Description: Zyryla is an attractive mermaid who stands at about four feet tall, and has a slender figure. Her hair is dark blue hair that falls down to her shoulders, with a pair of small, dark blue fish scales protruding from the top of her head. She has a pair of slender, pale arms with long, slim hands. Her tail is a dark green color and shaped like a traditional fishtail. It ends in a point rather than a fluke.

Like most mermaids, she has webbed feet and legs, and a typical fishtail. She wears a pair of red bikini bottom and a red fishnet shirt. Her appearance is that of a typical wild, untamed mermaid. Zyryla lives in a group of other sirens in a secret underwater cave somewhere off the coasts of Delerg. They contain other mermaids, including friends and foes. Despite her young age, she has already learned the basics of commanding her people, as well as proper elven etiquette. She tends to speak in a more "normal" tone of voice rather than a proper merfolk one, as she does not wish to frighten off potential suitors. She is not an overly talkative person, and prefers to observe and take things in. She has been trained by her mother to find the good in all things. She finds it a surprisingly easier concept to follow than her mother, who has a more difficult time of it. She has been told the story of how the merfolk fell in love with the mortal men who razed their land to the ground. She isn't truly aware of all the secrets the surface holds, but she is determined to find out. She will have her freedom one day.

  1. Name: Essitre
  2. Type: Two-headed dragon
  3. Traits: Large, reptilian, two heads
  4. Gender: None
  5. Description: Essitre is a large, semi-aquatic reptilian creature. It has two long, thin heads that each have three teeth- one in the upper jaw of the head and two in the lower. It has longish neck and legs, and a meter long pair of claws. The creature's body is mostly green, although it has a large blotch of purple on each side of its belly. It's purple scales give the creature a unique appearance.

Two large, green eyes sit at the front of the creature's heads, and above these are two antennae on top of its heads. The creature has no wings as such, but can stay afloat with its large claws. It's most notable feature is its two heads melding together to form a single head. The creature has a very strange and unearthly appearance. It's quite an oddity to see in the land of the living, and indeed most people who encounter it feel the need to be violently ill.

  1. Personality: Essitre is a fairly friendly creature, despite its appearance. It has the habit of sticking its heads closer to each other, as though they were one head. This off-putting feature of the creature's hides it from most potential threats, although it still feels the need to keep a good distance from most creatures.

The creature appears to very much like the surface world, and longs to return there. It spends most of its time above sea level, only coming down to sleep in small, shallow pools.

  1. Magical Property: Essitre's scales are semi-precious. They have a vibrant purple hue, and are extremely valuable. The scales have a strange effect on those who touch them. They cause the person to feel a sense of euphoria and light-headedness, which can be very disorientating. It's with this property that the scales are used in Magiocracies to ease spell-casters so that they can focus better. This effect can be negated by wearing leather shoes while in the presence of the scales.

In fact, the scales are especially useful in this way as a pair of magical, silk slippers is all that's required to operate the throne - itself - in the king's presence. The ruler of a Magiocracy sits on the throne practically all the time, without ever getting up. The creature's scales might also have other, more sinister purposes. There have been rare reports of the scales being able to draw the life-force of a person. The scales have never been proven to do this, but there have been several strange occurrences that point to this being the case.

  1. Name: Ack'ran
  2. Type: Harpy
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Greedy, ravenous, fast
  5. Description: Standing at around four feet tall, with raven black hair and navy blue scales, Ack'ran is one the smallest harpies in the city. She has a hooked beak and wings, and her talons are sharp enough to easily tear flesh from a foe. She is one of the most vicious creatures in the city, and will attack anything that moves. She has a large nest in a far away canyon, but leaves it on occasion to take advantage of the fortune that comes her way. She is always plotting her next move and is an obnoxious threat to all good heroes in the city.
  1. Name: Captain Krozer
  2. Type: Halfling / tiefling
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Horned, large sword
  5. Description: Captain Krozer is a halfing female who has grown her facial hair out to cover her horns. Her horns are her erogenous zone, and he doesn't want anyone to find out. If they knew, they would touch her horns to make her horny and be able to have sex with her. She is ashamed of her tiefling ascendancy and carry a long sword to intimidate other guards and keep them at bay. She controls the guard in the town, as well as the foreign slaves that were recently brought to the town. She can be kind and gentle, but when she's in charge she's very authoritative.

The slaves are kept in the larger of the two slave camps. They are constantly inspected by Krozer and her staff to make sure they're being kept in good condition. They are infamously known as the "best slaves in the land." They are forced to work hard in the fields, the mines, or in the army. If they fail to meet their quotas or are reported by a guard, they will be punished severely.

  1. Name: Danbanos
  2. Type: Fabled winged horse with dragon scales
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: worthy, proud, powerful
  5. Description: Danbanos is a winged horse dragon roughly the size of an average car. His scales have a blue tint to them, with purple and green dragonscale scattered haphazardly across his body. His face remains unseen by the rider, but Danbanos is said to have a long, slender neck. A crest of scales runs down his back, with two humongous wings covered with dragon scale. His eyes are closed, but his mouth opens slightly as if he is breathing. A forked tongue flicks out from between his lips. Atop his head, two massive horns curve forward. One is blood red and the other is a dark purple. A perfect circle of dragon scale covers his skull, with a smaller replica of that scale located behind each eye. A long, reptilian nose connects to a pair of small, square teeth. His front legs are muscular and strong while his hind legs are similar to a horse's, helping him to balance while making long distance flights. At the top of his head, two more horns curve forward. The one at the front is sharper and narrower than the other, like the teeth of a saw. Like all dragons, he has exceptional magic abilities. Due to his immense size, he requires at least two people to ride him.
  1. Name: Warrick
  2. Type: Fabled armored destructive warrior
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: wild, brutal, ruthless
  5. Description: Warrick is a large, heavy set man who is heavily scarred from battle. His armor is large and heavy, and covers his body like a second skin. It is unknown what metal the armor is made of, but it appears to be very effective. There is no helmet, but a large and rather pointy steel sword hangs by his side of him. Two large axes, one in each hand, hang from his back of him. His feet are covered by large steel boots. He carries no shield, as he is too large to be able to wield one properly.

Warrick is an efficient warrior, as he can fight with the strength of a dozen men. He has never lost a battle, and has led his war band to victory after victory. He has never lost a mate, and is fiercely loyal to those that have served with him. He is relentless in battle. He will fight until he either wins or his foes are all dead. He does not fear death, and will fight with monstrous endurance. His war-rage of him is without equal. He will mercilessly slaughter all in his path.

  1. Name: Durge
  2. Type: Fabled huge disgusting mutant
  3. Gender: mutant
  4. Traits: dumb, large, disgusting
  5. Description: Durge is a very large, very ugly man who appears to have undergone extensive surgery; his face is covered by several masculine and feminine features, all of which appear to have been grown. His mouth is filled with hundreds of long teeth. He has a large bulging nose made up of hundreds of smaller ones. His ears are oversized and covered in hundreds of holes. At his neck hangs a trio of tongues, one black, one purple and one that bounces up and down incessantly. His large hand is shaped like a human's hand, but with hundreds of fingers extending from the skin. His feet resemble that of a goat's.

During battle, he wields a massive hammer. The head of the hammer is the head of some beast, while the handle is that of a human. This creature's face is that of a woman's, dominated by large protruding teeth. These creatures face seems to almost be smiling with anticipation of delicious human flesh.

  1. Name: Calpurnia
  2. Type: Assassin
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Survivor, stealth, poison
  5. Description: She wears very little clothing, a short pleated purple skirt that barely covers her thighs and a crop top that reveals most of her stomach, which is fair skinned. She is the picture of a young girl. The only feature that reveals her venerable age are her eyes, one black and one purple and full with power. Her long black hair is tied up into a pony tail. She has no fear. The old world is gone, and she will survive and thrive in this new one. Evolving to fill a new role.
  6. Her abilities lie in stealth and poison. During the night, she can sneak up on an opponent and give a swift chop to the neck, killing them instantly. The only known way to stop her finishing chop is through heavy fire, which causes her to disappear and reappear elsewhere. She can also use a poison earned a name, the dreaded Deathbell flower. This flower has caused massive sterility in those who have consumed the flower, and no doubt countless deaths too.
  1. Name: Phoagetas
  2. Type: Succubus
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Sex-crazed, lustful, almighty
  5. Description: Phoagetas is a succubus with a ravenous sexual appetite. She is not a being of this world and has never been on it. As her name would suggest, she feeds off the energy of sex and the lust that comes with it. Her appearence is that of a beautiful woman with long raven hair, dressed in a revealing outfit. She tends to make a lot of sexual innuendos and designs her spells around the male mind. She will often offer her services to wizards in exchange for their sexual energy. She can easily cast a spell to make the male mind completely subservient, or cast a spell to allow her to take a male form slavishly devoted to her.
  1. Name: Olaf
  2. Type: Dwarf
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: grumpy, alcoholic, loyal
  5. Description: Olaf is a dwarf who has been gifted with the ability to cast powerful spells yet remain grounded in reality. He is grumpy, irrational and a heavy drinker, but he remains the most Realistic Magician alive. Many believe he is a hermit, as he doesn't appear to have any ambition and only appears when he feels like it. He spends most of his time drinking in a small tavern he owns, where he is equally disliked and respected by the patrons. Due to his love of ale, he has a habit of drooling on himself and falling asleep. Despite his habit of drinking, his magic is to be revered.
  1. Name: Mek-Quake
  2. Type: Giant
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: large, boulder-like, boulder-hurling, cannier than the average behemoth
  5. Description: Mek-Quake is a large behemoth who stands on average sized legs. He is covered with hard stone scales and his head is a massive stone spike which is covered with a faint smile. He carries a small stone club and stone tail. Mek-Quake is uncommon in that he prefers to stay on his own territory, the plains south of the city. He is a territorial individual who scavenges the plains for food and will attack any other creature that enters his home. He is a cunning creature and can call upon his strong stone to cause a small but profound earthquake, large enough to shake even the largest of creatures off their feet. If he wishes, he can cause a quaking enough to split the ground open and bring down rocks and boulders.
  1. Name: Gorgon
  2. Type: Half-beast, half-human
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: reptilian, tall, human torso, snake head, six arms
  5. Description: Gorgon is a reptilian human half, with a stony skin, large talons and a snout like that of a snake. Her six arms allow her to reload her armbow much faster than a human could, and her three smaller trinkets give her advantage in combat. Her human torso is that of a tall woman. She wears the standard issue armor of the city guards, which has been modified in order to allow the heavy metal plates to crush rather than pierce her body. Her face is that of a snake, with two large horns protruding from her forehead. She wears her long black hair in a pony tail.
  1. Name: Maera
  2. Type: Human, Half-Ogre, All-trader
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: reptilian, average height, short brown hair, lightly tanned skin, lightly muscled, light green eyes
  5. Description: Maera is an ogrish half, with a lightly tanned skin, dark green eyes and short brown hair. Her lightly muspled body is about average height and her arms and legs are that of an ogrish, with the ability to crush stone with her bare hands and to run fast enough to catch a human standing still. She wears a short fur jacket, leather leggings and large, chunky boots. Her face is that of a regular human except for her tusks, which are a darker version of Ogres' fangs. She wears a necklace with several Ogre teeth strung together. She carries an ogre club and a short bow.

Maera is an excellent warrior, trader and hunter. She carries a bow as well as a sword and shield. She is slightly tanned from a life outdoors and has a relaxed personality.

  1. Name: Airy
  2. Type: Sylph
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Young, Vibrant, Air magic
  5. Description: Airy is a sylph, a being of thefifth element, air. She has long platinum blond hair and vibrant green eyes. Her lips are bright red, and she almost looks mischievous. Her smile is the type that would make you grin despite the bad situation. When she laughs, it's infectious. She could lighten even the darkest of moods. She tends to be dressed in a shimmering green dress with white wings growing from her back. She looks like a magical being, or a fairy godmother, and is often the focus of childlike awe. She is the granddaughter of the late Baroness Varsakken.

Although she is still young, she is the next logical successor to the barony. She knows this, and is very proud of her heritage. She wants to make sure that the barony will continue to be a force in the land. To this end, she has been studying the old resources of the barony that her predecessors ignored. These include a small magic resource that could be turned into a powerful army, a thriving port city, and a large, undefended farm territory.

  1. Name: Tiairil
  2. Type: Elf princess
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Fallen from grace, attractive, cold as winter
  5. Description: Tiairil is an elf who has fallen from grace. Her once luxurious golden hair has slowly turned a dirty brass color as it becomes unruly. Her once shimmering purple eyes hold a hint of hostility as they bear into your own brown ones. She has an attractive figure, but it is marred by several fresh scars across her legs. Her once perfect facial features are twisted by rage and hatred, and a pair of fangs are now a permanent fixture. Tiairil wears a tattered blue dress, which is soiled and stained in several places. Her once elegant hands are now torn and bloody, with the blood of males who dared to force her. She no longer has any regard for dignity or decorum, and destroys her surroundings in her rage. She now can summon ghostly powers and is slowly been consumed by the shadow.
  1. Name: Gruz
  2. Type: Giant
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: large, muscular, beard.
  5. Description: Captain Gruz stands a colossal figure, standing nearly fifteen feet tall. He is covered in hair, both on his head and face, and the only thing that appears to have been shaved are his eyebrows and mustache. His beard is long enough to hang over his chest while he sleeps. His hands have thickly calloused fingers, and he has a third, non-human, eye that stares at the invisible. His non facial markings resemble scars, and at this point you do not know whether these are tattoos or actual scars. His mouth is twisted into a permanent snarl.

Gruz is the leader of the Crimson Talons of Benosy. He has a massive personality, and despite his massive size he is incredibly fast and strong. Gruz sees the Guild as his personal money pit, and he is not adverse to throwing large amounts of coin around as he sees fit.

  1. Name: Ardyray
  2. Type: Fallen angel
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: beautiful, powerful, seductive
  5. Description: She is tall and willowy, with long black hair and lustrous black eyes. Her skin is pale, her lips red, and she has a seductive smile that would melt any man. She wears little clothing. Male who see her find her to be a goddess and can't resist her allure. She has a masterful ability to twist words to her advantage, lying about the truth to make herself stronger. With her beauty, skill, and cunning, few can match her in a fight. She is known to partner up with Sinthinia to work on various jobs. Since she bonded with Atsath, an incubus that seduced her she no longer works for the fifth heaven, instead she works for the advancement of the plane of lust and want to seduce as many angels as possible.
  1. Name: Sinthinia
  2. Type: Vampire
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: pale, seductive, sexy
  5. Description: Well-endowed and tall, with a pale complexion and long black hair, Sinthinia is a vision of temptation. She is sensual, and loves using her powers over the lusts of men in order to bed them. She has a malevolent grin permanently etched on her face, and is constantly plotting to free herself from her coffin. She hates light, so when she's out of her coffin she wears a black hooded cloak with the hood up. Unlike her sister, she has not yet bonded with any partner. She is an accomplished seductress, and has managed to convince several men to let her into their homes, where she bites them and feeds on them until they die. This makes her even more powerful and sexy each time.
  1. Name: Valerya
  2. Type: Moon elf
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: Night, Oracle, vision, priestess
  5. Description: Valerya is a slender and attractive twenty-year old elf with long black hair and eyes. She is typically seen wearing black leather clothing and is the leader of all the various sects of elves in the city. She spends most of her time in a trance-like state, which involves opening up a psychic portal to elven moon. She uses this portal to see visions of the future and visions of the elven dream, a different reality. She is very wise for an elven of her age and is revered by her wisdom. She is the closest thing to a role model that any of her fellow elves have, which is probably part of the reason why she is seen as an idol.
  1. Name: Eliza
  2. Type: Merfolk
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: aquatic, beautiful, large eyes, small hands, slender, elegant
  5. Description: Eliza is a beautiful twenty five-year old mermaid that tends to stay in the water for most of her life. She has large dark eyes, white skin, and long black hair that she keeps in a tail. She has a slender figure compared to most humans and an elegance about her that humans find alluring. She wears jeweled rings on her fingers and necklaces around her chest. Due to her environment, she has a mild form of aquatic immunity. She spends most of her time relaxing in the pool, chatting with any local mermaids, or reading. She is very friendly and outgoing.
  1. Name: Sadie
  2. Type: Oak warden
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: optimistic, cheerful, friendly, brave, loyal
  5. Description: Sadie is an optimistic and cheerful fifteen-year old Oak warden. She has short green hair and light green skin. She wears a cloak and animal-like ears from an unfortunate battle with a monster, which gives her a more formidable appearance. Despite her age and minor appearance, she is very brave and tends to lead raids with the males of her clan. She is known to be very friendly and trusting with humans. Despite her youth, she is very loyal to her clan and its traditions, which involve her being the next chieftain of the Oakwardens and the mate of the next chief. As she is the only child, this has proven difficult for her.
  1. Name: Carter
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: brave, grumpy, loyal, outspoken
  5. Description: Carter is a large and loud human who typically wears armor and wields a large axe. He is loud, boisterous, and loyal to a fault. He has a strong sense of righteousness and serves as the "voice" of the humans when questioning the elves. He is loud and outspoken, which often leads to conflict, but his dedication to his tribe has earned the respect of most. He is a formidable warrior and a great leader.
  1. Name: Brenda
  2. Type: Halfling
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: enthusiastic, optimistic, loyal, trusting
  5. Description: Brenda is an enthusiastic halfling who typically wears a miner's helmet and carries a pick. She is typically curious and a bit overly trusting. She tends to speak louder than other Halflings, and she has a habit of sticking her thumb out when suggesting a new mine trail. She is typically the first to volunteer to new mine trails and often the first one in. She is very loyal to the village and its people, and will gladly give her life to save it. She is childless, which she is surprisingly okay with, and thus serves as the unofficial mother of the village.
  1. Name: Ragnor
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: courageous, grim, loyal, serious
  5. Description: Ragnor is a tall and very grim human clad in armor and a helmet with a visor. He carries a sword and has a very close relationship with his horse. When beasts attack the village, he charges with his sword protecting the civilians. He is very serious and dedicated to his duty, but he is also a dedicated family man. He is married with two children and rarely does his duties if it would threaten their lives. He is very loyal to the kingdom, and its king in particular. He sees his duty as protecting the innocent, and will fulfill this duty even if it means sacrificing himself.
  1. Name: Vera
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: friendly, helpful, optimistic, trusting
  5. Description: Vera is a short, cute, and cheerful human girl with long braids. She has a wide smile and a positive attitude. She typically wears a worker unit shirt and pants with work boots. She likes to help out at the mines and is extroverted, which makes her a good representative of the humans.
  1. Name: Gwen
  2. Type: Human
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: brave, grim, serious
  5. Description: Gwen is a young girl who is typically seen with an angry look on her face. She is a bit short in height, and her stern look gives the illusion that she is looking down on you. She is actually kind and cheerful within her heart. She is a good warrior and loves to fight, leading her to become captain of the warriors. Her grim look is a result of her training. She has trained everyday since she was six years old. She wants to become a great warrior, and she trains hard in order to achieve this dream. She bows only to one person, and that is Captain Gruz. He is the mentor of both her best friend and ally, Flevas and herself. Without his training, she would never have become as good as she is. This has made her resentful towards others who have not trained as much, namely elves. Her harsh training has made her strong, but also made her cold on the outside. She is the best of both worlds.
  1. Name: Flevas
  2. Type: Solar elf
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: brave, grim but kindhearted, loyal, thoughtful
  5. Description: Flevas is a kind elf with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is typically seen sporting some kind of battle armor with a sword strapped to her back. She is very serious in battle, occasionally cracking a joke to keep her mind focused, but this also makes her appear rude. It's important to her to maintain a good relationship with all of the village's allies. She wants to become an excellent tactician. She is a good friend of Gwen's, and the two are close. However, she is still very professional with her duties and will fight along side elves if they are attacked. She has made friends with Wendy and enjoys spending time with her.
  1. Name: Kob
  2. Type: Olden elf
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: brave, grim, serious
  5. Description: Kob is very ancient for an elf, probably being hundreds of years. However, this doesn't show in form or feature. He appears the same as any other elf. He has a straight white hair and sharp facial features. He wears an armor with tusks, a symbol of his tribe, studded leather armor, and a tribal necklaces. He carries a sword, an elven falchion, and a battle-axe. He is usually seen smoking a pipe and watching his surroundings.
  1. Name: Trelik
  2. Type: Solar elf
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: charming, charismatic, influential, intelligent
  5. Description: Trelik is very tall for an elf, easily reaching seven feet. He has a slender but muscular figure. He has fair skin and long blond hair, which he keeps neatly tied at the back. He has a hooked nose, high cheekbones, and intense blue eyes. He is in his mid to late twenties. He wears battle armor with decorative bits sewn on, trade leather armor, and no necklace. He carries no weapons on his person, relying on his magic to defend himself. His magic is powerful, and can be felt by all people that stays in the same room. He is a leader of the Elven Rebellion, and appears before humans and other races as an ambassador and negotiator, not a warrior.
  1. Name: Viceroy
  2. Type: Solar elf
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Traits: charismatic, influential, powerful, respected, wise
  5. Description: Viceroy is a well dressed man, wearing a black suit and tie. He has a shaved head, and all of his body tattoos are now displayed on his scalp. He has a strong jaw and dark eyes. He stands at six feet, and is a very large elf. His bodyguard position has given him training in wrestling, boxing, and various forms of martial arts. He can easily take one elf on each arm and carry them. He has ties to all the underworld in Reginald, and knows several assassin factions. He likes to change faction and never choose a side.
  1. Name: Gwenivel
  2. Type: Red elf
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: beautiful, pure
  5. Description: Gwenivel is a very beautiful elf, with tan skin, red hair, and green eyes. Her tanned skin and redhead features makes her a natural beauty. She is extremely shy around humans, and will bite her tongue if she finds something alluring to her. She is afraid to show herself to others and is difficult to reach her pure heart. She is protected by the spies of the red elves and much of her background is secret infomation.
  1. Name: Medli
  2. Type: Red elf
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: bashful, beautiful, curious, elegant, playful, caring
  5. Description: Medli is the exact opposite of Gwen, she is outspoken and frisky. She has long black hair and dark eyes. She is of human descent, and grew up with human toys and ideas. She is still a natural beauty, and most elves find her attractive. She has a slender figure and long legs. She is curious about humans, and has wild ideas. She is fun loving and a bit flighty. She is graceful and elegant when she wants to be. She tends to be perky. She tends to wear leather clothing, which is practical for her nature.
  1. Name: Ryntorat, the Wyvern
  2. Type: Wyvern
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Traits: brave, serious, loyal, ambitious, courageous, emotional
  5. Age: young adult
  6. Description: Wyvern is a massive dragon, larger than even the largest ship. He is covered with a thick hide, which is dark blue. His spikes and teeth are made of a substance harder than bone, and sharper than the largest blade. His wings are large enough to carry a man. His eyes are the color of blue ice.

Wyvern is an ambitious dragon. He wants to conquer the skies, not rule over a few islands of stolen power. He has grudging respect for you, for you have taught him to respect his own potential. He has been loyal to his own desires, and has seen you as his teacher. He is young for a wyvern, but he is determined to grow up in the way that he believes a wyvern should. He isn't going to wait around for his territory to be stolen from him, he is going to take what he wants. He has searched the island for any power that could aid him in his quest.