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Sotakians[edit source]

The Sotakians are an aggressive race of lizardfolk who tend to view themselves as the rightful rulers of all the land. They have a strict caste system, with the lizons at the top and other Sotakians as the lowest. The Sotakians' best soldiers are the lizons. These female Sotakians are blessed with magical ability and live a comfortable life off the labors of the other Sotakians. With their magic, the lizons effectively turn themselves into living weapons. As such, lizons are not allowed to engage in any non-military activity, such as manual labor. They are also not allowed to marry non-lizons soldiers, only to marry females. All lizons are housed in the same area. Sotakians that break this rule are brutally punished.

The remainder of the Sotakians are slaves. These consist of warriors, who fulfill the role of slaves in other societies, and the "scholar-slaves", who are there to provide the magic for the lizons. A select few are "free", and these tend to be Sotakians who have done something particularly impressive. They enjoy a comfortable life, though it is still a life of hard labor.

The lizons are a fairly comfortable race as far as lizardfolk go, but they are not free. The Sotakians are very fond of keeping them in a state of near-slavery.

Ragulus tree[edit source]

The tree is small, no bigger than a man, with tiny leaves and flower like pods that hang from its branches. The pods contain a sweet liquid flows out and down your throat. It is like drinking honey, only better.

Auvhus[edit source]

The Auvhus are a short race. Their average height is only around 4 feet, and they are typically quite slender. They have light blue skin, and their heads are topped with snow-white hair. Their eyes are a deep, icy blue. Their lips are thin and usually turned upwards in a smile. The happier ones have a generous amount of teeth, while the grimmer ones have none at all.

The Auvhus live simple lives, growing their own food, hunting for their own prey, and making their own tools. They have no access to metal, so all of their tools are made of stone or bone. They live in small clusters, called "cobles", made up of a few hundred individuals. There are no large towns or cities; each coble is a self-sufficient village. They have no kings or lords; instead, they have a traditional society, with roles and responsibilities. Each member of the society has three jobs that they are responsible for: farming, hunting, and gathering. Gifted individuals with different skills may have more roles in the community.

A coble is made up of about a hundred individuals who are all directly responsible for the actions of other members of that coble. Each individual has a name, and most have several names depending on their role. A coble elder is always the one who holds the most roles, and other old members are called "bowmen" or "shovel men" (because of their hunting or farming expertise, respectively). The Auvhus are a simple society. Men and women have the same amount of rights and responsibilities, and there are no classes. There is no war or fighting; the Auvhus live in peace and harmony. The Auvhus believe that everyone should be able to contribute to the well-being of the community, whether they be a warrior or a farmer, and that skills should be rewarded, not titles.

Yolev[edit source]

A large, demonic looking creature. It's skin colour is a scarred and misshapen mixture of grey, black and green. It has several long tongues that are noticeably hanging out of its mouth. It has no eyes, instead, two soulless black holes where its eyes are. It has a single bone protruding from its forehead and several long, black claws that end in an evil looking point. The bone that protrudes from its forehead is what gives the creature its name, "Yolev". It's not a creature, but a being. An abomination to be precise. Created by the cruelest sort of magic, it's a half man, half monster. In other words, it's a "ghoul". Created by the Zodan, they were to be their army's "monsters". Their mission was to fight in the war against the Free Kingdom. However, after the discovery of the cost of necromancy, the use of these abominations was deemed "financially irresponsible". All YolEVs were either destroyed or put to death.

Delergian eternal[edit source]

To become an eternal, one must go through a long and hard process of being selected. The exact steps are unknown, as only the Lord knows them, but it involves a combination of mental and physical abilities. Once one has been chosen, he must be trained more thoroughly, as well as given a specific goal or mission upon becoming an adult. It is at this point that he receives his new name, which is the name of his god (or in the case of eternals who have been brought up by unbelievers, an appropriate substitute). If the eternal completes his mission, then he will be recognized as a great hero. If not, then he will be known as a fool or a failure, and the history books will simply forget his name. The eternals regard all other races with a mixture of fear, hatred, and condescension. Most eternals have never even interacted with anyone from a "lower" race. As a result, they hold many prejudices based on stereotypes, and can be quite offensive to various races in general. They are not a warlike race, as they know that would only serve to decrease their already low numbers. Most war occurs due to these prejudices. The average eternal is tall and very muscled. They tend to favor combat armor of some sort with several different possible additions such as plasma weaponry, sensory devices, and various other gadgets. Eternals are also known to favor the use of flying vehicles, as their height and strength allows them to pilot most airships with ease.

Creature Name: Troll[edit source]

Trolls are massive, green-skinned, bipedal creatures that have sharp claws and teeth to tear apart their prey. They have ravenous appetites and usually can't be reasoned with. They have tough hides and regenerative properties, which can make them extremely difficult to kill. Fire is effective against them, however, as it slows down their ability to regenerate. They are usually found in mountainous regions, and often attack nearby settlements. Very rarely, trolls will join forces with other groups, often acting as front-line fighters.

Creature Name: Tunnel Lizard[edit source]

A tunnel lizard is a creature that resembles a small, bipedal dinosaur, but with a froglike face. They are mostly found in caves and underground areas. They are excellent diggers, and often create complex tunnel systems, which they use to travel in search of prey. They usually hunt in small packs, and will avoid creatures much larger than them. They have a venomous bite that can render all but the toughest creatures unconscious. They are sometimes tamed and kept as pets or as guardians of underground tunnels and cellars.

Creature Name: Garkus[edit source]

A garkus is a large four-legged creature resembling a giant bullfrog. Their green skin is thick and covered with warts. They typically inhabit damp, swampy areas, where they can blend into their surroundings while hunting. They typically only feed on the local fauna, but will attack anything they perceive to be a threat. They can emit a poisonous gas and whip their tails with great speed, causing their club-like ends to shatter wood. They are incredibly agile creatures, and are able to leap over long distances.

Creature Name: Light succubi[edit source]

Light succubi are incredibly good-looking creatures, with long, glowing white hair, flawless skin, and perfect figures. They take obvious pleasure in flirting and pursuing male humans. They are capable of granting magical wishes in exchange for a small amount of sexual energy. They try to do no harm when absorbing lifeforce and will never kill a prey.

Creature Name: Dark succubi[edit source]

Dark succubi are similar to their good-natured light counterparts, but take much more pleasure in hurting others. They have horns, claws, and cloaks. They like to take over people's bodies and control them completely, either by luring them into sex or by breaking in during the night. Currently, they are confined to the Nightosphere, a dark and barren region of the Multiverse, although it is unknown whether this is due to an old Oath, for which they are prisoners or if they are in control of the Nightosphere. The dark succubi are in a sense the opposite of the good-natured Light Succubi.

Creature Name: Flog[edit source]

Flogs are nasty, six-legged beasts that resemble small, furry mutants with an additional stinger at the tail. Their sting is filled with a powerful poison, and the stinger is strong enough to pierce through armor. They primarily dwell in the Dark Arena, although they will attack anyone on sight.

Creature Name: Puck[edit source]

Pucks are small, flying creatures that have a habit of sucking blood from sleeping people. They are quite vicious, and are capable of draining the blood of multiple people, storing it in their bodies. They will then use this blood to power their long flight to one of the many sky islands. Once there, the blood is released into the mouths of people waiting to be attacked by them. They appear as simple, clownish creatures with a single red balloon for a head. They are not aggressive unless provoked.

Creature Name: Green succubi[edit source]

Green succubi are the rarest sort of succubi. They resemble green-skinned girls with long blond hair, wear leather armor, and have a passion for hunting and combat more generally. They are in a way the opposite of the dark succubi, but seek out male humans to be their mates. They find non-humans more attractive than humans, and will not pursue one with the intent of sex unless she is hunting down a human. It is said that on the surface world, there are hundreds of dark succubi, and only a few green ones. Recently however, there have been disturbing reports of a surge in the population of green succubi.

Creature Name: Blue devils[edit source]

Blue devils are humanoid beasts who dwell in the waters of the Dark Arena. They have the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. They use their tail to swim underwater and drown their enemies by sticking their heads through the victims mouth and drowning them slowly.

Creature Name: Blue succubi[edit source]

Blue succubi have affinity with the water element and like to have sex while submerged. They think swimming is a sexy activity. The term 'blue' in their name comes from the fact they have dark blue skin, similar to that of a fish, rather than the usual blue color. This is due to a rare genetic mutation, although it does not make them any less succubi or any more dangerous. Blue succubi powers range from the ability to create small water spouts to summon lightning storms to infusing their fingers with elemental abilities.

Creature Name: Purple Haze[edit source]

Purple Haze are a type of succubus that have taken a heavy interest in the darker side of recreational drugs. They are in a sense the recreational form of the dark succubi. Instead of seeking hapless human victims to drain them of their life force, a purple haze will target any sort of recreational drug and indulge in it themselves, often times with their demonic minions. This can range from simple casual drug use all the way to heavy drug use and even addiction. Their drug of choice is Purple Haze, a very powerful and rare type of 'micro-shroom' that when consumed, the shrooms grows one's mental capacity to a massive degree while still allowing for a clear head. This makes the purple haze a very attractive creature to engage with, as they will always offer their services for Purple Haze. They are very knowledgeable about recreational drugs and can provide you with any kind of drug you want, if you ask them with the right incentive.

Creature Name: Yellow succubi[edit source]

Yellow succubi outwardly mimic humans and are able to pass for normal in most communities. They prefer to work in societies where they can more easily blend in, but they have been known to work in the extremes. They are very good at their jobs as they can take the forms of the most influential members of society, such as doctors and lawyers. They have an easier time passing as humans than the average human does, so they are more easily able to move around in a society where most can barely move. They like to mimic human relationships to obtain sexual energy without raising suspicions. They can however, take many forms in reality while interacting with humans. They have been known to take the form of humans to get more information.

Creature Name: White succubi[edit source]

These creatures are a very rare type of succubus and are only met with rarely. They are what one would call the 'good' version of a succubus. They have no desire to corrupt or drain humans of their lifeforce. Instead they will help humans in exchange for lifeforce. Their help can vary from getting a job done quicker to giving some much needed moral support during long procedures, to even saving lives in difficult situations. They are very hard to find and are usually in need of help themselves. They can drain lifeforce to heal themselves or to heal others. They are able to pass or drain their lifeforce to other beings, so they can go about draining lifeforce in any setting they please.

Creature Name: True Incubi[edit source]

These creatures are the result of an unbroken line of succubi in a family (Usually father, mother and daughter). Once they reach maturity, they leave the mother's care to go out and find a victim of their own to drain. As a rule of thumb, they will feed on the life force of someone who is around their own age and of the opposite gender. This is to maintain the health and strength of the line. True Incubi are incredibly rare and powerful, even more than other types of succubi. Usually they crave social interaction and adoration. They will go out of their way to be around people or even be the center of attention. They see it as a sign of weakness if they can't be the main one in the attention. This usually causes a problem for them, and they will go out of their way to be the center of attention. Because of these traits, they are either kept under wraps in quiet places or allowed to live a more 'free' life as entertainment. They are usually not combined with the other types of succubi, but instead are kept seperate and treated as a different creature altogether.

Creature Name: Gold succubi[edit source]

Gold succubi have a golden skin, brilliant like the surface of metallic gold. They crave riches as much as they love to have sex. They will go to any length to secure riches, even if it means hurt other beings. They can take the form of a humanoid, usually a greedy one. They usually crave the touch of gold and it's byproducts (Riches, money, jewelry, etc.) They can easily infiltrate places of power and high security. They tend to work in groups of two or three, in order to better coordinate their activities and improve their chances of acquiring precious metals and rare ores.

Creature Name: Silver succubi[edit source]

Silver succubi love to have sex specially in nights where the moon is full because they receive more lifeforce. At the contrary of Gold succubi, they doesn't crave riches but the joy of having sex. They are able to turn into a human and more precisely, a male one by makng use of their fangs and a fat cock that glows in the dark. They are tricksters by nature and enjoy to fool around with their fellow succubi. They never forget their own kind, so much that at times it can border on the paranoia. They will seclude themselves in places where they are able to feed on the lifeforce of humans or other beings, but usually live in large groups (As many as 30) in the depths of forests and mountains where their powers are not so easily discovered.

Creature Name: Dark green succubi[edit source]

They are great manipulators with a tendency to act like leaders, and that grants them lots of sexual energy. They favor acting alone, but will follow if they find an attractive enough leader. They are not very receptive to suggestions and will either completely ignore your advice, or dismiss it. They prefer quick and dirty solutions, same with sex. Because of their tendency to act alone, they tend to be very successful. However, their "brilliance" can sometimes get out of hand. They usually have a particular type of male they prefer over the rest. Thus, they are generally attracted to evil, ambitious women or desperate men.

Creature Name: Insatiable ghost[edit source]

These creatures are the spirits of dead women. They float through the air, incapable of resting, ever searching. They have the ability to take over the minds of those who hurt, and force them to go out and have sex with as many people as possible. This usually leads to the person's suicide, as they are unable to have sex without an orgasm. They feed on the euphoria and joy brought on by the act of sex, and cannot rest without it. They are the reason sexual intercourse is always a crazy, wild affair with no holding back.

Creature Name: Rup Harbingers[edit source]

Rup Harbingers are a race of bird-like creatures. They have wide, feathered wings, and long legs with three Toed feet. Their legs are powerful enough to support their weight, and are used to fly. They have a large beak, with two inferior teeth and a blade of horn and stone in the upper jaw. Their eyes are slits, with a small crest on their head. They typically dwell in forests, and lay eggs in large nests high in trees. Each parent incubates the eggs, before dropping from the nest and flying off. Harbingers are solitary creatures, and do not tend to socialize.

Creature Name: Tlip Hounds[edit source]

Tlip Hounds are creatures native to the continent of Varsakken. They are incredibly strong, fast creatures, and rely on this strength to hunt many prey animals such as deer and boar. They have powerful heads with long, sharp teeth, and short, thin legs. They have large, dark eyes, with a prominent nose and a pair of antlers growing from their heads. They always hunt in packs, and are able to detect the presence of prey from far away.

Creature Name: Kabonese[edit source]

The kabonese are a reptilian race. They have three fingered hands with a strong grip. Their feet have three toe-paw prints, with a strong set of claws for slashing and cutting. They have a long, thin body with a long neck and a scaly, oval head with a forked tongue. The males have a ridge running down their noses, and the females a crested forehead. Their skin colour is various shades of blue, green and purple, and they constantly produce a foul smelling sweat. Their tribes are nomadic, and constantly travel in caravans along the vast desert of Sahar. Their skin is naturally resistant to the extreme heat, and can easily cross the desert without water.

Creature Name: Sag Kenku[edit source]

Sag Kenku are a trade race. They have small, feathered wings that allow them to fly, although these wings are so small as to be incapable of supporting their own weight, and so they glide along the ground. Their bodies are human-like, with long, slender legs and arms. They have human heads with large beaks, and typically have dark eyes. They have a small amount of magical abilities, such as being able to Flight for short periods of time, and see in the dark to a small degree. They are generally born with magical abilities that develop and strengthen over their lifetimes, though these abilities become weaker as the Kenku grow older.

Creature Name: Ayadga Kelpies[edit source]

Ayadga Kelpie is an incredibly powerful magical creature. There is little known about them, as they dwell in vast bodies of water, and leave the creatures alone so long as they stay out of the water. They have the upper-hand in battle, as they can summon balls of water and throw them at their enemies. They can also conjure waves of water, and send these at their enemies as well. They have small, horse-like heads, with slim bodies and webbed feet. They have long, thick fur that covers them, except for their belly and the patches on their limbs. They have few predators, as most predators avoid the water, and the few who do tend to be avoided in turn. Kelpie have few enemies, and those that do are dealt with swiftly.

Creature Name: Aldan Merfolk[edit source]

The Aldan merfolk are a race of magical beings with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. They prefer to dwell in the rivers and seas of Lirar. They are very social creatures, and always have a lively trade with other races. They use their natural magic powers to make trades, and with this combination of business acumen and magic powers they have dominated the trade market. Their kingdoms extend over vast rivers and seas, and they have a large navy. The sea is the frontier of their domain, and in it they have largely unexplored territory. They are ruled over by a queen, and have no law except that of the strongest. The mermaid empires are kingdoms of the past, where cities such as Randel existed. Now, the sea is too wild and vast to be tamed by anything save the sea itself.

Creature Name: Therchan Minotaurs[edit source]

Therchan Minotaurs are a race of powerful humanoids with a bull's body and a human's head. They have a natural disposition towards combat, and are the mainstay of the Therchan military. They are easily recognizable by their preferred weapons: a heavy, two-handed sword, and a shield. They have been known to use pole arms, though these are less common. They have short, dark brown hair, and dark eyes.

Minotaurs are a proud and fierce race. They value strength and combat prowess highly, and are always striving to increase them. Their society is focused on competition: whether it be with one's fellows on a daily basis or with the many forms of combat that can be found in the world. Their largest cities are comprised of massive forts, where military and political meetings take place. They are strong warriors, and make fierce leaders.

Minotaurs are also known for their love of music, which they enjoy immensely. This is often used as an excuse to get together and play a game of some sort. Their limbs are covered with thick, leathery scales. These are not only protective, but serve to protect the Minotaur from harm as well. Their legs are thick and powerful. They are able to stand firmly on the ground, even with the heavy armor that they wear.

They have four fingers on each hand, as well as a sizable thumb. The average adult male Stand Minotaur is between six and seven feet tall, and weighs about eight or nine stone. Females are slightly smaller, standing at an average of 6'4.

When tot in use, they put their weapons on their own bodies to craft armor for themselves. This is fairly easy to do, and they believe that it makes them half as vulnerable as a normal human would be. The average life span of a Minotaur is around 150 years. A very small number have been know to live for over 300. Most die in battle, though it is not unknown for them to live on into their hundreds. In combat, they swing their sword with their right hand, and block attacks with their left. They use two handed shields in a similar fashion.

Creature Name: Bas Moles[edit source]

Bas Moles are subterranean creatures that have a variety of uses. They dig deep underground burrows, where they spend their lives with their families. They do most of their hunting underground, relying on their farms and mushroom farms to provide food for the rest of the mole community. They trade with the surface dwellers by providing them with mushrooms and other herbs. They have an appreciation of the finer things of life, and love to decorate their underground burrows with the precious stones and gold they find. The mole people have a sophisticated economy and well-developed arts and culture. They are a kind of creature that can easily live in harmony with the surface, provided that they are treated with respect. However, many adventurers and even some nobles have been known to attempt to explore and live underground, in the hopes of conquering it for themselves. So far, none have succeeded.

Creature Name: Schal Ogres[edit source]

Schal Ogres are huge, muscular creatures that usually stand taller than the tallest troll. They love to fight, and are usually found in small family groups of around ten creatures, each with their own wife and children. They have a strong love of food. Their society is patriarchal, with the males leading and the females obeying. Strong, powerful families make their homes in the largest and toughest of hills, often carved out by the hands of giants centuries before. They are isolationists, and rarely leave the hills in which they live, making their homes more like huge caves than proper homes.

They are extremely territorial, and will defend their families with unbreakable rage. They value honor, and carry dead or missing family members repeatedly, even if the victim was a complete stranger. They are stocky creatures, standing around three meters tall and weighing around four hundred kilograms. Their skin tone varies; they can range from almost white, almost entirely hairless with a pinkish hue, to an intimidating black, with varying amounts of brown hair. They wear little clothing, if any at all, preferring to let their large amounts of fat and muscle do the job. They often have a large, humungous head, with huge teeth that protrude in massive jaws. Their arms are much shorter than their legs, ending in five digit hands with grotesquely long claws. Their feet are like a massive squashing ball, with large, thick, sturdy toes. They have a high amount of endurance, strength and stamina, and have little use for magic. They are a very stoic and serious creature. They love to eat, fight and feast. They usually sleep on the ground, in their preferred position being alongside their families.

Creature Name: Cliusk[edit source]

The cliusks are strange, crab-like creatures that live under the seas. They are rarely seen, and their home is known only to them. They are small, at only two and a half feet tall, but their claws and pincers are very strong. They have six legs, with two pairs of claws, one pair on the front and back, and a long, rectangular head with six eyes all around. They have a filtering mouth, with holes to filter water. Their colouring is plain, with a white, circular carapace and two blue, clawed legs.

They are primarily scavengers, feeding on the leftovers of other creatures. They store the nutrients from whatever they feed on, and feed them to their young to increase their reproductive capabilities. When food is scarce, they will feed on sea weeds. They are known to give warnings of approaching storms, and can sense the presence of creatures or objects under the water. Their shells are strong enough to withstand the pressures of the deep sea.

They live in large groups, which contain a dominant male and female, and several equal mates for them. They value communication, and make a lot of noise in order to speak with each other. They are not particularly intelligent, and have difficulty having conversations about complex matters. They form long-lasting friendships with each other. When one is in trouble, the others will help. They have a simple language which they use to convey everything they need to say to each other. They have a strong sense of solidarity and community. The people of the land have many superstitions about them. They believe that they are related to the great leviathan creatures that dwell in the ocean, and that they can control them. Noone knows if this is true or not. They are not even fish, despite their name. They are purely invertebrate.

They normally eat dried sea creatures, and can survive on them for months at a time. They will eat almost anything, though, and have a very rotund appetite. They enjoy eating fish, and will often play around with small fish in order to amuse themselves.

Creature Name: Rakine[edit source]

The Rakine are a race of humanoid creatures, usually very muscular but with a variety of different body types. Their skin colour varies between shades of orange, reds, browns and blacks. Their skin is tough and hardy, and can withstand the most brutal of climates and environments. Their hair is typically wild and untamed, and grows on their head, face, body, limbs and toes. It can be dark, light or even transparent, and shines in the sunlight. They grow a covering of hair on most or all of their body. They don't have a defined gender, and can be any appearance of themself between fat, thin, muscular, short, tall or even deformed. They have a large, often protruding tongue that hangs out of their mouth.

Their culture is nomadic, and they tend to move around a lot. They often seek out the most desolate and inhospitable lands, in order to turn it into their own. They are constantly warring with each other and with other races, in some cases over fairly small amounts of land. They are brutal in battle, and enjoy fighting. They live a life of simple living. They fight and compete for who can survive the most hostile of conditions and compete for the most kills in order to prove themselves. They spend most of their lives in the open air and off the ground, in tents and other sorts of dwellings. They are not exactly adverse to the idea of a city environment, but such a thing does not interest them at all. They enjoy nature and the outdoors, and will often be found enjoying hunting or tracking. They do not tend to have a very complex social system, and will often times work as a group or in teams. They place little stock in the concept of a powerful leader. They have no use for it, and it only leads to unnecessary machinations and fighting.

They do not typically use true names, but rather a series of numbers and symbols, often chosen at random. They have no love of reading or writing. They enjoy music and singing, but it is a very simple kind without any real instruments or techniques. They have no concept of art. They are prone to getting very drunk on strange beverages made from local fruits and berries. If they ever develop a writing system, it will almost certainly have a lot of characters for words that cannot be translated into anything else.

They are a violent race with little use for others. They have no government, no major cities, no complex societies. They have no real leaders, they are not liked as slaves.

Creature Name: Verem[edit source]

The Verems are a race of large, semi-intelligent flying creatures. They are completely covered in a hard shell, which can be coloured to match the creature's desire. They have large wings with which to fly, although they don't tend to use these in the traditional aerobatic sense. They have a large mouth filled with teeth, and long tongues slightly reminiscent of an anteater's.

Their society is a matriarchal one. Females are the primary fighters, and it is they who rule the tribe. They typically build their homes out of large shells, which they decorate with bright paints. They enjoy a drinking contest, in which one participant (usually the winner of some contest or award) must down as many alcoholic beverages as possible. It is not uncommon for these contests to lead to violence and even death, but this is only ever considered a bad outcome for the opponent.

It is strongly discouraged for a Verem to leave their home island. Even the males who work as fishers, or wander outside the island are obliged to come back. If they decline, the are not allowed to return. If a Verem female has babies, the babies will be taken back to the island where they will be raised. The father of these babies is unknown.

They enjoy numerous contests that involve team endeavors. They also enjoy races, in which the participants try to travel as far as they can on their flights. They have no written language, and use a system of pictures to communicate. However, as the human crew cannot decipher this system, you are not aware of its exact nature. Verems are very fond of gambling. They also have a fondness for fruit, which they eat practically everyday. They also drink a lot of alcohol, though you aren't exactly sure how this is good for them. They are divided into three castes: Workers, Warriors and Specialists. The Workers are the ones who do the manual labor required to support the island, the Warriors are the protectors and defenders of the island, and the Specialists include various entertainers, gamblers and the like. They live for around a hundred and fifty years, and can breed at an alarming rate, making countless thousands of them. This is not considered a problem.

Creature Name: Ler-kimob[edit source]

The Ler-kimobs are a race of four armed, four headed lizards. Each head has its own mind and their own ideas, so you cannot force one mind on to another without it fighting back. They typically stand on two legs, although they are naturally four legged. They have a few similarities to the dragons you know, but they have many more differences than similarities. The average life span of a ler-kimob is around 110 years.

They typically dwell underground, although they have several communities that exist above ground and can support life easily away from their lairs. They are known for their large communities of allied shamblers. They typically lair in small groups of six to twelve, although larger ones have been known to exist.

The shamblers are the slaves of the lair. They are bred and trained as food shamblers, fighters, for allies and for the large community. They usually have a rather short life span, even when they reach the fighting age. They often are not expected to live past twenty, let alone forty. However, due to the large number of them in a community, this is not seen as an issue. They are typically four armed and ugly.

Ler-kimobs rule over their shamblers and use them as a commodity. They are the leaders of the large community. Ler-kimob society is based around a caste system. At the top are the Alpha-Ler which include the three alphas, their number is only limited by the number of able-bodied males that wish to be alphas. These alphas are the absolute rulers of the community and can do as they wish. Below them are the six betas which are limited by their utter lack of any real power. They are primarily police and military, although they pick up extra work as guards, politicians and more. The betas can marry alphas, but the alphas will only ever have three beta wives. They are the only ones allowed to directly beat other lair-mates.

The next rank down is the six gammas. These are limited by not being able to physically fight. They primarily do the grunt work of protecting the upper-ranks from overthrow or rebellion, although they do help with the regular police work. They include all the alphas' guards as well as regular police and military units. They have no power over other ler-kimobs, but protect the alphas to ensure the continued well-being of the community. They can only ever marry other gamma ler-kimobs.

The final rank is the four Eps. These are the weakest of the lot. They do not have any power at all. They work in roles such as cooks, servants and workers. They are unable to fight or even protect themselves. They are unable to attempt to mate with any of the other three ranks, but can marry anyone, including themselves, a gamma or an alpha. It is common for an alpha to have several eps as wives. Eps cannot breed, ever.

Creature Name: Spider-Kid[edit source]

The spider-kids are a strange race of arachnids that live far below the ground in large communities made up almost entirely of caves and caverns. They are a very reclusive people, rarely making contact with other races. They have only recently started venturing out of their caves due to the destruction of their primary food source by surface dwellers and the need to expand. They hunt the bugs that dwell on the surface, but do not actively target any other race.

The average spider-kid lifetime is around twenty years, although this is rare. They are known to have livers that can support the rigors of their lifestyle for up to ten or twenty years. They do not use the same currency as the rest of the world, instead using "ribs" which are pieces of cave spider that they catch with their own hands. One rib equals one item.

The rib-currency is not very stable, and spiral around chaos until it becomes worthless. This occurs fairly commonly. They do not grow or produce any food, so any increase in population means a need for more food. They have very heavy taxes on trade, and discourage it. They have no large-scale production or economy of any kind. They are known to have a very "hands on" approach to running their government. They run their infrastructure and businesses through organized "cave- Agents", who are humanoids who got to live in the surface world thanks to being clever and trained by the spiders.

They are far less advanced than humans, but extremely loyal and courageous. While they are known to use firearms, they don't heavily arm their Agents. For combat, they use simple edged weapons, bows, crossbows and spears. They do not utilize a traditional military. Instead, they use what they call the "spiderweb". They have several ranks, starting with "ave" for Agent, and ending with "deo", or leader. Each rank gets a name, much like a promotion system. There is only one deo at a time. The deo can also choose to "unlock" his status by using an obscure phrase, which will cause all other in the spiderweb to instantly submit to his commands. This system has a few flaws. The biggest being that it's very slow. Spider-kids are very loyal to each other. If an Agent is defeated in battle, the rest of the spider-kids will not allow another non-human to replace them.

Creature Name: Silihi[edit source]

These are 2 foot tall, orange, furry creatures with several sets of eyes. Their back packs allow them to breathe under water for about half an hour. They have large claw like hands and feet, and a long tooth filled mouth with several rows of teeth. They also have a long tongue that can be used to examine a victim's surroundings. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand, but no other digits. They have long, thin legs, and walk on their knuckles. They have small ears that point forward and fold back. They also have a prehensile tail. The silihi are non-intelligent creatures that float through the air and swim through water. They come from deep, underwater caverns, but have adapted to breathe the air and swim above sea level. They have been known to live in large groups, and will share skills and knowledge amongst each other. They do not have the ability to speak, but they do communicate with sounds and body language.

Silihi have never left the Island, but other Island inhabitants have encountered them. They are an animalistic race, and are mostly thought of as a pest due to this. They have few predators on the island save for a few human pirates. They are very afraid of humans, and will flee at the sight of one. Silihi have also been known to react angrily to loud noises.

Silihi are very social creatures that enjoy spending time with others of their kind, and will seek out groups. They will also enjoy playing a simple game in which two silihi hold each others tails. The object of the game is to make your opponent fall over as quickly as possible. The winner is the silihi with the most wins.

Creature Name: Turdynomime[edit source]

The Turdynomime are a species of large, slug-like creatures that can survive without oxygen by going into a state of suspended animation. They spend most of their lives in a muddy pit, surfacing only to feed and to breed. When they are hatched, they are fully grown and ready to eat. Turdynomime are a violent species, and will attack others without hesitation. They are known to eat the flesh of their enemies. The turdynomime has not been known to leave the Island. It is generally believed that they never left it before the arrival of humans.

Creature Name: Wulven[edit source]

The wulven are a species of blue, wolf-like creatures. They stand at 2 feet tall, and average 12 feet in length. They have multiple heads with different sets of teeth. They have very sharp claws, which they retract into their body when not in use. They walk on four feet, but are more prone to leap about than walk. They have average intelligence, and are a territorial breed, standing on guard against other creatures who would seek to invade their homes.

The wulven is a solitary creature, but will sometimes form packs to breed and protect their young. They will also team up with other creatures to defend against a potential invasion by humans or other dangers. The wulven have a strong sense of smell, and are able to detect predators from miles away through the air. They live in mountains and hills, preying on creatures that live in those areas. They will also hunt in packs to capture prey for food. They find hunting individually more efficient, but are able to work together when necessary.

Wulven are able to see in the dark through using sound, and can locate food and potential mates by listening. They have excellent hearing, and can hear creatures miles away. They are also able to detect the emotions of creatures, and can distinguish friend from foe with relative ease.

Wulven reproduce in a similar way to many other mammals. They release an overpowering smell, which attracts a female who will give birth to a litter of 3-10 wulven. They are born fully furred, with their eyes open, and ready to fend for themselves. The wulven teach the cubs how to hunt and fend for themselves, before disperse.

Creature Name: Xig[edit source]

The Xig are a large reptilian species with four arms which have three fingers each, and a massive snake-like tongue that hangs out of their mouths when they are concentrating. Their skin colour varies from blue to purple to red.

The Xig are a highly advanced species. They created the HARP, and have also discovered how to create an energy source that can power ships through space. They have a large empire of space stations, with travel through the vast areas of space.

The Xig home planet, Xig' (Xig prime), has a breathable atmosphere, like Earth. It is unknown if the Xig evolved on the planet or arrived there later. It is thought that they may have arrived on their planet by building the space station, which then allowed them to travel through space.

They also have three eyes, a feature that they share with their god, Primus. They have excellent sight, and are able to see extremely well in the dark. They have a vast sensory system, able to detect faint electrical signals from across the planet. They have a strong jaw, with powerful teeth. Their tongue is a strange purple colour, forked at the end and able to taste things thousands of miles away.

Their skin is very tough and hard, like turtle shells. They have few bones, making them more resistant to injury. The skin is able to regenerate from small cuts if left to heal naturally, and can regenerate limbs if carefully treated.

They have a strong immune system, able to resist diseases such as the plague and smallpox. They have a large nerve system, able to transmit powerful pain signals, but with little effect. They are able to withstand very high temperatures, and have a similar respiratory system to a snake. They have a powerful liver, which is able to create some of the most toxic substances known. These include the venom of the space leeches, the nytril, and the nix. Theses toxins are so lethal that a single space leech is more than enough to kill a soldier.

The Xig have few sexual organs. They reproduce asexually, through splitting, like an amoeba. Once a breakthrough in technology allows them to travel to other planets, they will be able to reproduce through a process similar to terraforming and their golden age will start.