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This text was made by Avengium in AiDungeon. , in scenario named "Faction Description Generator.". Some sentences are corrected or modified.

Faction Name: The Robot Republic[edit source]

The Robot Republic is a nation run by robots, though not all of them are friendly. A group of rogue androids led by the infamous Doctor OS form a theocracy as a splinter group. The Robot Republic is acceptant of all kinds of robots, cyborgs and robots, and is friendly to most of the races. Is a democratic republic with periodic elections.

Faction Name: The Dornan Church[edit source]

The Dornan Church worships an ancient deity of magic, Dorna. It has a long history of opposing the use of black and dark magic, but this has not always stopped them from using it. They revere nature, and often make their home in forests or similar natural surroundings. Their robes are green, and they have a preference for trees as their headquarters, the Glade of Dorna, is made from several large Oak trees. Their faith is very old.

Faction Name: Underwater Union[edit source]

The Underwater Union is the governing body of several aquatic based life in the planet. The union contains merpeople, aquatic elves, atlanteans, octopuses and many more. It was originally formed to protect all underwater denizens, but over the years it has greatly influence over maritime travel, fishing zones, and other similar matters. It attempts to protect the aquatic environment by taxing ship sizes, implementing safety measures for fishing fleets and other measures.

Faction Name: The Royal family of Delerg[edit source]

The Delerg Kingdom is a small nation made up of six provinces, with a population of around one and a half million people. It is a theocracy led by a single eternal, a being of great magical power who is believed to be a reincarnation of an ancient god. All power is ultimately derived from the Lord thereof, with the most powerful being the successor. The current Lord of Delerg is also the most recent in a long line of eternals, and it is unsure what will become of the position when he dies or how the government will function if he does. The Delerg government is very oppressive, with the strong arm of the law being very active in curbing any potential seditious activity or anti-government conspiracies. As a result, the smallest of acts can see someone's head taken off. As such, all power is held by Lord Mainous and his immediate subordinates, all of whom have magical abilities of one kind or another. The most common sort of power is the ability to cast spells, though other powers exist such as the the ability to fly or control the minds of others. It is known that Lord Mainous has a very powerful innate magic ability of his own, though exactly what it is nobody knows.

Faction Name: Predator pirates[edit source]

Predator pirates are a rare sight, but occasionally a band of ruthless pirates will emerge from the endless waters around the lands. Sightings of these pirates are rare, but they are known to be cruel and ruthless brutes. They prefer to use swift, heavily-armed schooners to launch raids on unsuspecting merchant ships. Their focus on speed and firepower renders them practically invulnerable to normal merchant ship security measures and they have never been successfully attacked. Their ruthless cruelty is also well-known, having wiped out entire villages in their gleeful pursuit of profit.

Faction Name: Computronium[edit source]

The Computronium is an organization dedicated to the practice of computing and information technology. Since their creation, they have become an extremely powerful and influential group. They have a hand in practically every aspect of technology, from domestic infrastructure (including roads and canals) to the latest weapon. They also have massive databanks of information, which they make available to the public, in the hopes that it will eventually be incorporated into the common vernacular.

Faction Name: The Desert Wolves[edit source]

This faction is just called "The Wolves." They are a group of bandits and raiders who operate in the desert, preying on caravans travelling through it. They work independently of each other, and the bandit groups do not communicate. They are unofficially supported by the Lords of the Desert, who are just called "The Lords." The Lords make their home in a small oasis town known as Ulya.

Faction Name: The Eternal Dominion[edit source]

It consists of several major city-states, each ruled by an "emperor." These rulers all have a great amount of magical power, allowing them to control entire armies of undead with a single thought. This allows them to fight countless wars and conquer lands with little need for manpower. They also have vast magical resources at their disposal, allowing them to perform much more advanced research and experiments.

Faction Name: The Old Days[edit source]

The Old Days were a time of war, hatred and violence. Magic was common, and several groups of War Mages rose to power. They used their powers for war, and brought death and destruction wherever they went. At the peak of their power, they were a major military power and ruled over a large section of the land. However, they made several enemies, including another powerful group of War Mages who rose to oppose them. The two sides clashed, and destroyed entire armies and kingdoms with horrible poisons, fatal automatons, and powerful magic. Finally, the two sides clashed in a massive battle, and in one terrible day an entire civilization was destroyed, leaving nothing but smoking ashes.

Faction Name: The Dark Order[edit source]

Shadows living in the far north, mostly around the Delerg province. Their exact numbers are unknown, but they probably number no more than several thousand. They engage in a combination of banditry and dark magic for profit, as well as maintaining a small military force. They have no real home, and practice their evil ways amongst the ruins of several long abandoned northern civilizations.

Faction Name: The Zealots of the Flame[edit source]

One of the two major factions in the Quala province, with over half of its territory under their control. They are a militant order of religious warriors that follow a warrior-priest called Father Ignatius. They are masters of war, and literally wear the armor of soldiers fused with Qualan priestly attire. They also have a monopoly on the use of magic in the region, with most spellcasting being done by their order. A splinter faction are the followers of Fel, which are known as the Shadow Guard. They practice the dark magic favored by their god, and while much less numerous, are infamous for their acts of sabotage and assassination. While they lack the power of Flame, they make up for it in other ways, and have been responsible for most major conflicts.

Faction Name: The Dead Rabbit[edit source]

The Dead Rabbit is a gang of assassins, raiders and thugs that infest the waters around Klyton. They refer to themselves as "The Dead Rabbit" after a folktale about a crafty hare who leads hounds to a farmer's throat. They have little regard for others and believe that the best way to get ahead in life is to eliminate those who are holding you back, be it an enemy, a rival, an obstacle or simply an authority figure. They are known to recruit from prisons and from homeless people in the shittier districts.

Faction Name: The Drowned[edit source]

The Drowned are a gang of river pirates that have been preying along the shores of the river, and into the inland sea, for years now. They're not a unified group and tend to fight amongst themselves, but they've been known to attack caravans and even small ships that get too close to their territory. They also use the land based, and sometimes even the water based, transportation system to move people and goods back and forth across the river.

Faction Name: The magnificent alchemists[edit source]

The magnificent alchemists are a group of learned in, organized, and efficient individuals. They're willing to experiment with various concoctions and potions to counter otherworldly threats. They have a relatively low profile, and so are unlikely to be targeted by the creatures they defend against.

Faction Name: The Yongheng guardians[edit source]

The Yongheng guardians are an order of monks and priests dedicated to the destruction of the forces of darkness. They are said to be born in an explosion of light, which consumed their mother, father, and all their friends. They lived a normal life for some time before this, however, but it is said their happiness and innocence was soon replaced by a burning desire to serve the cause of good. They train both in magic and martial combat, and remain celibate.

Faction Name: The Spiderfangs[edit source]

The Spiderfangs are a group of wandering rogues who have banded together. They have no real home or purpose, leading a simple life away from civilization. They have a taste for adventure, and like to take advantage of unsuspecting travellers, merchants, caravans, and the like. They have a distaste for the top brass of the Zalan military, and tend to make their home in the old troll caves in the northern part of the country.

Faction Name: The sadistic "heroes"[edit source]

The "heroes" are a group of violent, mad, and abusive individuals who "protect the public", but actually prey upon them. They're well-respected by most, as they provide security and protect the less fortunate from danger, but they're known to abuse their powers regularly and have even been known to kill for pleasure.

Faction Name: The Rynhemum[edit source]

The Rynhemum are nomadic reclusive desert dwelling people. They do not interact with anyone and have no real political influence. They maintain their own security force of warriors, the Sandswept, as well as gathering valuable and magical resources from the sands. They are led by a council of shaman, who are respected members of their tribes.

Faction Name: The Slin[edit source]

The Slin are a reptilian people living in the swamps, primarily near the southern and western borders of the kingdom. They spent the majority of their lives hidden away in primitive tribal societies, scattered around the kingdom, until the cataclysm struck. They suffered a great deal from the shifting swamps, losing most of their territory. Many were separated from their fellows, and the land itself changed into the quagmire that it is now. They were one of the few races to avoid being completely wiped out, but a few bands of Slin still roam the kingdom in search of mates and a possible new home. The survivors are still easily recognizable thanks to their greenish-blue scales and four legs, as well as their predatory nature. They mostly keep to themselves and leave others alone.

Faction Name: The North Trogs[edit source]

The North Trogs are a race of hearty barbarians originally hailing from the northern wilderness. They stayed away from the kingdoms during the cataclysm, and only recently have began to enter them in force. They are fierce warriors who place great importance on bravery, strength, honor, and tribe. They are revered and respected by other tribes for their great strength in battle, and routinely take the place of the missing tribes in the kingdom's tribal events.

Faction Name: The Uwais[edit source]

The Uwais are the main rival of the Slin. The Uwais are a fierce warrior race, who value combat heavily. Due to their militant nature, they have conquered much of the southern swamps, and are expanding rapidly. They have no problem with slavery, considering it to be a profitable way to terrorize enemies.

Faction Name: The Qinliang[edit source]

The Qinliang are a race of people with supernatural abilities, shaped by the land they live on. They are known to be magical, with an ability to control plants and animals. They live all over the place, though most of them live in the numerous jungles in the south. They traditionally tend to be hunters and gatherers, though many have learned to farm in recent years. Their bodies are often covered in intricate tribal tattoos.

Faction Name: The Xi[edit source]

The Xi are a race of large humanoid creatures. They have two arms and a pair of legs. They tend to have green skin, though there are rare occurrences of other colors. They have no true neck, instead having a large trunk like construction from which their head hangs. They have little eyes set into their face. They are known to be fierce warriors and have a very powerful tribal culture in place. They have a long history of opposing the usksha and diabolists in their lands. The Xi live in large tribes made up of many families. They have made a few attempts at creating massive fortresses to make their homes in, however they tend to be abandoned as the Xi warriors spend most of their lives fighting. The Xi have, over this time, carved out a large empire for themselves. Most of their land is forested and wild, though the Xi have made advances in technology. They have organized a warrior-tribe society in which everyone contributes to fighting and other efforts required for keeping the empire running. They have no formal government or laws. Each Xi chooses how he or she wishes to live, and if one somehow offends the rest, that one will be moved to another area of the empire.

Faction Name: The dair Succubi[edit source]

The Dair Succubi are a group of female demons who gain power and sex appeal through the multitude of men they seduce and drain of life. They are incredibly alluring and are said to be perfect females except for the fact that they long to drain the life of others and use it up. This leads to them engaging in a great deal of illegal prostitution, drug dealing, and other forms of criminal behavior in order to sustain their lifestyles. They are known to have a great number of human sex slaves and a strong grasp of the underworld. They also have a small group of human slaves who do their bidding and sell drugs for them. Their main base of operations is a run down brothel in the less reputable part of Dicktown.

Faction Name: The Del Harem[edit source]

The Del Harem is a mercenary company that has made it their mission to rid the world of sexual slavery, human or otherwise. They have liberated numerous women from sex slaves, and destroyed many brothels. They are known for being extremely attractive, handsome and having an absolute dedication to their work.

Faction Name: The interdimensional satyr discovery[edit source]

The interdimensional satyr discovery are a group of satyr working under the name I.S.D. They are not a faction, but rather an independent organization dedicated to the arts, both visual and musical. They are all male, and the only members of the group. They have a love of the exotic and the unusual, and make their home in a large tower built out of an interdimensional portal. They have a rather strange and eccentric appearance, with their long blond hair and ample bellies, and have a fondness of wearing gold necklums and bracelets. They enjoy music and dance, and are known to host large concerts on the seaside for sailors.

Faction Name: The Atlanteans[edit source]

The Atlantean faction is a group of human exiles who once inhabited the now-submerged city of Atlantis. You can recognize an Atlantean by their dark skin and curly black hair. They are taller and more muscular than a normal human being, standing at about 2 meters. They usually fight with fierce determination, and can be found working as mercenaries, bodyguards or even pirates. They do not often interact with other factions, but you never know when you'll bump into one on the battlefield.

Faction Name: The Children of Tor[edit source]

The Children of Tor is the faction of an obscure religion that worships the god of shadows. It consists of a group of humans that can be distinguished easily by their pale skin and black hair, which are otherwise sparse and fine. They tend to be of military age, and serve the King in his wars. They believe that the god of Shadows will one day return, and when he does, it will be to retake the world from the non-shadow people to give it back to the shadows. This day is known as the Deluge, and it is near. They are fiercely loyal to the kingdom, and the goal of destroying the other civilizations. There are rumors of a shadow-only city, but nothing is certain.

Faction Name: The Abyssal incognita[edit source]

The demonic species that dwell in the darkness of the waters. They are an unnatural race that have seceded from the heavens and their masters' rule. They are known for their unholy rituals, dark magic, and devotion to enslaving all those who aren't of their kind. They often launch raids against the lands from their underwater kingdoms.

Faction Name: The Deepkin[edit source]

The Deepkin are a race of fish-folk with a taste for blood and a taste for darkness. They were once a peaceful race that lived in harmony with the sea and each other. A sudden rise in requests from other kingdoms to tap into the bountiful waters of the Dark Waters resulted in territorial disputes, which quickly escalated. The Deepkin were unprepared for the naval war that followed. Although the Deep King manages to retain control over his territory, the casualties are high, and many of those who survive are forever changed by the experience. After the war, the remaining Deep King and his advisors realized that the kingdom had to become more efficient if it wished to survive. The land had been ravaged by the conflict and many of its resources depleted. To remedy this, the Deep King ordered his people to begin living in underwater kingdoms. To counter this, the other lands have developed more advanced ships powered by steam and electricity, which can easily navigate the waters. These new inventions also enable the launching of airships, which patrol the skies.

Faction Name: The Ormlor[edit source]

The Ormlor are a tribe of small, furry people who live in the mountains. They have natural magic abilities, including the ability to cast minor spells. They tend to be very reclusive, living in the mountains in small groups of around 10-25 people, generally avoiding larger cities and towns. They use traditional methods of long-distance communication; temporary tattoos that give the tattooed person's message a minor magical effect. These messages generally consist of tiny symbols formed from two fingers, representing the noise or words of the Ormlor's language. They also carve them into rock faces to leave for others to read when they are absent.

Faction Name: The Stormcrows[edit source]

The Stormcrows are a large tribe of nomadic warriors found in the grassland and savannah areas of the continent. Their name comes from their fierce warrior culture, where the men go to war and the women raise children and keep the tribe running. They tend to live in isolated groups of fifty to a hundred, generally consisting of families and extended family units. Their warriors consist of a core group of fifteen or so, who train constantly and fight many times a week, with the others serving as Hunters, Workers and Medics.

Faction Name: The delightful elves[edit source]

The Delightful Elves are a peaceful, yet decadent people. They have a long tradition of creating exquisite objects and works of art. They are also known to have an extensive sex industry, in which they engage in various sexual activities with one another and with travelers passing through. The elves consider their sex industry to be a source of humor and entertainment. It is not uncommon to see dwarves, humans and other races engage in sexual activity with elves, or being offered for consumption in a brothel. These races are known as "sex partners." Elves consider a sex partner to be any race that has had sex with an elf, regardless of whether that person remains part of the sex industry or not. The best known elf in this city is probably Dasha. Dasha is a well known elf entertainer, and was the winner of the "elves VS dwarves" battle of the bars competition. The contest was to entertain the old king, who was bored and looking to have a good time. The dwarves had the home-court advantage, but the elves engaged in several risky strategies that led to them winning. Dasha is currently in Everyman's third, performing two shows a night. During the day she is reserved for private parties and events. Delightful elves live in a large number of tree houses and smaller wooden buildings. They are a very practical people. Their large and expertly designed tree houses serve as their homes, as well as an escape route in the event of an attack.

Faction Name: Fallen angels[edit source]

The fallen angels were cast out of heaven for their arrogance and rebellion. With no where to go, they were cast into the depths of hell, but some managed to secede from there and land on earth. Although many of them were weakened and clawed apart by the demons, those that survived set up a home in various parts of the world, managing to open portals to hell where they can return to their former glory. Very cunning and convincing.

Faction Name: Demons[edit source]

Demons are creatures from hell. They are usually chaotic evil. They are worshipers of evil, and like to torture and torment the living. They like to invade our world through portals created by mages, although some can also enter unannounced. They are constantly trying to conquer the world. They are quite violent.

Faction Name: Tawaret[edit source]

The goat-gazers are a nomadic tribe of giants that literally live in a giant circle made of stone. They are very old, as they are known to have been around before humans did. They are also known as being very wise, and have amazing memories. The have leathery skin, long beards, and eat rocks and dirt. They can digest anything, including metal, as shown when they ate some of your sword blades.