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Location Name: Compugnome[edit source]

Compugnome is a massive city built underground. The entrance is on the east side of the city, and is heavily guarded. A huge run-down area known as the Undercity extends beneath Compugnome, and is home to millions of hobgoblins. Most of the buildings in the city are constructed from stone, but it also has many wooden buildings, due to the large number of carpenters that have emigrated from the Empire to work on construction projects in Compugnome. Compugnome is ruled by the gnome king, Tomaso, and his council of advisors. The gnomes oversee several mines, which provide much of the wealth of Compugnome. The gnomes also have a monopoly over the computer technology in the city, and are allowed to access vast databanks of information. It is said that the gnomes of Compugnome have emigrated from many other cities, due to a complete rejection of the ideas of freedom and democracy. Compugnome is the last major bastion of the gnomes in the Empire, and reports indicate that they are actively attempting to spread their ideas of mathematical supremacy to all other races. Reports also indicate that the gnomes of Compugnome are attempting to construct a portal to their underground city, so that they may one day conquer the world.

Location Name: Floating Tower[edit source]

The Floating Tower is a large tower which hovers about ten feet above the surface of the lake. It has no discernible doors, windows, or other means of entry. It is made of a light material, perhaps glass. There is a small dock jutting out from the shore of the lake, but it is impossible to board the tower from this side. The tower was discovered in the middle of the lake some time ago. The first expedition that tried to enter into the tower failed, as did the next, they never returned. Now, the tower hovers over the lake, and no one dares to enter it. Many people are convinced that if one tries to enter into the tower, they will not return.

Location Name: Nalin[edit source]

A land of rolling hills, groves of ancient trees and wide rivers. Nalin is known for its tolerance of all manner of different life, from halflings to elves to humans, and has an equally diverse set of societies. The arctic region of Nalin is particularly lush, with endless fields of snow-white flowers. The land is currently ruled by a republic, and the capital is the city of Lenet. Many travelers pass through Lenet on their way to or from the east. The people of Nalin share a fierce loyalty to their homelands, even if they haven't always been loyal to one another. It is for this reason that the average citizen distrusts the military presence in Nalin. The Nalin Republic has always been a hotbed of dissent, with soldiers and citizens criticizing their government at every turn. The republic is bolstered by a large amount of non-citizens from all over the world; students and other types of immigrants.

Location Name: Streumom[edit source]

The area around the city of Streumom is prone to earthquakes and other types of natural calamities. It is inhabited by tribes of man-eating beasts, who sometimes go on rampages during earthquakes. To this day, no one knows why these beasts target humans, whom they catch unawares, but there is little that can be done to defend against them. Streumom is known to be the origin of several Embur, creatures that are more or less the physical embodiment of the natural disaster that occurs there, and it is possibly the most dangerous place in the world. Due to its dangers, the military has kept a tight grip on the area, and anyone wishing to enter Streumom must go through a lengthy process to prove their worth.

Location Name: Beusale rainforest[edit source]

The Beusale rainforest is an area located in the shadow of the eastern mountains. It is a temperate rainforest that receives a great deal of rainfall during the year. The forest is home to several animal and plant species that do not normally live in this region. The trees are known to reach heights of over sixty feet, making it one of the largest intact rainforests in the world. The area is filled with danger, especially due to the large number of manticores and chimeras sightings that have been reported in the area. It is strongly advised that adventurers do not approach this area.

Location Name: The Evergreen forest of Rynum[edit source]

The Evergreen forest of Rynum is a large, prominent forest that straddles the border between the city-states of Regnik and Arrorn. It is a popular spot for Regnik citizens to go hunting for food, and it is also a popular spot to go for solitude and escape. It is known to be home to a wide variety of animals and plants. Many rare and unusual plants and animals have been found in the forest, some of which can only be found rarely in other parts of the continent. Several types of large predatory beasts roam the forest, both on foot and from horseback. Most notably however are the elves. While the forest does contain several elven habitations and villages, the elves tend to keep to themselves and see outsiders as a possible threat. Fortunately, they have not yet launched any aggressive attacks on people outside their villages. The forest is also a favored place for elven assassins to hide and launch attacks on people.

Location Name: The village of Samsam[edit source]

The village of Samsam is home to several races and tribes. Most notably, it is home to the Samsamy tribe, a large nomadic tribe of desert-dwelling feline nomads. Samsam is located in a massive oasis in the middle of the desert. The oasis is fed by an underground river that flows from the nearby mountains. The oasis is surrounded by a large dry desert, and other than the oasis, there is no vegetation for miles. The Samsamy are a warrior-oriented people, and it is not uncommon to see the men carrying large blades and the women carrying small bows. They value honor and face-saving macho posturing, so the men generally browbeat the women and children, and the women generally dismiss the men as mindless brutes to be subservient to other men. They are a proud people though. They will generally ignore the degrading insults and think of the insult as an example of their manhood. They don't have many possessions save for what they need to stay alive, so when one loses something of value, it's gone forever. The village is a popular location for gladiators to be trained. There are several large arenas, where hordes of barbaric beasts and equally barbaric men fight to the death for the entertainment of the populace. There's also a prison where captured criminals fight to the death for the same entertainment. The prisons are usually over-run by mutant animals, which are more willing to kill the prisoners than the guards. Most of the time the guards just stand around watching the prisoners get eaten, which is all in a day's work for them.

Location Name: The city-state of Regnik[edit source]

Regnik is a large, prosperous city-state on the southern end of the continent. It is currently at war with the city-state of Arrorn to its north, although the exact reasons for the war are unknown. It is also Regnik's policy to not acknowledge the presence of neighboring city-states such as Dalt, although the occasional gift or tribute is always accepted. The city is well defended and contains a large population. Due to its location and large population, it has become a hub for trade on the continent. It contains many shops and areas where mercenaries can work for the government. It also contains several brothels, gambling halls, and other types of entertainment for the less virtuous inhabitants of the city.

The government of Regnik is a theocracy. The city is run by a high priest and a senate of religious leaders. The senate's most important duty is to vote on strategies for the war with Arrorn. Other tasks include establishing and overseeing all other major domestic and foreign policy, declaring war, treaty negotiation with other city-states, and anything else the high priest deems important. The senate also includes several other important positions, such as the military commander, the head of intelligence and various other internal security functions, the head of health and nutrition, the head of education, and many others. Depending on the importance of the position, the senator may be in charge of several other officials. The rest of the officials are there to assist the senators. The religion of Regnik is based on Modny, the warrior god. Each citizen is expected to serve in the military when possible and to worship very zealously. The most important faith is to ensure the survival of the nation. There is no greater sin than to allow the nation to die.

Location Name: Artic forests of Ticing[edit source]

The Artic forests are home to large numbers of magical ice beasts, bears, the more common reindeer and the rarer herds of wolverine. There are also many tribes of ogres and trolls that pitch their tents there, in addition to the nomadic river elves. It is known to freeze over in some areas, though this is not constant. There is a light snowfall during the winter.

Location name: Salzburg province[edit source]

The province of Salzburg is located in the extreme southeast of the kingdom, on the border with the Brot Kingdom. It is a series of hills, plains, and forests. The most remarkable aspect of the province is the great amount of magic that is present. Midsummer sunlight is often refracted by the many crystals in the area, giving the hills and plains a glimmer in the eye when viewed at dawn or dusk. Many of the forests have a blue tint at night. The refraction of light gives the entire landscape a magical feeling. Several small rivers run through the province, with extensive forests lining its banks. There are many animals in the forests, from red deer and wild boar to the most elusive elves. The rivers are home to many species of fish and are also popular places to settle due to their excellent fishing grounds. The province is currently experiencing a population explosion, with the emergence of several new towns and cities.

Location Name: The Wolf Stronghold[edit source]

The Wolf Stronghold is a large cave complex in the Brot Mountains, with several miles of tunnels. The main "village" is in a large cave, with several smaller caves extending out from it. Defensive ditches run outside of these caves, angling inward to make a "corset" around the larger cave. The ditches are filled with water, and are used to cut off any attackers from getting in, and are also useful for slowing an enemy down. The hills surrounding the cave have been deforested to provide firewood for the lupine inhabitants. Several large tents have been erected outside the cave, where the more important members of the pack live. The wolf pack consists of a number of family units, with adults and young ranging in age from about three years to pups still nursing at their mothers' breasts. Female wolves are much larger than the males, with the largest wolves belonging to the matriarch of the pack. Hunting is conducted primarily by scent, sound and touch, with the most skilled hunters using sight as well. Although many in the wolf pack are nomadic, some have chosen to make their home in the Stronghold. These are the Shamans, the most skilled of the pack and those who have proven most worthy.

Location Name: Thonild[edit source]

Thonild is a small village that was completely destroyed by giant attacks a few years ago. It has yet to recover. Fortunately, it is not likely to be a recurring problem, as the giant tribes of the northern mountains have been waging a vicious war with each other since the village was destroyed. Since the giants have been focused on killing each other, it's unlikely they'll be attacking any tiny villages in the near future.

Location Name: Abib[edit source]

Abib is a bankrupt village that was rendered completely penniless by a series of bad harvests and failed gambles. Since then, the village has been slowly perishing. The mayor of the village, Kary Calwin, is a greedy woman who was recently imprisoned for embezzling money from the village. As her cell was too small for her to run the village from inside, the village was left bankrupt and the guard was withdrawn. This has allowed brigands to flourish, who loot the village at will. The people of the village are not happy about this, and demand that their guard be reinstated.

Location Name: Thorn scrub of Niruhe[edit source]

The Thorn scrub of Niruhe is a desert with several thorn bushes that stand out due to their size and length. Their spines are sharp enough to draw blood if the bush is touched, though bruises and deeper wounds can be caused by them. These bushes are more common in the northern region of the desert. The desert is one of the few relatively natural things left in the Land of the Five Cities. It stretches from the southern seas to just north of the citystate of Dalt. The only other natural things of note are the immense mountains that separate the five cities from each other, and the underground rivers that flow from them.

Location Name: Woodland of Polatha[edit source]

The Woodland of Polatha is a large forest region in the south of Quala. It is one of the few remaining bastions of the ancient elves. The region is run by Queen Sama Blackbriar, who is one of the last of the elves to still make use of traditional elven magic. The region also contains a small settlement of wood elves. The elves of the region are known to be fiercely independent, and do not recognize the rule of Quala over the elves, claiming that the Empire has no business in their territory. In addition to elves, the forest is also home to various animals such as ogres, treants and minotaurs. The region has a reputation for banditry and very little law enforcement, however this is not entirely true. Imperial patrols routinely patrol the region, and have made a lot of progress in eliminating the banditry problem. The wood elves who live there have been helpful in this endeavor, particularly when it comes to informing on the various greenskin raids that pass through the area.

Location Name: Quala Freelands[edit source]

The Quala Freelands are the portion of Quala outside of the control of the Empire, or any other nation. The region is home to several warring states, all fighting for control of the Quala Freelands. The area has a very rough reputation and lawlessness is common. However, the region is not quite as chaotic as it may seem. The independent state of Cikoni is one of the few that has managed to maintain some sort of order. Cikoni is run by a council of officials headed by a Consul. The council keeps the region from descending into complete mayhem. The other states in Quala Freelands are similar in their organization scheme. There is a Governor that rules the state in place of a single leader, and a hierarchy of officials below them. There's usually a sizable population of mercenaries and bandits that make their homes in these states. You've occasionally wondered if these freelancers wouldn't be better off under Ackkel or Zalan command, but the system seems to be working. At least until someone manages to seize power.

Location Name: Yriso Savanna[edit source]

The Yriso Savanna is a large area of flat, grassy land in the southernmost part of the continent. It is home to several nomadic tribes, including the native lizardfolk. It is also known for being a safe haven for various types of wildlife, many of which are hunted for their bounties or rare parts. The Yriso Savanna contains a wealth of life, both plant and animal, that is specifically adapted to the conditions of a Savanna.

Location Name: Gorgok's Valley[edit source]

Gorgok's Valley is a large, secluded valley in the northern part of the desert. It is inhabited by a tribe of ogres that have lived there since the days of the Empire. The valley is home to two large rivers, the Gorgok and the Kor River, which bisect the valley. The Kor River originates in the Kor Highlands, a large area of hilly land to the north of the valley.

Location Name: Kor Highland[edit source]

The Kor Highlands is a large area of hilly land to the north of Gorgok's Valley. It is home to many beastmen, though some human communities exist there as well. At its south-western base is the foothills of the Rivos Mountains. The sea is a days ride to the west, the Yriso Savanna is a weeks ride to the south, and the Sotakian city-state of Gloom is a few hours to the east.

Location Name: Sotakian domains[edit source]

The Sotakian domains are the area of land under the rule of the Sotakians. The land is a harsh, unchanging desert, broken only by the lizards' cities, which dot the landscape.

Location Name: Worthere temperate grassland[edit source]

Worthere is a large, peaceful region of grasslands in the center of the continent. Lush green fields surround the simple wooden villages. There is very little in the way of industry; the most notable exception are windmills in region, which is a well known local business. The villages are small, and most of the inhabitants are farmers. There are miles and miles of grasslands broken only by the occasional mountain range.

The most prominent feature of region is the Redridge Pass. A great canyon runs through the heart of the region, separating the fertile grasslands from a rocky desert. An ancient river runs through the canyon, but it is an unmapped secret where the river begins and ends. The canyon also leads to a wide range of other villages, small towns and large cities. The Redridge Pass leads to several cities on the other side of the continent.

Location Name: The city of Dessle[edit source]

Dessle, in its entirety, is comprised of four districts. The palace district, where the royal family lives and reigns from. The merchant district, filled with markets and shops. The military district, where the army is kept and the military functions. The fourth district, the poorest and least important, is home to workers and peasants. The palace district is comprised of several areas. The palace, where the king and queen reside. The guest quarters, where visiting royals and other nobility stay. The armory, where the best weapons are kept safe. An underground bunker, which is an important military location. The treasury, which holds valuable items and holdings. A prison, in which dangerous criminals are kept. The merchant district is primarily comprised of two areas. The business district, filled with shops and inns. The residential district, where the merchants and other wealthy individuals live. The military district houses the barracks for the royal soldiers. However, the military is not the largest employer in Dessle. That honor goes to the university.

Location Name: University of Dessle[edit source]

The university of Dessle is a place of higher learning. It is the home of the Desslous, a race of beings who can take different forms when they learn how. They are known for their wisdom and great magic power. The university is filled with magic users of all types, doing research and teaching. It is also filled with students, both experienced and inexperienced, from all over the multiverse. The university campus is huge, occupying several square miles of land in the heart of the city. There are many buildings, of which only a few are currently in use. There is a huge collection of ancient, magical tomes. The campus also includes a wide range of animals and plants, which act as guards, messengers and teachers. The garden is the race's version of magic, and it teaches and provides for the mages.

There is a prominent industry on campus as well. The mages of the university are a powerful lot, and due to this fact there is a black market in magic on campus. This black market is primarily located in the military barracks, as the only standing military buildings on campus are needed to guard against inter-dimensional threats and invasion.

The tower of the void is home to the heads of the university. It is a very secure building, with several entrances and security systems, but it still manages to be elegant and prestigious.

The tower is home to many important mages, both living and dead, and powerful magic items. There is a tomb of strange, unknown creatures, including a single shambling mound. There are several powerful wazias, ancient weapons that could slay any foe with the lightest touch. There is also the runefinder's home, where the runefinder is a figure of mystery and intrigue.

The military barracks contains the king's military forces, the royal guard and all other soldiers stationed on campus. There is also an armory for the best weapons and armor. The university hospital is located here. The merchant's quarter in the university is an area of dormitories, student housing, and several small businesses. There is some manufacturing here, but it is mainly residential. There are several taverns and inns in this quarter. The magic college is the place where all magic-based learning occurs. There are several dormitories, classrooms and research facilities located here. The lightning tree grove is a lush, forested area on campus where the lightning tree thrives. It is a popular place for students to meet and study. The graveyard of mages is an area of the campus where many mages have been buried. There is a mausoleum of great importance there as well.

The statue garden is a small garden of sculptures, all depicting important people in your journey's past.

Finally, the statue courtyard holds a massive statue of an eternal sitting with his legs crossed. The eternal is your ancestor Gorgutz, founder and first dean of the university. He wears an ornate robe, and is holding a set of bones in his hand. Fenced off from the statue are a small zoo, which houses a diverse assortment of animals, including several species of undead.

Location Name: Alpine grasslands of Dra-sayad[edit source]

Dra-sayad is not one, but several mountain ranges located in the continent of Sadest. These mountain ranges run parallel to one another and are full of complex and treacherous terrain. From a bird's eye view, the mountain ranges resemble the teeth of a saw, with the valleys in between consisting of jagged rock. Mountain sheep, brown bears and snow leopards call the alpine grasslands their home. The fierce fyrdgi live in the remote, more rugged areas of the mountains. The harsh climate and topographical features have shaped the different creatures that live in the range. The only inhabitants of vastly different nature that do not live in the mountains are the halflings, who live in a forest further to the southwest.

Location Name: Tundra of Esttor[edit source]

The Tundra of Esttor is a large region situated in the far north of the continent of Evigrus. Most of the region is covered by a permanent ice sheet, though the center consists a semi-arid desert known as the Thirsty Dunes, which is surrounded by a chain of small mountain ranges. The region is mostly devoid of inhabitants, though several nomadic tribes make their homes in the mountain ranges. The major power in the region is the Northern Tribes of Esttor, a loose confederation of several barbarian tribes. The region is currently undergoing social and political strife, brought about by the increasing power of the Northern Tribes' Chieftain, Rankal.

Location Name: Mount Auvhus[edit source]

The Auvhus Mountains lie to the far north of the Evigrus Kingdom. They are a series of steep, rocky peaks that reach upwards to the sky. The peaks are covered in snow almost year-round, and numerous glaciers hang off of them. Even in the middle of the summer, the frigid temperatures can cause frost to form on the peaks overnight. The mountains are inhabited by a race of magic-using humanlike creatures known as the Auvhus. For generations, the Auvhus have lived in peace with the other species. However, recent events have caused the Auvhus to become increasingly isolationist and militant, tensions are rising in the mountains.

Location Name: Zamra[edit source]

Zamra is a huge country which lies to the east of Nalin. It consists of many different landscapes. The most notable of these being the Cape Claw Archipelago, a group of islands off the southern coast of the continent, and the Bright Desert, a stretch of land that lies to the east of the Cape Claw Islands. The Cape Claw Archipelago is known for its very dangerous islands, ghosts and all manner of otherworldly creatures. The Bright Desert is known for its great sandstorms that can reduce a man to dust in a single day. It is also the home of the notorious bandit group, the 'Slither brothers', three svelk brothers who rule over a band of raiders known as the 'Tin Snakes'. Zamra is also home to the Zalan Empire, a nation that holds a proud history. The first known human settlement in the area was established by the Empire many centuries ago. The Empire has its roots in the oldest forms of government known, but it has evolved into a modern state. The current capital is a massive city known as New Kalaman. The Zalan Empire occupies most of the southern half of the continent. The only three regions that it does not control are the Nalin Kingdom, a small nation which lies to the west of Zalan territory, a vast forest to the east known as the Roam Jungle and lastly, the Cape Claw islands, which are run by small bands of pirates and ex-freedom fighters as a haven for those who long for the days of freedom lost.

Location Name: Temperate desert of Agerod[edit source]

The desert of Agerod is a harsh environment. Many creatures live in the desert, including giant lizards and snakes as big as small trees. In the desert, you're either bitten by a snake or you get shot in the head by one of the many lizard tribes that live there. It is also very cold at night. The only plants that grow in this environment are tiny blue flowers that have a tendency to blow away in the wind. There are metal birds and giraffes made of sand.

Location Name: The Troll's Breath[edit source]

The Troll's Breath is a pirate hideout in the southern coast of the continent of Haven. The pirates here are a cutthroat bunch, and they will use any means to achieve victory. They have a fascination with giants, and in particular the long dead giant king, Golgor. Their leader, Goliath, has a pet giant, who he uses to dig tunnels into the center of the island. These tunnels lead to a huge underground fortress where the pirates dwell. The pirates also have working relationships with several nameless giants who live on the mainland.

Location Name: The Usksha Desert[edit source]

The Usksha Desert is a dangerous place. Beduin tribes fight for the diminishing resources in the desert, which are slowly being replaced by the rising tide of the ocean. These resources consist of freshwater, which are essential for any nomadic creature to survive, and caravans, which are large groups of merchants traveling through the desert with valuable goods. The desert is also infested with bandits of various stripes, including the infamous "Sand People", who have taken to ambushing passing caravans. Also lurking in the desert are the denizens of the Usksha Kingdom. They survive through battle and raiding. The Usksha themselves have an extensive system of honor that has been handed down for centuries. These customs include stylized combat techniques using spears, swords, bows, and music. Their music is an orchestra of stringed instruments, including the oud, lute, mandolin and vocals.

Location Name: Coral Reef of Perque[edit source]

The coral reef off the coast of Perque is home to a large diversity of aquatic life. The royal navy has stationed one ship off the coast to patrol the waters and prevent illegal pearling. Unlawful pearling is the main source of illegal trade in the kingdom, and the pirates who engage in it do so using a small ship that only holds about a dozen people. The pirates then travel north along the coast to drop anchor at the reef, where they escape on foot and walk onto the ships waiting off shore. The pirates then flee to pre-arranged drop off points in Quala or Arat, and the ships escape back to their base in some unlisted place in Stratem. The pirates are led by the notorious Captain Anu, a vicious and ruthless individual who is known to burn villages to the ground if anyone even looks at him funny.

Location Name: The City of Nakol[edit source]

The city of Nakol is the capital of the Nakol Kingdom. The city is a large bustling metropolis with many buildings of ancient design. The city was once part of a great kingdom that stretched far into Quala, but has since been reduced to a state of minor importance. The people of Nakol are generally poor, but are fiercely independent minded. The city's milita is run by a group of inefficient politicians, leading to large-scale corruption. Crime is rampant, but the police force is very ineffective. The most notorious feature of the city is the the illegal gladiatorial games that take place in a large stadium. The games are illegal for a wide variety of reasons, but the most notable reason is that the games were banned during the time of the former king. These games are run by a group of criminals calling themselves the Eternal Dominion, and are attended by large crowds of people of all ages.

Location Name: Resica bog[edit source]

The Resica Bog is a large, shallow lake that lies to the east of Camnish. It is the breeding ground for many types of insects, including the powerful mantis. The mantis are killed during the construction of the Camnish Arena. The lake is fed by the larger rivers to the east, and has a mild climate, never freezing solid even in winter.

Location Name: Camnish[edit source]

Camnish is a large city situated on the banks of a massive swamp, the Camnish Marshes. The city is made up of three distinct areas, the Old Quarter, the New Quarter, and the Arena. The Old Quarter is home to the poor quarters, which are divided by the massive city walls. The New Quarter contains the well-kept villas of the more affluent citizens. The western side of the city is made up of the arena, where criminals are brought to be executed for the amusement of the crowds. The eastern side of the city is home to the university and the homes of the wealthy.

Location Name: The College of Alexandria[edit source]

The College of Alexandria is a large, four-story building made entirely of marble. It was constructed during the reign of the first emperor, and has been the center of education for the nation ever since. There is a statue of him in the center of the campus, holding a diploma and flanked by a male and female figure representing history and the arts, respectively. The statue is one of the most famous in the nation, and is the first thing any visitor to the college sees. The campus is large, and is made up of several buildings representing the four colleges of the university: Academy of Alexandria: The home of the professors and staff who train the future magicians of the nation. College of Alexandria: The college that focuses on the sciences, law, medicine, and other fields of human knowledge. Magical College of Alexandria: The college that primarily trains mages for the government and private organizations. It also has a minor magical weapons factory. Sophia University: The newest college, it is the only all-female school in the nation.

Location Name: The Camnish Military[edit source]

The Camnish military is a large group of men and women that serve to protect the citizens of Camnish from foreign threats, as well as maintain order within the nation. The military is a combination of regular soldiers, as well as wizards and other mages who serve to maintain the safety of the kingdom. The military has been gradually replacing traditional weapons with magic-based alternatives. Swords are still used in combat, but daggers, bows and other weapons have been completely replaced by magic. This allows for a large amount of soldiers to be equipped with magic-based weapons, allowing the military to have a very effective fighting force without taking up as much funding as a force purely made up of mages would. The military is headed by a general whose main job is to keep the military running efficiently and to make sure the mages are being trained and equipped correctly. The military is based out of a large city known as Lenet. It is where most of the military is trained, and also houses a large number of mages who are being trained to provide the military with their magic-based weapons.

Location Name: Tropical fresh-water swamp forest of Osn[edit source]

The Tropical fresh-water swamp forest of Osl is a large area covering several miles of swampy land. It is host to several plant and animal species that do not occur in other parts of the continent. It is bordered by the saline desert of Entek to the west and the heavily forested hills and mountains of Delergin to the south.

The area is known to be a haven for various types of poachers. The most common of these is the large group of hunters that hunt the Slinest, a race of griffin-like creatures, but with peculiar features, and the Glipchei, a race of bizarre, horse-like chimeric creatures. There are rumors that a less traditional poacher also inhabits the forest, but none of the hunters will tell you who this person is, as they all fear him or her. The forest is also known to be the hiding place of various thieves and mercenaries, waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Location Name: Mangrove swamps of Lertin[edit source]

The Mangrove swamps of Lertin is a vast area of shallow waters and long mangroves. The water is brackish, but many creatures inhabit it. The most notorious of these is the baluc. The balucs are a lizardfolk tribe that live throughout the swamps. They are known to be aggressive and treacherous. Their largest village is located in the heart of the swamps. They mainly use their swamps as a clearing center for hunting and fishing, but many jewel heists and other crimes take place at the village. The swamps are also the home of the Banev. These are a race of small humanoids with a snakelike appearance and two large horns on their heads. They have four arms and stand only about three feet tall. They are a peaceful race, but many adventurers have been lost to them in the past after getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. They have no king or leader. Instead, they have a council of mothers that act as politicians. The swamps are also home to the kobold. This reptilian race primarily resides in the deeper swamps, although small communities exist along the coast and in the mangrove clearing. They are a territorial race and are always looking to expand. Conflicts with the baluc are not uncommon, although they maintain a good relationship with the rest of the swamp races. The kobold have no formal leader. Instead, the various families, resolve conflicts through diplomacy and combat. Families are organized by size, with the largest families forming the biggest houses. The smallest families are farmed by the largest houses.

Location Name: The Salt Marshes of Rilenth[edit source]

The marshes surrounding the city of Rilenth are known to contain a large amount of salt. Very few humans live in Rilenth, as it is generally reserved for the elven population. The elven inhabitants are skilled in the art of illusion, and can transform themselves into birds. There are no known settlements of humans within the marshes. The only notable feature is a large castle known as Castle Oren. It is the home of Baron Hirsch Oren, one of the few elven aristocrats in the city. It is defended by an army of golems, and it's generally regarded as one of the strongest defenses in the city.

Location Name: The wonder of Ux[edit source]

The wonder of Ux is a massive structure located in the desert of Ux. It was constructed by the long-dead Uxians, and contains a massive amount of ancient technology. It is much more advanced than anything known today, making it almost impossible to operate. A single operator is needed to pilot the machine, and it can be Directional. It can fire powerful blasts of electricity, fireballs, poison gas, and much more. There is little doubt that it could destroy an entire army by itself. It also has the ability to fire a beam of concussive energy, knocking people down to give them a mild headache. The wonder of Ux is so advanced that it has one major flaw: it is extremely complex. It requires an advanced degree to safely operate it. Thus, it has never been used for military purposes.

Location Name: The City of Kelium[edit source]

The City of Kelium is a sprawling metropolis situated in the southern desert. It is the capital of the Empire. The desert nomads who live in the area often times raid the city, due to its large amount of unprotected targets, but the military force there keeps them in check. The current ruler, Emperor Poggle the Lesser, has not made many advancements in technology. He has instead focused on the well being of his people. He provides food, water, and homes to all citizens, as well as an extensive social services system. He also keeps the standard of living high. His military force consists mainly of tanks, which the Empire developed in their factory in the city. They also created giant humanoid combat robots, or 'Goliaths', for their military. The Goliaths are extremely effective in battle, and have only gotten more advanced since their inception. The most important improvement was the addition of a giant external platform, from which the machine can fire ranged weaponry. This platform can also act as a place for the operator to hide and snipe. In the past decades, the desert has become much less of a threat. The easy availability of gasoline and other forms of transportation made the camels and other forms of transport unnecessary. The nomads were also dealt a heavy blow when Ol' Snout the Destroyer killed him in battle and took his territory. He was a mighty beast, and it is unlikely that any successor will be able to restore the position of the Ugly Son of Sam. The only remaining threats are the Enclave and the Lost Tribe, both of which have been dealt a heavy blow as well. Only time will tell if the south will be tamed.

Location Name: The Lost Tribe[edit source]

The Lost Tribe is a mysterious group of people living in the arctic. They base themselves in an abandoned mining camp in the frozen tundra. They are led by an enigmatic figure known as 'Father'. From what has been gathered, the Lost Tribe is an isolated group of people. They have a very different way of life to the people of Ux. They do not use currency, for example. Instead, they give goods and services in the form of 'gifts'. It is believed that the tribe came to be in the arctic after an ancient underground civilization collapsed there due to global warming. The Lost Tribe's main mode of transport is aeroplanes, which are rare due to the cold weather making them unable to take off. The tribe is also known to have access to a powerful airship, the 'Battleship Goliath', which was once pursued by an airship from the Empire. The Empire airship's nose blew off during the pursuit, causing it to crash into the tundra, where it was soon destroyed by the effects of the cold.

Location Name: Sunken city of Tuhs[edit source]

The sunken city of Tuhs is a large sea city that was destroyed by an unknown event. It was the largest city on the continent, and its disappearance was a great mystery. The entire city is submerged underwater, and only the highest buildings can be seen. A large section of the city has crumbled away, exposing the intricate architecture that lies underneath. The rest of the city is filled with water, although a large portion of it has dried up and preserved the city intact. A large plateau that sits beneath the city can only be accessed by diving underwater and swimming through a series of small flooded corridors. It is unknown what caused the city to sink, although many have theorized. One theory suggests that it was a massive explosion that turned the city into an underwater ruin. Another theory suggests that an event similar to the one that destroyed Sodran, occurred, although on a much larger scale. The only certainty is that the city was completely submerged underwater, and all of its citizens were killed. It is perhaps appropriate that the city has become a forgotten place, as it lies on the border between the living and the dead. A local necromancer, by the name of Draven, has made his home here. He is known to conduct experiments on the city's inhabitants, in an attempt to turn them into undead thralls. To get to Tuhs, one must dive underwater and swim in a particular direction. If you keep swimming, you'll eventually reach a large plateau that resembles a construction site. From there, it's fairly simple to find the ruins.

Location Name: Jungle of Claws[edit source]

The Jungle of Claws is a large jungle located far to the east of the known continent. It is inhabited by fierce warrior tribes that fight with deadly poisons using polearms, light armor and a variety of daggers. At least one tribe has been known to use firearms. There is no record of any other intelligent races inhabiting this land, although there is evidence of beasts prowling through the forest that are larger than any known animal on the continent.

Location Name: Lost island of Leshan[edit source]

The lost island of Leshan is a small landmass found far to the east of the known continent. It has a very low population density, and is filled with strange examples of technology from another age. Many bizarre gadgets have been found there, from mechanical dragons to humanoid robots. The island is inhabited by a strange race of people who are almost 7 feet tall with pale white skin. They have large black eyes, and generally look like they are perpetually startled. Surprisingly, they are friendly towards explorers and visitors to the island.

Location Name: Abandoned airship The Storm[edit source]

The airship The Storm is an old generation ship, and as a result it only carries a small crew to operate it. As such, it carries spare engineers who are not on duty at the moment. The airship is known to carry at least one doctor and a handful of soldiers, although it's possible more are on board.

Location Name: Lost city of Thonburi[edit source]

The city of Thonburi is situated in a large, shallow lake, and as a result has a large population of waterbreathing tribals. The city is known to be the home of the red perch tribe.

Location Name: The Cloudsend Mines[edit source]

The mines of the Cloudsend are a large, active mine situated in a mountain. The mine is filled with dangerous gases, wild animals and worse. The population of the mines are the Cloud Send work crews, all of whom are experienced and very skilled at their job.

Location Name: The Island of Mortos[edit source]

The island of Mortos, much like its namesake, is known as a sacred place to followers of the dark arts. This includes necromancers, who make up a large contingent of the island's inhabitants. The necromancers of Mortos are known to perform experiments on the island, looking for ways to extend life, or to raise the dead. Necromancers from all over the world visit the island, and it is here that plans to construct a permanent branch of the Necromantic College are currently being made.

Location Name: The Storm Keep[edit source]

The Storm Keep is the name by which the Airship works is known. It is crewed by a group of many different races, who all serve the Empire for different reasons. It's likely that the airship is capable of going to other places in the world, but it never does, as the crew members prefer to live in their comfortable vessel.

Location Name: The Flame Delve[edit source]

The Flame Delve is the official name of the large mine in which your company has stationed itself. The mine is under the complete control of your company, and it consists of several miles of abused underground tunnels. The mine is inhabited by worker dark elves and a few guards. The dwarves have their own mine just a few miles from the Flame Delve, and so your company generally shares its dwarves with them. The miners of the Flame Delve are an unruly group.

Location Name: The Crucible of Worlds[edit source]

The Crucible of Worlds is a planetouched city, home to the planetouched race known as the Worldbringers. It is the capital of the former Empire of Oren, now known as the World Tree Dominion. The city consists mainly of two sprawling zones, The Hanger and The Hive, which are separated by a security wall. The Hanger is the zone where most citizens work. It consists mainly of factories and craft shops. Certain vehicles, such as war machines or spaceships, are manufactured here. The Hive is where most Worldbringers live and form their government. It consists of giant, towering buildings known as Silos. They are the residences of the Worldbringers, as well as their governmental and bureaucratic buildings. There is one giant Silo for every ten Worldbringers, allowing each to have a minimum of one hundred thousand inhabitants. The entire Silo can beoccupied by the populace. The guards on watch along the wall are always vigilant, and male Worldbringers are required to serve in the military, which consists of all male Worldbringers, at least twenty-four years of age. Females are permitted to serve, but very rarely, and only in administrative or medical roles. The military is divided into several departments:

  • The Department of Air makes sure that all flying creatures are registered and taxed.
  • The Department of Water keeps an eye out for pirates and other evildoers who would attempt to steal water, one of the most precious resources on the planet.
  • The Department of Land and Minerals oversees the gathering of various gemstones, precious metals and other resources needed to fuel the economy.
  • The Department of Public Safety keeps the peace. Its main duty is to ensure the safety of all Worldbringer citizens, and its members are trained to be crack shots. * The Department of Recruitment handles the enlistment and training of new military members.
  • The Department of War is the main military branch of the World Tree Dominion, and its sole purpose is to secure the safety of Worldbringers. It also provides protection for the other departments listed above. The lowest rank among the military is that of private. Soldiers are promoted to corporal, sergeant and eventually captain after years of honorable service. Worldbringer soldiers are assigned by Department of War, and not by any individual, making them unable to resign their position.

Location Name: The Magnificent Mistery of Myx[edit source]

The Myx are a race of beings native to the island of Myx, which lies to the south of the continent of Auvah. The island is covered with jungle, and only a few scattered populated areas, one of which is the city of Myx. A strange, unearthly language is spoken on the island, which can only be heard by those with the ability to hear it. Myx citizens have a reputation for being light-hearted and carefree, but also for revelry, drunkenness and other activities that are frowned upon on other parts of the continent. The Myx are a humanoid race covered with scales that give them a reptilian appearance. They have one slitted eye that functions like a cat's that is white in color, and two normal eyes. There eye slits are placed above their mouths, giving them a snout like a lizard. The Myx have three pairs of arms, though they use only their lower pair for wielding weapons. They also have a pair of legs, though they tend to stand on their tails to conserve their energy. The scales on their bodies varies from individuals: some are almost hairless, while others have very thick, dense fur. The Myx have no genitalia, and instead release their seed into a sac that hangs between their legs. They are known to wear jewelry in this area, which they refer to as a "penis". The Myx have a culture that centers around music. They play a variety of instruments, which they have not written down for other races to know. Any Myx that hears your composition will give you a "reading" of the result, which will be provided after their well known alcoholic drink, the Myxamaze, has taken affect. The Myx have a set of values that they live by. The most important of these is "Kapla", which is roughly translated as "virtues" or "goodness". The Myx do not believe in money, instead they use Kapla points to bet on events. For example, one might bet ten kapla points that you will win an arm-wrestling match. If you do so, they will give you ten points, and you will gain ten points. Another might bet that you will lose an arm-wrestling match, in which case they will lose ten points. Kapla points are awarded for deeds or achieved through other means, such as gambling. When the Myx are composing a story, they begin by getting Kapla points from all the major characters. This is represented by a coin being thrown into the air. The point value of the coin represents how "important" the character is in the story. For example, if the coin lands on heads, they will award the Kapla points to the main character. Tail. Either of the two minor characters, each of whom will receive nine points. After this, other minor characters are introduced, and the coin is tossed to see which ones get nine points. Finally, every other character that appears in the story will be awarded a one point coin. After the story is written down, the Myx read it to see if it is worthwhile to continue or not.

The Myx also have a general dislike of the concept of "runes". Runes are thought to be magic symbols that can cast powerful spells, despite the fact that they are simply made up. This concept can be seen in your own "runes" in the shape of the symbol for the magic missile spell. The Myx will never accept them as a way of payment, and will even attempt to rip them off of you if they think they can get away with it. The Myx value their time more than anything, and will worktrade with you if it benefits them in some way. There are some Myx that live underground, and they always prefer the company of other Myx. They are smaller than their surface dwelling cousins, and tend to have a greenish tint to their scales. They prefer to wear no clothing, and have large wings on their backs that do not seem to be related to flying. The Myx have a few predators such as the Dwarven Sprog, who dig them up and devour them, and the Slaaneeshi worshippers of the Dark Arts, who hunt them for their magical qualities.

Location Name: Love city of Trelik[edit source]

Trelik is a medium-sized city notorious for its brothels. It is situated on the shores of the Sea of Silt, and many races tend to have a presence there. The city is run by a council of five halfbreed Succubi, who rule over it in an intricate system of pecking order. They are the top of the food chain, and as such they enforce their will upon humans, who in turn have to do what the council says. Trelik is known to have one of the most efficient and least corrupt governments in Quala. Because everyone is sexually controlled by the Succubi, there are no personal greed or envy, only lust. Loyalty orgies are programmed on a daily basis and the administration runs smoothly while sex flows all over the city in its multiple love hotels, sex coliseums and brothels. The Love Hotel where the council holds its meetings is quite luxurious. Although the city is run by halfbreeds, the citizens there are actually very proud of it. The main street of Trelik is called the Succubus Street, which is a wide road where all races live side by side in harmony.

Location Name: Baroness island[edit source]

The Baroness island is a small island located not far from the continent. It is made up of a lot of villages, all of which focus on sex trade to some degree. These include brothels, swingers' clubs and gambling spots. The island is controlled by a madam known as "The Baroness" who imposes severe restrictions on the population. Freelance prostitution is illegal, and it is extremely difficult to get a license to open a brothel. Any citizen caught selling sex can be sentenced to death. The island is also the home of a large swingers' community, with a number of swing clubs and resorts.

Location Name: The land of film[edit source]

The sexual ethic in the land is something that has been forgotten about. Sex is no longer considered a sin, and religion no longer plays a major role in most people's lives. It is now the world's largest producer of pornographic films, with several companies specialising in erotica, including Blissfully Sinful Pictures, Sensual Encounters, and Eternal Passion. There is some minor controversy due to the fact that it is believed that the government has a hand in picking which companies get movie deals. A small group of anarchists has formed in response that believe the government should abandon all duties and allow all pornographic films to flood the market. They call themselves "free-marketers". (The rest of the country is too worried about this threat that they allow the government to take complete control of all media. This puts an end to all censorship issues.) The Erotica League, a group of businessmen who have complete control over the media, are also worried about the threat posed by the free-marketers. In response, they have established their main editorial offices in the city of Lourdstone. One of their top editors, Rita Goodfist, has stated that they plan to make Lourdstone the "New Hollysex." Sex is no longer a tool of the devil; it is now something good. Birth control is no longer frowned upon; it is encouraged. Abortion is no longer murder; it is a way of life. Divorce is no longer seen as a betrayal; it is now seen as a sign of weakness. And the government? Well, the government is now just a tool to ensure the continued happiness of the people, and should itself be run in a way that does not upset the people's delicate sexual balances. There is a rebellion brewing in Lourdstone, and it is going to sweep its problems aside. It is currently unknown what will happen in this region.

Location Name: The kingdom of climax[edit source]

The kingdom of climax is a kingdom that holds the sexual promise of release. It is a place where all activities involving the genitalia lead to some form of climax. That may include simple things such as fondling, oral sex, anal sex, and all other activities involving the genitals. In the kingdom of climax, everything is heightened. The senses are stronger and more acute, so that the smallest touch can lead to massive electrical blasts of ecstasy or the sweet whispers of desire. The kingdom is ruled by an Emperor who has multiple forms of sexual prowess. The most common and easiest to achieve is the ability to make any woman climax simply by touching them, which is known as the Emperor's Touch. This is not the only form of the Emperor's sexual prowess, but it is the easiest to achieve and the most common. The second, more difficult to achieve form of the Emperor's sexual prowess is to possess total recall of any experience one has had in their life. This includes all forms of pleasure. The third, extremely rare form of sexual prowess is the ability to control the minds of others. The fourth, almost impossible to achieve, is the ability to grant any wish to another person. The Emperor has only had four of these sexual prowesses, and he has shared them with only a handful of people.

Location Name: Sinkhole[edit source]

Sinkhole is a miserable village built into a limestone sinkhole. The land around it is flat and, if not for the rocky outcroppings, would be wide open to the desert. The only viable settlement in the area, Sinkhole is the only place too which travelers from other areas can travel without a four-day trek. The village itself is nothing impressive. The houses are all made of mud and stone, with palm leaves serving as roofs. There is a large, central town square in the village center, although it regularly gets flooded when it's raining. The entrance to the village is a simple hole in the ground, which goes down more than one level. The bottom level is the entryway, and it's on this level that travelers disembark. The ground level is where the villagers live and do their everyday activities. The second level goes much deeper into the sinkhole, and it's on this level that the limestone caves stretch out, connecting one cave to another. The third level goes even deeper into the limestone, this is where the mines are located. The mines extend out enough that a person could easily step outside and walk around. The people of Sinkhole are simple folk. They maintain the open air shops and work, although the men often work in the mines as well. The people maintain a barter system, exchanging goods and services with each other. They are religious, praying to Garlen. This is done in the form of chanting and songs, which are repeated ad nauseum. Many a traveler passing through the area has complained that the songs are unbearably loud and annoying. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as slavery in Sinkhole. The people are free. The major threats in the area are the Su-monkeys and the Wister Wolves.

Location Name: The Griffin stand[edit source]

The Griffin stand is a series of cliffs south of Sinkhole. The stand consists of three cliffs, which all average around four hundred feet in height. Sometimes, a griffin will stand atop one of the cliffs, surveying the surrounding area. They are a common sight, and most inhabitants of Sinkhole have seen at least one. The griffin is a creature of great beauty. Its gold feathers blend perfectly with the golden sands of the desert, and when it flies, it almost looks as if the very sky and sand are moving. Each of the cliffs is home to a single griffin, and they all share a bond with each other. If one falls in battle, the others will do everything in their power to assist in its survival. If that means moving a rock or two, or even chipping away at the cliff, the rest of the griffin clan will do it.

Location Name: The flooded savanna of Enler[edit source]

The savanna of Enler is a large area in the southern part of the continent. It stretches from the low lying eastern coastline to the edge of the great desert. It is bordered to the east by the Usksha Desert and to the south by the Kalah Desert. The terrain is barren and mostly flat, although it does slope downward in some parts. A large river runs through the middle of the savanna, although it is mostly a dry river bed most of the year. A small village, Dokkrus, is situated on the southern banks of the river. The savanna is currently experiencing an extreme period of rainfall; it started two months ago and there is no end in sight. The river is flooding, and most of the inhabitants of Dokkrus have been evacuated to higher ground.

Location Name: The flooded grassland of Chaest[edit source]

The grassland known as Chaest is one of the least inhabitated parts of the continent. It is a large area where several small grasslands and farming villages merge to form one mass of grassland. It is bordered on the east by the River Cha and on the west by the vast ocean. It is bordered on the south by the city of Nakol, which shares a border, and on the north by the Steppe. It is prone to flooding from the Cha during periods of heavy rain, and almost all inhabitants of the continent have heard rumors of the Flying Monkeys that dwell here, although no one has ever seen them. It is also home to the most desolate lake in the known world.

Location Name: The Chaest gap[edit source]

The Chaest gap is an enormous sinkhole located along the southern border of the Grasslander territory. It is the result of a prolonged period of heavy rainfall melting underground glacial ice causing a massive sinkhole to form. It has been slowly growing for unknown years, and it is already considerable in size. It is still growing, with reports stating that it has doubled in size over the past few weeks. As it grows, entire villages are being washed into the Sinkhole, and nobody knows how to stop it. It is known to be inhabited by many dangerous beasts and monsters, although nobody has actually seen them.

Location Name: The Nakol frontier[edit source]

The Nakol frontiers are the borders shared by the Nakol Kingdom and the Flying Griffon Empire. They are not clearly defined, as both sides are constantly pushing forward and regrouping to gain more territory. The Nakol front is currently the most active, as both empires are locked in a border war. The Nakol Kingdom is better known for its trading and seafaring abilities, but it has increasingly been proving itself to be a capable military power as well. It has not yet engaged in any major conquest, but its territory is the farthest south that it has ever been, and Griffon's elite Nakol shock warriors have had to retreat back to their own territory after making a couple of raids as far south as the Flying Griffon's own territory. The Nakol frontier consists mostly of rolling plains, although a small forest or two can be found here and there.

Location Name: Jicol[edit source]

A mixture of farmlands, lightly forested areas, mountains and coastline. Due to the presence of the Jicol Watch, who maintain order over the area, there is a much lower crime rate than, say, in most cities.

The city's primary export is firearms, specializing in the manufacturing of muskets and pistols. Many sailors hail from Jicol, as the city has many shipyards and produces large amounts of sailcloth and rope. Jicol is also a center of education, producing many learned men and women who contribute to the city's research and writing. Jicol is experiencing a population boom. This can be attested to by the constant construction which goes on in the city. The government has recently started constructing a series of walkways on top of the existing buildings, so that people don't have to live like insects nor endure the constant risk of flooding that comes with having so many homes made of brick.

The Jicol Watch is the successor to the Celestial Order and the private police of Jicol. It maintains a sizable fleet of ships that patrol the harbor, docks and waterways of the city. The Watch is run by a governing body of five, each headed by a captain. The five captains in turn are under the authority of the Mayor of Jicol, who acts as both head of the Jicol Watch and head of the city's government.

Location Name: The sinking swamp[edit source]

The sinking swamp is home to several species. The swamp is a treacherous environment, and few would want to live here for any extended period of time, let alone claim it as their own. The swamps are inhabited by large numbers of hags, zombies, hobgoblins, ogres and giants, none of whom are well liked by anyone. The landscape is experiencing a reduction in trees, with the increase in undergrowth and marshlands. This is probably because the whole area is slowly sinking into the ground, and has been for centuries.

Location Name: The Elven Kingdom of Antiloch[edit source]

The Elven Kingdom of Antiloch is not actually a kingdom, but rather a collection of villages. It is lead by Eldolith Green Wizards, and is one of the last bastions of the Elves who refuse to bow down to the Necromancer Lord. The villages are slowly becoming smaller as the Elves refuse to settle in one place for too long, and instead constantly travel between the few locations they consider home. The villages are also suffering from the reduced amount of trees due to the swamp, as most elves dislike even being outside for too long. The swamps are also causing a large amount of mud, and as such the elven capital is suffering from an increase in dirt and mud-based diseases, including a few instances of the dreaded Turgen fever.

Location Name: The hidden city of the genies[edit source]

The hidden city of the genies is a city that exists on the surface of a small island. It is ruled by a council of five sultry-looking women who each rule a portion of the city. The city is composed of five districts, palace, barracks, armory, library and domestic quarter. The women of the council are known as the Sultry Sisters, and are the only ones allowed to enter the city. All other citizens of the city must register and obey to one of five jobs: scholar, soldier, blacksmith, jeweler or doctor. If they refuse, they are classed as a traitor and are executed. The island was once the home of a race of magical beings, the Yer'kel, known by everyone as the genies. The genies were crass and wasteful beings who used up all of the natural resources of the land in mere centuries. This angered the Lady of the Lake, the godess of the lake, who cursed the genies to become ethereal and trapped them within the bodies of their desert-dwelling slaves. The genies protested their exile, but could not do anything. The Lady of the Lake decreed that every thousand years, one of the genie bodies would be released from its ethereal prison of her to oversee the desert. One night, the sultry sisters simply vanished from their bedrooms. The next day, sailors reported seeing an island emerge from the waters. By the end of the week, this island had a large city with sprawling districts and towering buildings. This island is the result of one of the genies. The entire island is a giant magical experiment, with each building and district linked to generate and draw upon the power of the lake. To this day, the entire island generates a powerful aura that can be detected from great distances.

Faction Name: The hypnotizing army[edit source]

The hypnotizing army are a group fanatical in their views, totally loyal to their mysterious leader, and willing to do whatever he commands. Little is known about him, other than he is a mage of great power and ability. He uses his magic to inspire tremendous fear and loyalty in others, which has resulted in him being feared and hated everywhere he goes. His forces are powerful but unorganized, and consist mainly of mercenaries, thugs and other unsavory types. They are so called, as their leader use hypnosis to gain control over the minds of other beings. Is rumored that the army is looking for bigger objectives, the court advisers are going to be hypnotized.

Location Name: Female hips' Altar[edit source]

The female hips' altar is believed to be somewhere in the kingdom of Alzur. It is dedicated to a deity called Maara, who is known to bless females with fertility and offspring. It is commonly accepted that any woman who goes to the altar will become pregnant as a result of her visit. There are numerous tales told about Maara, all of which are believed to be true. The most interesting tale concerns Maara's banishment to the mortal realm. Once, Maara was a glorious goddess who ruled over an entire empire of Elves, Orcs and Men. One day, a war broke out between her worshippers and those of another god. In the heat of battle, Maara's followers refused to give ground and they fought to the death, so she banished them from her empire for being reckless. The Men, Orcs and Elves who were banished all became disgusted with Maara's pacifism and her followers were persecuted for many years to come. Eventually, the pacifist worshippers found a home in the lands known as Alzur. They worshiped Maara and eventually started a nation dedicated to her. Citizens from other lands were always welcomed to visit and many chose to do so. A portal to visit the altar can be found in the throne room of King Hanch, where Maara is worshipped. The portal will transport you to a landing zone, where a carriage with two knights will be waiting to escort you to the city of Alzur.

Location Name: Firbolg highlands[edit source]

The villages in the highlands are very small, typically consisting of fewer than 100 people, and the lifestyle is simple. The people are short and stocky, with green or brown fur. They are fiercely independent, and often cruelty is treated as a legitimate form of entertainment. The highlands are also home to the infamous firbolg, creatures that resemble humans with green skin and a short, stocky body. They are hated and feared throughout the land, and are rarely encountered other than in a hostile manner. The most infamous of these highland barbarian tribes are the barbarian tribes of the Red Blade Band. These groups are lead by a chieftain known as the Chief. Most of them follow the Red Blade Religion, which worships the god Ghinichell. The chief's symbol is a red blade with a straight edge and point, resembling a sword. The chief's title is not hereditary, instead being earned through combat and trophy taking.

Location Name: Nicodemus' realm[edit source]

Nicodemus' realm is a nightmarish landscape of twisted metal and burning lava. robotic automatons patrol the unbending, and an ominous tower looms in the distance. Strange creatures roam the unbending, and great pits of burning magma spew fire and molten rock. The atmosphere itself is extremely hostile to mortals, who cower in terror at the mere sight of it. It is generally believed by those who study Necromancy that Necromancers do not create their own realms, but rather inhabit an already existing one. This is certainly the case with Nicodemus'. The landscape is certainly designed in a way that would befit a realm housing creatures such as demons and ghosts.

Location Name: Nicodemus night ritual[edit source]

In Nicodemus there is an annual event during which the denizens of Nicodemus' realm engage in a massive orgy. The act itself has a powerful effect on the rituals, and several warlocks and witches engage in the orgy to increase their magic energies. The ritual is said to take place in a large structure made of ice, located on a mountain of the same name. The mountain is only approachable through a single tunnel, which is situated in Nicodemus' realm.

Location Name: The Hanging Trees[edit source]

The Hanging Trees are a group of three unusual trees, situated in the southwest corner of Nicodemus' realm. Their exact nature and origin are unknown, but they're generally believed to be magical in nature. One tree is in the middle and the other two trees are hanging off of it. The tree hanging off to the left is shorter than the tree hanging off to the right, and the tree in the middle is higher than both. The trees are thought to be able to support up to ten thousand pounds. Attempts to climb the trees do so have always resulted in failure. Those who have tried to scale the trees to get at the chain have always failed, as the tree trunks are too smooth to grip. The trees are not the only unusual feature about them. The trunks of the trees (and, apparently, the entirety of the trees) are completely black, which is rare for trees. Moreover, there are small pores at the bases of each of the three trunks. Black sap oozes out of each of these pores when hit by a weapon or, strangely, when one just touches the tree.

The area around the trees is also host to several dark secrets. To the west, high on a hill, is a house which, at one time, was green. Now, it's faded to a deep shade of blue that almost appears purple. It is the home of a mad man who worships the devil, as he claims, and who has made several attempts to bring the trees down, as they are a corrupting influence on the land. The man has made several bindings, spikes, and walls around them. None have worked, however. The trees are tied to the ground by a mysterious chain and are not harmed, as they can be seen still growing.

Location Name: Free will Freelands[edit source]

A collection of several massive, unclaimed, inhospitable plains interspersed by miles of dense, uncharted jungle. At one time, this land was the location of several small kingdoms, but as the years passed, these petty rulers could not agree on a single border, and so nothing was done. The jungle is not only a dangerous place to travel through, but also impenetrable by man. Several large beasts and jungle tribesmen make their homes there, and the inhabitants are known to be fiercely territorial and aggressive. Tribal shaman rule their domains with an iron fist, and any who defy them are stripped of their free will and transformed into one of their service. There are rumors of the few remaining shadowrun survivors having found a way through the jungle and into the Freelands, but these rumors have yet to be proven.

Location Name: Hot springs of Veraldia[edit source]

A hot spring in the northern Verald Desert. It is located near the town of Verald, and is a popular spot for the citizens of Veraldia. The water is said to have restorative properties, and there are several relaxing baths and natural pools for bathers.

Location Name: Blackridge[edit source]

The oldest and largest of the known slave cities, this place is ruled by Master Ebon with an iron fist. There is a fortress-like wall surrounding the city, and it is even protected by a small squadron of soldiers. The city is very large and sprawling, and it reportedly holds several forts, barracks, prisons, torture chambers, and even its own hospital. There are also severalk blood gladiators who fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Due to the near-total lack of magic here, most shadows would be incapable of performing shadow magic here.

Location Name: Galpatis[edit source]

A rather large city that is a melting pot of many different cultures. It is a trading city with merchants coming and going throughout all parts of the continent. The city is a bit more prosperous than some of the other locations, which has resulted in an increase in magical abilities. There are even rumors of a few magic item merchants. There isn't a large slaver population here, but there are those that do slave trade and it's not uncommon to see them in the company of merchants.

Location Name: Delantium[edit source]

A war-zone. This is the only major city in the kingdom of Delantium, and it's also the only one with protective walls. Unfortunately, the kingdom's so-called "protective" magic is faltering, and is in need of fixing. It's also suffering from a dire government corruption, with the military and government officials taking bribes and kickbacks. The kingdom is run by a king (or queen? It's not exactly clear what gender leaders are here), though it's not a very efficient form of government.

Location Name: Beluath Hot Springs[edit source]

Beluath Hot Springs is a resort town in the desert. It consists mainly of a large resort, a number of small businesses and a few houses. The town is home to several mortal and immortal beings alike. The immortal beings consist of a number of succubi, who have taken the forms of waitresses, club owners, prostitutes and various others. The succubi take advantage of the loneliness of the mortal inhabitants of the town. Any visitor of the resort is available for the taking, if you can survive a demanding infernal partner, the succubi are all yours.

Location Name: Blood Bath Mountains[edit source]

Blood Bath Mountains is a collection of five connected extinct volcanoes, which are rising out of the blood-red sand. They are connected by steep slopes, making it impossible to climb them without protective gear. A stream of lava snakes across the landscape, with blood-red smoke billowing out behind it. Any creature that passes through the mountains first undergoes a ritual sacrifice. The creatures are strapped to a large rock, and their blood is drained to a cauldron at the side of the volcano. During the sacrifice, a demonologist chants, while other demons add their own energy to the ritual. The mountain is barren, with no vegetation to act as a sacrifice and a conveniently placed altar to perform the ritual upon.

Location Name: Ormeng magnetic field[edit source]

Ormeng is a small island with a permanent field of magnetism. It is not actually populated, but it is host to a large number of scientific research facilities. The largest is the Ormeng University, which is made up of several research facilities including the Magnetism Observation Facility. The field of magnetism on the island is so strong that it is several times stronger than anywhere else on the planet.

Location Name: The Flame Leverny Dominion[edit source]

The Flame Leverny is a large nation in the eastern part of the continent. It is currently led by Emperor Pendor. Under his leadership, the Flame Leverny has been attempting to create a utopia and break all ties with the old Empire. It is currently at war with the Republic of Edolith, which lies to the north. It is bordered on the west by the Azi Republic, on the south by the Cape Republic and on the east by several tribes of barbaric orcs, ogres and other lesser creatures. Despite its relatively small size, the Flame Leverny has succeeded in creating a large and efficient army. Most of the population is also being trained to fight, either in the forms of conscripts or full-time soldiers. The Flame Leverny's economy is based on farming, mining and manufacturing weapons and other equipment for war. It also lays claim to large amounts of valuable resources on the continent, namely gold, silver and iron.