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This article contains elements authored by NimoStar.  This article contains elements made with the assistance of a bot or other form of "artificial intelligence". 

This story was made with the help of AIDungeon, set in the custom world of Mitesoro.

Story[edit source]

Introduction[edit source]

Mitesoro is a world based on Japanese mythology, inspired by Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki. Dragons are thought to be mythical beasts that once ruled the land, and ancient gods are still worshipped. According to legend, the gods created men to serve them. Now that men have become slaves, they long to be free, and long for a day when the destructive power of the dragons will be used for man's good. But the gods have long since abandoned Mitesoro. Now humans must face this new future on their own.

You are Hashi, a male maid working for a young, rich noble in Tsuta. You are approached by a samurai with an urgent request for you to fix his sword. There is a war on the horizon and the samurai is eager to prepare for the upcoming battle.
 Can you fix his sword in time? Will you make the right friends to help you?
The game focuses on non-linear storytelling.

Development[edit source]

> You say "Mr. Samurai! I can't fix your sword. I am no weaponsmith!"
He looks very upset at your refusal. "Please, isn't there something you can do? I am a great warrior of the Mite-Mite tribe!"
You shake your head. "I'm very sorry."
He seems disappointed as he leaves the room. You hear him go down the stairs.
This makes you a little worried as you realize that if a war is starting soon then there's no telling what will happen to you if the Mite-Mite tribe wins.

> You laugh inside because you fooled the samurai. You have a secret sword stash in the basement.
You go to the basement, put on the sword that you've hidden down there, and wait out the impending war.
Later that night, you sneak out of your house and run away to the mountains.

> You eat herbs and make herbal tea in the mountains.
You stay in the mountains until you know the war is over. Then, you walk back to your house in the village.
The village is a disaster, with many houses burned and the villagers dead or wounded. You see some of the survivors trying to bury some of the corpses who are no longer fresh, so that they can have a proper burial.
You go to the barber's shop where your boss is trying to help fix an injured child's leg.

> You go to the rich noble's house and claim it.
You tell the rich noble who you work for that you would like to take over your boss's job now that he is dead. He looks skeptical and tells you to go find some other place to work.
You insist, but he says that he already hired someone else, a woman from the Mite-Mite tribe.
You walk away, feeling helpless. What are you going to do now?

"Listen, I have this sword and you are in ruins" you say, "So I will take the house whether you like it or not. and YOU will be MY maid" you raise your pristine sword to the neck of the unarmed man
"Alright, Alright..." he says, "I will do as you say, but please don't hurt me."
You push him away and tell him to start work. He says that his name is Kiyoshi and that he will start by cleaning the house.
The next day, the maid from Mitesoro arrives. She tells you her name is Yumeko and she asks you to stop threatening people with your sword because it makes others scared.

> You say "You think so? I'd rather wager that was the point. That is why I am your master now. Fear is power and power is control. So, will you start your duty?"
You show Yumeko her room and tell her to start working. You show Kiyoshi the areas he needs to clean, but you rarely see him work. He claims that he has been working hard, but you suspect he is just fooling around.
Yumeko works very hard and does everything you tell her to do without complaint. You are impressed by her dedication.
One day, Kiyoshi asks if he can take the day off to get a massage.

> You say "Massage? Where do they give these massages?"
Kiyoshi says there is a place in the neighborhood that gives great massages. He looks so happy that you can't say no.
"Alright, go get your massage, but don't think you can habit!" you say.
Later that night, Yumeko comes to your room and says she needs to talk to you about Kiyoshi.

> You say "Come in. Any information is welcome. Information is power and power... well, you know the rest."
Yumeko tells you that she thinks Kiyoshi is seeing another girl. She says that since he started going to the massage place he has been acting strange and buying expensive gifts, such as jewelry. She shows you a brooch he bought for her and asks what she should do.
"You must stop him!" she says, "I do not want to lose him!"

> You say "Well I didn't give you two permission to date anyways! So that's why he didn't work. You have been doing it under my noses, haven't you!?"
"I'm sorry, Hashi-sama," Yumeko says, "I just... you're so busy all the time! I didn't want to disturb you."
"Hmmph. Disturb me next time. But if you really love this guy, I won't stand in the way of true love!" Your humble servants continue their work, and you sit down and enjoy the rest of your day off.

> You go get a massage to the nearby place in town.
A woman appears out of the shadows and approaches you. She is rather short, but seems to be very strong. She leads you into the back room, where a large table lies in the middle. On one side of it is a variety of oils and creams, and some towels. On the other side lies a large collection of edged tools, such as knives, spears, axes, swords, saws, chisels, and more.

> You say "Eh, do you really need that stuff for the massage? That doesn't seem very safe"
"As my guest, you get a discount," she says, popping another blade into her mouth. "Just don't tell the Watch."
"I wasn't planning on it," you say, and she leads you to a private room. Once inside, she closes the door and advances on you.
"That will be five gold for the massage," she says, undoing the buttons of your shirt, "unless you would like something... extra?"

"Like what?" you say raising your eyebrow
"Well, you could have a peek at our special collection," she says, gently rubbing her hand on your crotch. "I'll give you a discount for it."
"What is it?" you ask.
"It's a collection of the most famous weapons in history. And I'll let you have a go with them. For free even!" she say.

> You say "well, I am a notorious conoisseur of swords. I could stand looking at a few weapons. But please stob rubbing there. I wanted a back massage."
"Well sir, you are a true master of weapons. That's why I give you access to our special collection. And I'll give you a back massage for free after you're finished."
The woman leads you into a dark room with a single candle on the table. The walls are lined with glass cabinets filled with edged-weapons of all kinds and shapes. Some you recognize, others look like things from your nightmares.
"I'll leave you to it," she says.

> You try a few weapons and a nice long sword make of pure diamond.
You pick up the sword and swing it around a few times. It's quite heavy, but it also feels like it could cleave a troll in two with one blow. Just holding it makes you stronger."Ha!" you say.
"What is it?" The woman asks."I think I've found my weapon."

> You say "I will take this one back home with me. It's free too, isn't it?"
"That's right. I'm glad you like it. And after seeing you swing that blade, I'm certain you'll die less often with that in your hand."
You thank the woman and exit the store with a new weapon at your belt. "Now all I need is gold, and I can buy everything I need for my quest." You start looking for a good place to rob.

> You then it hits you: You were so entranced by the weapon that you forgot to get your back massage. And now, with such a huge sword, you will need it. You go back into the massage store and ask for it.
"Oh sir, don't you want your massage?" the woman asks.
"Yes, please."
You lay face down on the table, and the woman begins to rub your aching muscles with surprising strength. Her hands are hot as if she has a fever, and you relax as her hands run down your back. You feel yourself drifting off into a state of pure bliss when she grabs your head and yanks it off with inhuman strength.

Bad Ending (original)[edit source]

Wholesome ending (generational saga)[edit source]