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“Happiness comes from parabolic curves and the Law of Large Numbers. And science is going to save humanity, because it will tell us how to tune into the hyper-dimensional frequencies that humanity is unable to access. These super-advanced civilizations are going to pop up all over the universe, and they’ll discover energy and knowledge that we’ve been missing. And with each discovery, humanity will gain a little more happiness. And with each civilization that comes online, humanity will get a little closer to a higher dimension. The hyper-dimensional frequencies are so many. There are so many dimensions to explore. Theories of high dimensional math will allow us to find the patterns and trends that will lead to the realization of a fully realized economic plan. This is not a time to be pessimistic. I’m here on a mission. I’ve been working for the last six months on this. I’m on a mission. The plan is to discover the law of large numbers, and its inverse, and its solution. The inverse of pi is -2[1]. So we will regulate material progress by the inverse of pi. It will take 1000 years to find a solution to the problem[2].”


References allude to an article's relationship to "real life".

  1. The actual inverse of pi is 1/3.14159... , or 1/π.
  2. Although this seems muddled by the grammar, it could refer to the aforementioned "solution" to the Law of Large Numbers.

This "bot" was published on March 25, 2020.