Caretaker Gods

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The Protectors of the Meek[edit | edit source]

Sometimes an individual being, feature of the landscape or another animal will become the center of a kind of worship of a group of animals. When this happens a kind of god will grow around the individual. It reflects the impression left by the animal's perspective on their caretaker and as time goes on it can both trap and empower the caretaker with expectations, obligations and powers. There have been many farmers embedded with a divine spark of power as understood by their chickens. Since these powers can often coincide with the mundane powers of the caretaker and even the normal obligations of their job can be the same as their "divine" responsibility. Such situations are only really notable in the extreme cases where the "reality" of the relationship is far outside of the one perceived by the "devout" of a caretaker god's flock. In these cases are normal humans occasionally wreathed in much greater power, although one that requires expectation and "performance" for the benefit of their believers.

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