Chaos (Firmament)

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Chaos is the plane of Kinmorunddraver, and is said to be the formlessness of which all matter and time flows from.

Description[edit | edit source]

Chaos is simultaneously described as being ambulatory and omnipresent; some of the eldest mythological depictions of Chaos entail it being the very centre of the Firmament. To those who believe in Kinmorunddraver (namely the Ministarium of Epochs), Chaos was the origin of matter and time and from it all beings and planes of existence sprung forth and orbit its core. Though Chaos is generally defined as being a sea of water, others say that it is indefinite spaces that parts the Space In-Between. No being of mortalkind has ever traversed the waters of Chaos.

To those who know the esoteric lore of the Formless Ennead, Chaos is the orb which houses the metaphysics of the Firmament and is said to be parted by the energies of the Nine Gods of Chaos.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Chaos' denizens are devoid of perceptible matter; much like the greater Space In-Between, beings of Chaos are purely magical and unknowable by mortal understanding.

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