Children of Drascasur

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph


The gods of old knew and feared the darkness of Irkalla, and it was only by through mountains of corpses of the immortals was a wall built between hell and heaven. The children of the God of Destruction wall ever erased the fear and memories of what they brought. And then, they broke through. Time and time again. They were reminders that the demon lords were not the only things in Irkalla capable of undoing the world.
— Asv-Aldz

The Children of Drascasur were thirteen demonic gods vaguely in the form of Dragons, often cited as the direct spawn of Drascasur, the God of Destruction. Among the most powerful demons of Irkalla, a number of them traversed ancient Telamon as some of the most terrible and malevolent entities to have ever been witnessed.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Children of Drascasur were behemothic demons, larger than any known beast on Telamon save for Kami and Nalúnt. Whilst the sizes of the Children were never truly measured by ancient civilisations, translations of Aurelian accounts give modern estimates for at least one hundred metres tall and at least two hundred metres long. Ancient descriptions of the Children depict them as entities resembling dragons, with five eyes that illuminated a malevolent crimson colour. Their tails split into three separate appendages, and possessed wings with a wingspan of approximately two hundred metres.

History[edit | edit source]

The Children of Drascasur were present on Telamon before the beginning of recorded history, threatening the very existence and harmony of the domains of the Firmament. A number of them were slain by the gods around ten millennia ago, and sporadically emerged on Telamon until roughly three millennia ago in the last known war of the gods. There was not an accounted number of how many of the thirteen were slain in the space of seven millennia, although many of the gods believe that some still remain in Irkalla.

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