Chimeras (Firmament)

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Template:Creature Chimeras are a species of magical beast resembling a monstrous cross of lion, goat and snake, believed to be creations of a forgotten mad spellcaster who have escaped into the wilderness.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chimeras are strange amalgamations of three different species; they resemble powerfully-built lions up to their waists, with their hindlegs being those of a goat while a goat's head grows from their backs. Their tails, rather than a normal body part, are instead a serpent with large, venomous fangs. While the creature's parts usually work in unison, each has independent thought. Chimeras are generally larger than common lions, being almost twice heavier. Females of the species lack manes and have smaller horns upon their goat heads.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Chimeras are more commonly found in regions where lions inhabit, as they fulfill the same role in the food chain, though due to their greater power than mere animals, they tend to be more destructive of their local territory.

Society[edit | edit source]

Chimeras possess similar behavior to lions, and as such generally live in small packs made up of female hunters and a male breeder. Their goat heritage also leads them to naturally congregate in packs due to the herding behavior of common goats. Due to their uncommon occurrence however, chimera packs tend to be smaller than lion packs or goat herds.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Chimeras are very strong creatures, stronger than lions and easily able to tear a human apart in seconds with their powerful bites and sharp claws. Their hoofed hindlegs can deliver powerful kicks, and the snake tail's venom is quite deadly, inflicted horrible pain upon those it bites. Perhaps its most insidious feature, however, is that it is a magical creature, capable of casting spells through the goat head, including offensive magic, defensive buffs or healing energies. Slaying a chimera requires the lion, goat and snake parts to all be killed separately, as leaving any alive - especially the goat with its healing spells - may lead the other parts to return to life.

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