Chosen's Rest

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Chosen's Rest is Thea Nee'hara's personal realm in Ziana.

Description[edit | edit source]

The area known as Chosen's Rest is made up entirely of clouds, though they are solid to the point one can comfortably walk on them. Choirs of angels who serve Thea Nee'hara dominate the skies, singing and playing instruments. According to most scholars, Chosen's Rest is among the smallest domains of Ziana.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Beyond the angelic attendants of Thea Nee'hara, Chosen's Rest serves as an afterlife for the tired and fatigued, who experienced great stress in life. The archangel allows such souls to slumber in her domain, where they are blessed with pleasant dreams. These souls can awaken either on their own accord or by Thea Nee'hara, though the latter only does so if the realm is under attack. Clerics and priests who dedicated themselves to the archangel also typically reside here, either slumbering or guarding those who are.

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