Cirsis Duskmoon

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Cirsis Duskmoon is the renowned head of Mirseleth's House Duskmoon and the ruler of the city of Uranith. A close agent of Arch-Mistress Madiiraxen Sunbane, Cirsis is perhaps the most influential Dark Elf of the northern territories of the nation, for she is the coordinator of her people's war effort against any invader who may attempt a strike at them within their Scaurai lands.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known of Cirsis' history, for her personal agents have gone through much effort to keep it hidden from any potential rivals. She is known to have spent a small portion of her young adult life in the Temple of Sethneas, where she dedicated herself to the teachings of the dark goddess Versorneh, and like most of her followers, became a powerful mage. When the northern borders of Mirseleth were besieged by ???, the warriors of House Duskmoon provided much of the Dark Elven war effort, with Cirsis being summoned to fulfill her part. She would gain the noble title of Black Conqueror after conjuring a rain of hellfire upon the enemy armies at the city of Uranith, leading to their decimation and to the Dark Elves securing the border for the next centuries, leading her to gain the favour of Arch-Mistress Madiiraxen Sunbane herself. Solidifying herself as ruler of her House thanks to most of her rivals being killed during the battle - both by foes and by her own spell -, Cirsis has become the main authority of the region and a feared figure among the enemies of Mirseleth.

Features[edit | edit source]

Cirsis is tall and beautiful Dark Elf woman who adorns her long, black hair with a headpiece made in the image of the metallic crown worn by the god Sethneas, except hers holds within its center the icon of the goddess Versorneh instead. She wears fine noblewoman's clothes in order to flaunt her wealth, and typically wears a cloak over her shoulders like many followers of the Grand Dark Magus, though Cirsis rarely covers herself with it. She has light red eyes, sharpened black nails and is typically barefoot. She is a master wielder of dark magic, channeling it through a staff decorated with the image of a magpy's head.

Known to be calm and eerily serene at most times, Cirsis reveals her most cruel side during battle, where she revels in the slaughter of all those who oppose her, though she typically works with efficiency in mind; she will find the quickest and most destructive manner of killing someone rather than waste her time with the petty tortures her kin are famous for indulging in, reserving such for her most hated foes. Cirsis holds the best intentions in regards to Mirseleth and is noted for being among the few truly loyal members of the royal court, something which has earned her the favour of the Arch-Mistress and the jealous ire of many others.

Cirsis' mount is a veteran manticore named Horrid, who has lived longer than most thanks to dark magic and gathered an impressive kill count over the centuries.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Sintaran Duskmoon - Cirsis' consort, the sweet-tongued Sintaran protects her House's interests and Cirsis' own by playing politics among the nobles of Mirseleth when her mistress is too busy to do so herself.
    • Madiiraxen Sunbane - Unlike most of the royal court, Cirsis is truly loyal to the Arch-Mistress and sees any attempt to depose her as suicide.
  • Ambivalent
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  • Enemies
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