Citadel of Penance (Firmament)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph


The Citadel of Penance is the domain of the archangel Saz'giras in Ziana.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Citadel is located directly beneath the Court of Paladins, and is considered one of the gloomier regions of Ziana. It is a dark dungeon illuminated by dimly lit candles and decorated with icons in the form of rhinos locked in scowling expressions.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Saz'giras spends much of his time in the Citadel, patrolling its corridors in quiet contemplation. Many angels and good souls volunteer to keep the place in check, though they evacuate the area when the archangel has one of his fits of demonic rage. Demons are sometimes taken prisoner in the Citadel when captured during raids hailing from Irkalla, usually being questioned for information and either destroyed or freed, depending of Saz'giras' current mood.

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