Clan Ÿzerhand

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
Clan Ÿzerhand
Great Clans of the Dwaerkar
File:Sigil of House Ÿzerhand of Ouwestad.png
Current regionTielsland
Place of originOuwestad
Current headKeris
TitlesChief of Ouwestad
Estate(s)Golden Tower of Ouwestad
Cadet branchesŸzerhand of Terbrug

Clan Ÿzerhand, known as Izerhand in some Dwaerkar languages, is one of the Great Clans of the Dwaerkar. Currently led by Keris, the clan is notable for hereditarily possessing the title of Chief of Ouwestad.

Clan Ÿzerhand directly traces its lineage to Clan Ouwegund. Clan Ÿphergund claimed descent from Ouwe's second-born, Ÿpher Ouwegund, while Clan Ythred was a cadet branch of Clan Ÿphergund. Clan Ÿzerhand itself descends in part from Clan Ythred.