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Until the last ember fades.
— Clan proverb

Clan Silaris was a powerful Arakai clan that ruled over a comparatively extensive territory at the height of its power on the continent of Zhnamancand. Their place as the very first clan to exercise the level of influence that has nowadays become commonplace among the other clans as well served as the crux for their rise into becoming one of the central leaders of the Arakai as a whole. In fact, despite being rendered defunct some two thousand years ago, the legacy left behind by the Silaris continues to remain a prominent factor in the Arakai mindset even in modern times.

History[edit | edit source]

Those who would eventually become the Silaris originated from among the western Arakai clans; a roving band of fire worshippers with no real clan to call their own. According to bardic legend, this band was led on their journeys by an ambitious man named Reli the Red - whose actual place among the worshippers has been questioned from time to time - who had envisioned rather lofty goals for himself to achieve alongside his followers. To this end, he kept the company of the great warrior Himinnbrandr, a towering man with no equals among the Arakai of the time in terms of strength and skill, upon whom Reli placed immense amounts of trust despite the mercenary's devotion to Gajaildim. At some point, Himinnbrandr offered a piece of advice to his employer that would change the Arakai forever; to take the nearby, defensibly sound Qoranit ruin of Nthcnzel as a power base and transform his diverse set of followers into a proper warband and, eventually, a true clan.

In time this warband - of which Himinnbrandr had been given full military command over - went on to conquer many of the weaker Arakai clans located in the central valleys of the Arakai Mountains, adding their resources and manpower into their own and carving out a territory only a few clans could even begin to rival. These wars would last until 103 3E, when Himinnbrandr left Reli's service in self-imposed exile to see what the rest of Telamon had to offer him. Considering himself forever indebted to his loyal warrior, Reli fully instituted the worship of Gajaildim as the main religion of his nascent clan, and did away completely with the fire worshipping ways of their origin; already muddled by the interactions between members of the original group and people from the conquered clans.

The work of these two men would generally go on to be wasted and the values they held dear cast aside by future warlords, with betrayal, self-importance, and familial strife coming to plague the Silaris for generations. Nevertheless, there were still those among their numbers who sought to better the lives of their people and the Arakai as a whole. Sadly, however, one such person - rather than those who had brought the clan to teeter on collapse countless times over - would be the one to bring the clan crashing down due to the audacity and aggressiveness of his actions. In 686 3E, Vorvis Silaris, later known as Vortigern the Mad, led a brutal, six-year-long campaign in order to unite the Arakai clans once more and remove the need for them to compete with each other, with the resulting deaths of the war totalling somewhere around the tens of thousands across all sides. The war was initially won by the Silaris warlord, only for his reign over the united Arakai to last measly six months, as the clans of Lamind, Wulnir, and Hejarus rose in rebellion against him. This coalition would go on to bring Clan Silaris to total ruin, with its territories carved into pieces among the victors and all known members of the family brutally hunted down to the last.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The source for much of Clan Silaris' influence can be traced back to their location; Nthcnzel is found at the relative geographical and political center of the Arakai Mountains, from where it was easy for them to spread outwards through conquest and diplomacy. Likewise, the clan's territory largely consisted of the more flat valley landscapes that dominate this central region, providing them ample access to arable land that many in the other clans lacked. A large portion of the major river known as the Nadrisal is also located within the confines of the lands formerly held by the Silaris, forming a natural border that separates their lands from those of their vassals.

Government[edit | edit source]

Much like many of the other Arakai clans, Clan Silaris was structured in a manner that other nations would attest to be an absolute monarchy. In fact, the more modern iteration of the clan hierarchy used across their cultural and religious spectrums came in large part from the Silaris in the first place. The position of warlord is hereditary, passing down always to the eldest child next in the current family line; once this line has been exhausted to its end, the title then moves on to the next applicable line, which might begin in some cases a few generations backwards. Quite pragmatic and meritocratic by nature of their position as the premier Arakai clan, Clan Silaris kept a constant eye out for talents of all kinds, with their warlords placing great importance on having advisors who were well-versed in their respective fields of work.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Regarded by history as some of the most fervent worshippers of Gajaildim, the clan's policies were heavily charged with religious rhetoric. As such, it often intentionally antagonized the Harstag worshipping clans led by Clan Kerene, and would ultimately be responsible for their destruction during Vortigern's reign over the clan. The opposing doctrine was also outlawed within the clan and any deviation from the norm was considered dangerous for its stability, as it had previously suffered through a civil war arisen over two brothers' differing religions.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

As the long-standing center of Arakai society, the Silaris territories historically held within themselves the largest continuous Arakai population. However, in the modern day, this populace has largely scattered to the winds as a direct aftermath of the clan's defeat at the hands of its enemies, with many innocents having been forced to face discrimination and brutal exploitation by their new lieges from among Clan Hejarus' vassals. The other races of the Arakai Mountains can also be encountered at times while in the region; Nthcnzel, in particular, was the site where the Arakai first encountered the aggressive and monstrous Nethálfar alongside their Notvolv priestesses. Additionally, Bálstedunn giants have been known to cross into Silaris lands as well from their more northerly herding grounds.

Relations[edit | edit source]

In large part due to their power, Clan Silaris was often held in higher regard than most other clans of similar size - a fact that wasn't lost on the Silaris warlords themselves, and thus were known to be rather arrogant at times over this fact. Additionally, being interested in retaining their superiority, the clan's warlords were eager to intervene in the efforts of their rival clans, even going as far as demanding tribute in exchange of their neutrality. As such, the clan had very few actual allies, with only Clan Lamind actively retaining amicable relations due to their shared origins while still standing as one of the clan's greatest political rivals. Clan Silaris' distaste for outsiders has also often been considered legendary, for it was from them - and especially so during Vortigern's reign - that it spread to many of the other clans. In fact, most of Clan Silaris' grievances with Clan Wulnir are known to have arisen over this fact, since the latter often trades with outsiders and is generally regarded as a benefactor for their kind.

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Notable people[edit | edit source]

  • Historical figures
    • Arasilh II the Virile - Sired Varien the Stormking, the founder of Clan Lamind
    • Himinnbrandr - An ancient warrior of massive size who served Reli the Red and proved instrumental to the initial success of the clan
    • Reli the Red - The clan's founder, ruled for 91 years and in that time raised his people to the forefront of Arakai society
    • Vortigern the Mad - The last warlord of Clan Silaris, united the clans two thousand years ago

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