Clans of the Dwaerkar

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A Clan is generally an exceptionally rich, powerful, or otherwise influential Dwaerkar family. The status of Clanhood is generally delivered by one of the Great Clans of the Dwaerkar as a form of vassalage, although this has not always been practiced.

Attaining Clanhood[edit | edit source]

Great Clan[edit | edit source]

In the most general sense, a Great Clan is a Clan with an enormous amount of influence, spanning an entire Freehold and possibly more.

List of active Clans[edit | edit source]

List of defunct Clans[edit | edit source]

List of active Great Clans[edit | edit source]

Clan Seat Leader Vassals
Clan Ÿzerhand Ouwestad,
Tielsland freehold
Keris Ÿzerhand,
Son of Ouwe
  • Clan Ÿzerhand of Terbrug
  • Clan Tunn
  • Clan Dulkest
  • Clan Kzunteft
Clan Korthodum Neudenaald,
Helderen freehold
Wolik Korthodum,
Magistrate of Helderen,
Orator of the Guild of Commerce
  • Clan Bold of Paarseblou
  • Clan Ilduren of Middenhal
  • Clan Mzend
Clan Gorthoadum Scheveningen,
Vaalsebossen freehold
Yevek Gorthoadum,
Lawspeaker of Vaalsebossen
  • Clan Selis of Vaalseburght
  • Clan Dullendent
Sigil of Clan Anderast of Hyrost.png
Clan Anderast
Hyrost freehold
Gehrman Anderast,
Lord of Hyrost
  • Clan Lzinchent
  • Clan Aurendtent
Clan Reimart Zuiderbaai,
Tederland freehold
Sjael Reimart,
Chairman of the League of Commerce,
Steward of Tederland.
Clan Yulthermand Windbaai,
Westerbos freehold
Wulder Yulthermand,
Lord of Westerbos
  • Clan Ninvalt
  • Clan Holt
  • Clan Durckent
Clan Zeiden Neudenaald,
Helderen freehold
Gael Zeiden,
Chairmain of the Zeiden Bank

List of defunct Great Clans[edit | edit source]

Clan Yphergund Ÿphergund

Clan Ythred