Court of Paladins

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The Court of Paladins is the majestic realm of Aldirei, the goddess of justice.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Court is a great fortress in the highest spheres of Ziana, made of marble and decorated with gold, where the god's chosen reside and train in order to defend the upper realms from the forces of darkness. Aldirei herself often holds great tournaments where warriors prove their valor and honour in friendly sparring, and welcomes all those from the plane of Ziana to participate, provided they behave themselves. When the forces of darkness, such as the demon lords, become too bold, Aldirei often directs the Court of Paladins to launch crusades into Irkalla in order to put the demon hordes down and keep them from causing havoc across the realms.

The Court is located directly above the Citadel of Penance, the realm of the archangel Saz'giras, and the two are arguably a single great structure in Ziana.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The most militant of all angels tend to congregate in the Court of Paladins, where they may fight in the name of good and justice alongside Aldirei. While not all paladins of Telamon follow Aldirei, they are nonetheless welcomed in the realm as brethren upon death, even if such souls do not stick around for long.

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