Currency (Borost)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

There are many kinds of currency in Borost, most of which are only accepted one or a few freeholds. The single currency in the continent to be accepted in all realms-- except for Chtzulhand and the Serpent-folk, of course -- is the Zeiden guilder, the standard currency of the influential Zeiden Bank which operates branches in all realms.

Zeiden guilder[edit | edit source]

The Zeiden guilder is the most widely-accepted unit of currency in Borost. It is a gold coin, subdivided into two silver coins worth 50% of the gold unit (called Zeiden thalers). The thalers are further divided into fifty small bronze coins (known as Zeiden tokens).

They are summarized here:

  • Zeiden guilder -- unit of currency -- also known as Zeiden(s), Guilder(s), Gold, etc.
  • Zeiden thaler -- 2 worth 1 guilder -- also known as Thaler(s), Silver(s).
  • Zeiden token -- 50 worth 1 thaler -- also known as Token(s), Copper(s).

Freehold currencies[edit | edit source]

  • Northern guilder, accepted in Tielsland, Vaalsebossen, and Westerbos.
  • Eastern guilder, accepted in Helderen, Tederland, and Vaalsebossen.
  • Westerbos guilder, accepted in Westerbos.
  • Hyrost guilder, accepted in Hyrost.

Other currencies[edit | edit source]