Cyclops (Firmament)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph


Cyclopes (s. Cyclops) are a species of primitive Giantkin who prowl the wilderness of the Giantsteppe, who are closely related to true Giants.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Cyclopes are huge humanoid creatures sporting a single large eye in the center of their faces. They possess a tough gray hide, large ivory tusks and circular feet which leads many to describe them as grotesque, trunkless humanoid elephants. The average adult Cyclops is over ten meters tall and lives around 180 years.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Cyclopes are rare and solitary creatures, spending the majority of their time wandering the wilderness. They are dim-witted to the point of lacking any sort of language or culture, but unlike creatures like Ogres or Trolls, Cyclopes generally avoid civilized areas. They are territorial towards intruders in what they perceive as their territory, but are known to be relatively easy to appease, as they tend to trust anyone who offers them free food and shelter. Cyclopes are known to be drafted into Orcish warbands, who outfit them in simple armor and helms to protect their vulnerable eyes.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As expected of something so large, cyclopes are extremely strong creatures. They usually rip whole trees off the ground and use them as clubs, while can kill most opponents in a single blow. Their very tough hide also allows them to shrug off blows and makes them impervious to conventional arrows or crossbow bolts. Cyclopes are exceptionally perceptive and have excellent sight, making hiding from them very difficult.

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