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The Dalmiric Pantheon is a collective of eighteen deities worshipped primarily in Natelar; the countries of Dalmira and Taelen site the Dalmiric Pantheon as its main religion. The Pantheon is placed into three domains - the Elder Gods, Younger Gods and the Under Gods. The Elder and Younger Gods live on the mortal plane, within the abode of Ayutah, whilst the Under Gods reign over the Underworld plane named Nuyah.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

Elder Ones[edit | edit source]

The Elder Ones are so named for being the progenitors of the majority of the deities in Dalmiric pantheon - fathers and mothers of the so-called younger deities.

  • Dimmum and Ghayubbus - the sea serpent deities of duality
  • Shazun - god-king of thunder, the moon and universal order. King of Ayutah.
  • Tawinuz - god-queen of the sky, the sun and mortal order. Queen of Ayutah.
  • Khiaddia - goddess of the dead and the queen of Nuyah. One of the two Under Gods.
  • Shuwah - god of the dead and king of Nuyah. One of the two Under Gods.

Younger Ones[edit | edit source]

The Younger Ones are the children of the elder gods - they make a majority of the Dalmiric pantheon and are sometimes considered lesser deities.

  • Dhaga - god of protection, strength, virility and mortal men
  • Shunnashan - goddess of fertility, childbirth and mortal women.
  • Sabummas - god of the earth
  • Khijaattaat - goddess of the seas
  • Mimazah - god of wisdom and law
  • Tahanni - goddess of balance
  • Dhammuf - god of festivals, wine, beer and the harvest
  • Jaddubbah - god of trickery and frivolity
  • Shaqashah - goddess of nature, animals and the hunt
  • Yinnatta - god of war, victory in battle and honour
  • Nuddiatti - goddess of love
  • Sidhannit - goddess of war, destruction of enemies

Other Deities[edit | edit source]

There are other deities unrelated to the Dalmiric pantheon, but may be considered part of the general scheme of worship among the populace of Dalmira and Taelen.

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

The Dalmiric Pantheon family tree. m means Married, whilst s means Sibling.

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