Dalt Luuge

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
The Reverend

Dalt Luuge

Magister at the Magisterium
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Tuederick Ouwelt Theldzock Luuge-Andrecks

12 Danseer +476
ResidenceOuwestad, Tielsland
Alma materAbbey of Saint Ouwe
OccupationMagister, Professor Emeritus of Theology
OrganizationMagisterium, Grand Library
TitleMagister, Professor Emeritus

The Reverend Magister Dalt Luuge is a Magister, priest, theologian, and Professor Emeritus of Theology attached to the Grand Library at Ouwestad.

A Magister at the Magisterium, Luuge is one of the most influential theologians currently alive.

Recording the thoughts of Zalft Druleithien[edit | edit source]

Luuge recorded and preserved many of the works of Zalft Druleithien, a monk and theologian that lived deep in the mountains. Luuge's Sayings of the Mountain Priests, a compendium of the philosophy of the Mountain Priests, includes many renowned phrases and scrolls by Druleithien.