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Dead Man's Bay is an illegitimate city-state located at the eastmost shore of Tarel Anghaldias in southern Natelar. A large city made up of thousands of criminals and outlaws, it is considered the haven of piracy of Telamon, which is ruled by a council made up of the most famous and dangerous pirate lords of the world.

History[edit | edit source]

Dead Man's Bay was first founded around the year 2200 3E by a pirate lord named Hall 'Three-Teeth' Sampson, a human from Aurelia who wanted to establish a base of operations in Natelar so that he could raid the trade routes of Dalmira later. While he was put down by Dalmiric authorities years later, his base remained hidden away from the governments of the land for the next several decades, attracting all sorts of pirates and criminals due to rumours of work and treasure. The locals of [orc country?] would eventually find Dead Man's Bay and raze it to the ground to ensure the safety of their own naval routes, though the pirates persisted and returned to it once the coast appeared clear. Through its history, the city was destroyed and rebuilt again a total of four times, each leading the pirates to become bolder; no matter how hard the world tried, they could not get rid of them.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Dead Man's Bay is a city built upon a cove at the eastmost shore of Tarel Anghaldias. It enjoys a privileged location, being at the arguable center of the world and as such, in range of a considerable number of territories and marine routes used frequently by the nations of Telamon. The city is defended by walls manned by cannons and strongholds which ensure any advancing army or navy is spotted from a good distance. The busiest part of the city is, unsurprisingly, the harbour, where stolen goods arrive and sent to the markets to be sold. The central portions of the Bay are home to wealthy and powerful pirate lords, while the outskirts are ramshacks of poverty and petty crime. At the highest point of the city lies Fort Hurricane, the home of the Council o' Captains and the Pirate King when they're in the city.

Government[edit | edit source]

The lawless city of pirates is ruled by the so-called Council o' Captains, a coalition made up of the most powerful and feared pirate captains of Telamon. These feared individuals decide the codes of piracy, which they demand be followed by all pirates across the world; while many do out of fear or respect for the Council, they make no effort to actually enforce these rules themselves and leave individual pirates to do as they please, provided they don't get in their way. The Council chooses an individual not of their own numbers to serve as their representative, who is given the name of Pirate King or Queen, and whose job is to ensure the city of Dead Man's Bay knows its place and follows their instructions to the letter. However, being pirates, both the Council and the King are rarely present in the city itself, and generally only ever appear when summoned.

Religion[edit | edit source]

All forms of religion are practiced in Dead Man's Bay, due to the varied origins of its inhabitants. Seafaring deities such as Nalashtannylor and Ti-Amtum are popular.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Dead Man's Bay welcomes all within its walls, and as such the city has become a great conglomerate of different cultures and species. While majorly human, many elves, orcs, lizardfolk, goblins, kobolds and many others make their home there. Such is the complete lack of care of the pirates that they are willing to accept creatures like the undead among their ranks, provided they pull their weight.

A famed individual beast who lives in the proximity of Dead Man's Bay is Laskos the Shipwreck, a gigantic crab-like monster who holds in its shell a treasure hoard accumulated from hundreds of sunk ships over the ages. Despite the best attempts to take down the creature and steal its treasure, no pirate has ever succeeded.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Dead Man's Bay is not considered a legitimate nation by most of the world, and likewise, the Council o' Captains considers all those who use the sea as their prey. Only the most unsavoury types would consider dealing with the treacherous pirates of the city.

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Notable pirates[edit | edit source]

  • Others
  • Historical figures
    • Hall 'Three-Teeth' Sampson† - founder of Dead Man's Bay
    • Markos Maelstrom† - former pirate turned into a zombie by Taihadrae Ashdan for trying to pillage Feirridro

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