Demon lords (Firmament)

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Demon lords are extremely powerful and unique demons who have elevated themselves to the position of demigods. Each rules of an entire realm of the dread plane of Irkalla and maintains a following of worshippers through the Firmament, which includes mortals, lesser demons and all other fiendish beings who would associate themselves with them.

Known demon lords[edit | edit source]

  • Analuhati, the Father of Vampires - demon lord of forbidden knowledge, plots and schemes, vampires and hubris.
  • Asv-Aldz, the King of the Court of Liars - demon lord of power, wealth, bargains and treachery.
  • Druacath, the Lord of Brimstone - demon lord of destruction, wrath, war and conflict.
  • Hamoilles, the Frozen Harlot - demon lord of perversion, hedonism, lust and deviancy.
  • Kaharvoth, the Catastrophe Dragon - demon lord of greed, blasphemies, treasures and dragons.
  • Kaicaiusarin, the Queen of Nightmares - demon lord of nightmares, fear, manipulation, paranoia and weakness.
  • Kurgram, the Flesh Queen - demon lord of fertility, gluttony, ogres and boars.
  • Ormenthdraverang, the Chimerical King - demon lord of madness, frivolity, debauchery and gluttony.
  • Shurin Rodin, the Devourer of Dreams - demon lord of fear, cruelty, reptiles and nightmares.
  • Skanqrak, the Rat King - demon lord of disease, vermin, pestilence and decay.
  • Tlahvaratlam, King/Queen of Rebirth - demon lord of immortality, undeath, violation of the mortal laws.
  • Uzgoroth, the Lord of the Seas - demon lord of water, storms, sloth and sea monsters.
  • Vealdimar, the Fallen Angel - demon lord of corruption, defilement, envy and selfishness.
  • Xel'manikh, the Enchanting Tyrant - demon lord of pride, magic, tyranny and control.

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