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Demons and Devils[edit | edit source]

Where as a Gestalt and a Throng are a natural occurrence, demons, devils or invocations as they are sometimes called are engineered and artificial. They are described, transcribed and spawned from text laced with particular magics and spirits. From which is borne the skeleton and eventually fully realized being of the entity in question in those that have read the book. This initial form is incredibly weak and more or less powerless within its host but in the same manner that a Gestalt lives within the followers of an idol as a group interpretation, the Demon lives in the minds of those which know it. And as more know it a demon grows more powerful.

To know a demon fully is to have it riding and watching within you. To know of a demon means that it can touch you. To know merely its name and speak it in the ear of a follower is to draw its attention to you. As more individuals carry a demon and are drawn around the tomes of its creation (eventually even to the point of transcribing copies) the demon itself grows more powerful, eventually growing to be able to manifest "blasphemies". It is notable that a demon does not require even cooperation from its hosts when it has grown to the height of its power. It rides in their minds and spreads through whispered fears. It may inspire action through terror or misplaced obedience but it is not at all tied to the needs or wants of its hosts.

A Demon's motivation is what is written of them, and as such a properly constructed demon can be a powerful weapon either against those that host it, or those that stand against its hosts. A demon who has had every host slain or scattered loses all memory and will be as if newly born from its text if read by a new host. However if two hosts of the same demon meet the demon will grow with the knowledge and memory stored in both.

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