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A screenshot of the "my destiny" dimension with AMPLIFIED generation. Note that a partial unofficial texturepack is in use.

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my destiny is the codename for a randomized dimension in Version 20w14infinite of Minecraft.

Environment and entities

Almost normal overworld biome. Podzol, trees (acacia), grass. Cows, chicken, sheep and pigs. Small water poodles, grass paths. No mining, but perfect for farming.

No hostile mobs normally. No night. There are small ranching villages with all stuff, including villagers, farms, iron golems, and cats. Villagers I found had their trades unassinged even tho there were job sites.

Some villager homes start out with beds. As with all these worlds, sleeping for a player is not possible however. Beds still can be placed.

There are lava lakes deep underground, near the bedrock, but no ores. No sun or moon or day and night, just a perpetual bluish fog (which apparently remains sperical in Infinite snapshot).

Apparently, on dark caves, zombies and zombie villagers *can* generate. Skeletons and creepers can spawn in underground ravines. No spiders have been sighted.

Some small lava lagoons also spawn above ground.


  • Security
    SAFE. Though there are some hostile mobs they are very rare on the few dark places, and there is no night.
  • Resources
    MODERATE. There is food and wood aplenty, and you could raise a farm with plants and animals, but no metal or other precious items generate. It is maybe possible to trade if villagers can be persuaded to take a profession, but this is untested. Regardless, villages have other materials (you can get iron by killing iron golems, for example).
  • Aesthetics
    NICE. This is a world with near-vanilla appearance, though slightly bluish. It is peaceful and tranquil.

Questions remaining

  • Can villagers in additional dimensions even get jobs?
    • Can they sleep?
  • Is this world fully, truly RNG or was there some developer hand involved? Hard to say for sure. But compared to most other worlds, it seems agressively *normal*.

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