Dimmum and Ghayubbus

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Dimmum and Ghayubbus are the two serpent gods of duality that reside in the sea of Chaos.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dimmum and Ghayubbus are two enormous serpents of iridescent bronze scales. Dalmiric mythology says that Dimmum encircles one half of the sky and Ghayubbus the second.

History[edit | edit source]

Dalmiric mythology regard Dimmum and Ghayubbus as two serpents formed out of Chaos by Nalashtannylor. Dimmum and Ghayubbus are said to be the two serpents that cause the world to turn and were responsible for the four elder deities - Shazun, Tawinuz, Khiaddia and Shuwah - to ascend to godhood and were the progenitors of Dalmiric civilisation. It is also believed that Ti-Amtum, the elemental lord of water is the spawn of the two serpent deities.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike the pantheon of the Dalmiric gods that exhibit mortal compassion and stewardship over the earth, Dimmum and Ghayubbus are beyond that of Telamon's material realm. As they are believed to be the serpents that spin the world, Dalmiric mythology does not regard them as having personalities.

Cult of Dimmum and Ghayubbus[edit | edit source]

Dimmum and Ghayubbus' cults are seldom found in Dalmira, though their iconography is ubiquitous in ancient and modern Natelari architecture. The double ouroboros symbol is present as signatures and marks across the Natelari continent, although votive figures and statues of Dimmum and Ghayubbus have been considered archaic for much of Telamon's history. Some of the only surviving figures of the two gods date to nearly nine millennia ago.

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