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Dragon Rabbits[edit | edit source]

Sometimes the most innocuous and non-threatening of creatures can end up fostering a Dragon Egg.

When a Dragon Egg ends up in either the meadow or buried in the warren of a colony of rabbits the resulting wyrmling will imprint on the rabbits, a Dragon Rabbit or Rabbit Dragon.

As with most animals this event fosters a strong nurturing behavior in the rabbits and prompts a rapid imprinting on the wyrmling to the colony.

Initially the wyrmling will imitate its adopted family, eating predominantly clover and flowers. It will develop much more prominent ears and hind legs and favor a more hunched posture for its initial movement. Dragon Rabbits are also more inclined to continue to lope in the manner of their parents even well into maturity.

Rabbit borne dragon become protective of their adopted warren and ultimately come to defend it. This usually occurs after the wyrmling is twice the size of the largest member of the warren. Normally the wyrmling will take on a dominant role in the warren as well although this varies with individuals and in some cases a Dragon Rabbit will be submissive to the dominant members of the warren in spite of its size and intelligence.

Dragon Rabbits are prone to creating extensive lairs with many hollows and passages suited for their adopted colony. They also tend to slaughter onto extinction all animals which hunt their warren within their territory. a Region which expands as they accumulate metals in their lair.

This shift in the ecology can greatly imbalance things as the rabbit population often explodes as a result. Rabbit plagues are not uncommon in regions bordering the territory of a dragon who has adopted them. Regions with Dragon Rabbits generally have highly extensive taboo to eating or hunting rabbit of a particular coloration or otherwise distinguishable as coming from the Wyrm's warren.

Such situations often tend to outlast the instigating dragons.

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