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Dragons[edit | edit source]

Dragons lay eggs that look like stones, sometimes decorate them to look like Faberge eggs or art pieces. Breath "fire" that is actually disruptive raw magic that strips the chemical bonds from atoms and releases the bond’s energy as heat. Have skin which is immune to this breath and most other magical attacks/energies.

Are highly disruptive to spirits, ghosts, most permanent magical spells and manifestations of magic.

They resemble big serpents with four legs and two wings, if they walk they ambulate like the freakish offspring of a bat and a ferret.

Dragons with any sense of style stop walking places when they’re out of their awkward child years, preferring to float lazily and with much more grace.

Dragons gather power/magical energy from conductive metal that they lay upon. The more power they can conduct the faster and larger they grow and the more powerful they become.

Eggs born in the wilderness/abandoned grow into feral animals. They are gold/metal hoard maximizers and get clever as they age but have no real concept of civilization or law/rules.

Eggs held by humans often hatch and imprint on the ones that have them, grow up and develop morals and culture in accordance with how they are raised, as they age and grow they slowly settle into their own kind of hoard maximizers but tempered with tools and subtleties that often lead to them forming businesses, ruling territories of humans or otherwise gathering resources.

Dragons are hermaphroditic, if two dragons meet at some point they will probably mate, and then try and murder each other and steal the other's hoard, if they are evenly matched they both go home to their hoards. All Dragons will lay eggs after these brawls/mating fights and they can lay many many thousands over the course of their lives. A consistent dragon rivalry/war and a dragon mated pair are not really distinguishable.

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