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"And as I gazed throughout space and time, beyond the veil of the stars and the sun, I saw him; the Dragon God - bearing the form of a dragon and with him the heralds of destruction. He was not the Worm, for the Worm emerged from the abyss, and the Worm sought dominion over the earth. The Dragon cared not; the Dragon emerged from the darkness and sought no dominion over the earth and the minds of its people, for the Dragon revelled in destruction, and only destruction. The maws of the Dragon swallowed the light of the world whole, drowning it in eternal darkness."

Drascasur is the god of darkness, imbalance, violence and destruction. Considered one of the two prime evils of the Firmament, Drascasur is a malevolent deity that thrives on the fear and hatred of others. Historically known for similarly malevolent worshippers, Drascasur is sometimes seen as the patron deity of Dragons, embodying their reckless and destructive nature. A number of eschatological myths entail Drascasur swallowing the world whole.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Drascasur takes on many forms, although near universally bears the motif of a dragon. Some of the most ancient iconography of Drascasur embody him as an anthropomorphic being with a head of a dragon, sometimes with a tail and four arms. Other depictions of him entail him as a massive blackened dragon with several heads. Skaurovirn iconography of Drascasur tends to be haphazard - monumental sculptures venerating Drascasur tend to be a mismatch of mutilated corpses shaped in the form of a humanoid dragon.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Drascasur's history - the Aurelians noted vague cult worship of a deity pertaining to Drascasur several millennia ago, and was likely a deity worshipped in prehistoric times. The Skaurovirn were created from the influence of Drascasur - mythological stories describe Drascasur corrupting the wellsprings and rivers within the region that transformed its inhabitants into the Skaurovirn themselves. Drascasur may have been present during the last War of the Gods around three millennia ago, although little evidence of that time survives or even supports such a statement.

In modern times, Drascasur is mostly a deity of academic and esoteric status - Taeleni education holds Drascasur as an expert subject and of a magical nature darker than that of most gods, and ritual magic attested to Drascasur's power is in fact prohibited due to its destructive power.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Drascasur's realm is the dark realm of Penumbra, one of the deepest (or perhaps most distant, depending on source) realms of Tartarus. The realm is a blackened and ashen realm of sharp and labyrinthine mountains, vaguely lit by blazing flames yet even they are obscured by a blackening fog. The realm is teeming of complex hierarchies of demons of terrible nature, and no mortal that is known to have entered this domain has survived. The very malevolence of Drascasur's realm is known to drive unwary travellers towards an evil path, or in worst cases, abject insanity.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alongside Varagarash Narahil, Drascasur is one of the most malevolent forces to exist within the Firmament. The very embodiment of destruction and darkness, Drascasur has no regard for others, and nothing but the prospect of death and violence of all those around him are what appeals to his 'better' nature. Mortals are seen as nothing but specs of dust to Drascasur, and in turn, gods are not seen as anything much greater than that. As the personification of evil, Drascasur has no qualms of committing violent atrocities across the stars to even the most devoted of his disciples.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Drascasur is a reviled deity by all others; Demon lords either fear or resent his superior power (in fact, some demon lords are thought to pay tribute to Drascasur) whilst all more benevolent deities see him as anathema to the balance of existing. As a malevolent entity, Drascasur is implied to be at loggerheads with Varagarash Narahil, although the prospects of destruction and tyranny may in fact appeal to common interest. To Drascasur, all beings, godly or not, are nourishment to his ravenous hunger for ruination of all existence.

Cult of Drascasur[edit | edit source]

Worship in Drascasur is not common among the mortal domain; ritualistic practices in Drascasur are at the very least considered illegal in most cultures around the world, and at the worst are of the utmost and severe crimes against the natural order. It is often the practice of Drascasur worshippers to exhibit his malevolent nature through equally disgusting crimes - mass murder, the destruction of temples, ritual sacrifice of non-Drascasuri priests are not an exhaustive list.

Clergy[edit | edit source]

Two larger bodies of clergy exist that worship Drascasur - the Skaurovirn, and the enigmatic Cult of the Dragon. Worshippers of Drascasur are rarely concerned with material goods or prospects of power over others - instead, it is the very existential revelation that all things must end. Because of this, Drascasuri followers tend to be either highly dangerous individuals across the world, or more covertly, even normal individuals that practice these crimes anonymously. Drascasuri temples do not exist outside of the Skaurovirn's territory.

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