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And in the realm of death and flame, where war is infinite, the four muscular arms of the destroyer of hope rise into clenched fists. By his command, the cosmos will be drenched in blood.
โ€” Irkallan Epitaph, describing Druacath

Druacath is the demon lord of destruction, wrath, war and conflict. The most powerful of the demon lords, he is considered the patron of all savage barbarians and Greenskins,

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Druacath is a giant, red-skinned humanoid fiend with orcish features. A pair of tusks grow from his lower jaw, and his head is decorated with many small horns. He has two pairs of arms, each ending in terrible sharp claws and possessing impressive muscles. His belt is held by the skull of a great demon, said to be the remains of the previous demon lord of war who Druacath slew.

History[edit | edit source]

The Lord of Brimstone is most famed for his involvement in the Great Gap, where he corrupted a number of Primordials into the first generation of Greenskins, who would become Orcs, Goblins and other such creatures after the end of the great divine war. He was also involved in the corruption of the Dwarves of Grumgirnur into the Duergars, though unlike the Greenskins, the demon lord was immediately shunned by the Dark Dwarves.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Druacath's realm in Irkalla is the Fire Pits, a great ravine which burns in hellfire. Demons and mortal slaves toil day and night creating weapons and armor for the Lord of Brimstone's armies, so he may wage terrible campaigns across the cosmos. The demon lord himself typically rests in his great throne, flanked by the corpses of those slain in his name, until he grows bored and decides to spar with his greatest generals, to the chagrin of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their path.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Druacath is a hateful demon and considers all other demon lords his enemies, though some are despised more than others; he considers Analuhati and Skanqrak to be the greatest cowards of Irkalla, and shows great glee in undermining their efforts. The only demon lord Druacath is not entirely hostile to is Hamoilles, who has declared the Lord of Brimstone to be one of her "favorite" mates. While he hates all archangels, his fury is generally reserved for Saz'giras, an ascended demon who once served as one of Druacath's greatest servants before switching sides.

Cult of Druacath[edit | edit source]

Druacath is primarily worshipped by tribes of savage humanoids, attracted by promises of power, glorious battle and the extermination of the weak. He is heavily associated with the most amoral Greenskins, and his religion is the law in the hostile land of Druacatakh. The demon lord himself is largely unconcerned with the race of his worshippers, so long as they are physically capable; weaklings hold no favour from him.

Druacath has very few priests, preferring to grant his blessings to savage shamans and barbarians. His church is a militant one, and tribes of followers often use words such as "soldier" or "general" to describe one another rather than conventional religious terms. Due to his savage nature, few great temples dedicated to the demon lord are known to exist, with worship often being limited to small effigies of animal or humanoid bone.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

The greataxe known as King of Butchers, wielded by the Ogre lord Nugkroc Gorepunch, is widely believed to be an artifact of Druacath that was gifted to him by the demon lord. It remains unconfirmed, however, as the weapon is remarkably mundane for a demonic artifact, though this may simply be due to Nugkroc not knowing how to unlock its true power.

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