Dryads (Firmament)

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Dryads are a species of woodland fey who guard the forests of Telamon from those they deem hostile to nature.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Dryads resemble beautiful female Elves with bark-like skin and leaves for hair, whose souls are anchored with a particular tree; said tree is usually the largest of the forest on virtue of the Dryad's powers. Their colouration is typically matching to the tree they associate themselves with, and changes to fit the seasons. Dryads are usually 1,8 meters tall and live as long as the trees they are linked with. Dryads are all female, and do not procreate; they are spontaneously born from certain chosen trees.

Particularly venerable Dryads, thousands of years old, assume the form known as a Hamadryad, where the Dryad grows a large pair of moth-like wings and links her soul to an entire forest as opposed to a single tree.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Dryads live in large portions of woodland, away from civilized areas, where they serve as guardians of nature. They typically spend the majority of their time merged with their chosen tree, revealing themselves when necessary or when it strikes their fancy. Areas protected by dryads tend to flourish with plant and animal life as a result of their care. Dryads grow physically ill if separated from their chosen tree for extended periods of time, and usually carry a piece of it - usually a branch or root - if they need to venture out of their territoty.

Society[edit | edit source]

Dryads live in small communities in areas where they are present, usually served by lesser fey who live under their wing. They are usually careful of outsiders, but tolerate their presence so long as they do not harm their territory. They are more welcoming to druids, who are also associated with nature.

Hamadryads are the queens of their kind and are among the most powerful druids of Telamon, with most non-evil fey treating them as royalty. However, it is believed that only a handful of them exist in all of Telamon, and the rise of a new Hamadryad is extremely rare.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dryads are innate druids and have the ability to manipulate plant matter to do their bidding, as well as easily convince animals to aid them in battle. They are naturally dexterous beings, and most Dryads are capable archers. Their bark-like skin is also much tougher than their lithe forms may indicate, though like most fey, they fear cold iron. Killing a Dryad is bound to cause great damage to their chosen tree, while killing the tree instantly kills the Dryad linked to it.

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