Dwaerkar Chiefdom

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The Dwaerkar Chiefdom was a political organization of the Dwaerkar that spanned the Dwaerkar-controlled regions of Borost. Its capital was Ouwestad, and it was briefly controlled by Clan Ouwegund and then by Clan Ÿphergund.

The Dwaerkar Chiefdom began on Vennern of the year +0, when the Dwaerkar first landed in Borost. Based around Ouwestad, the Chiefdom slowly grew in mastery and power until the eruption of Ÿphergund's War in +431. The Dwaerkar Chiefdom, pitted against Elven Borost, fought with unity until the death of Molgart Ÿphergund in +453, at which point the Dwaerkar Chiefdom fragmented and ceased to exist.

Today, the Dwaerkar-controlled regions of Borost are arranged into a disparate set of Dwaerkar freeholds, which are independent of each other.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The chiefdom was autocratic in nature, with the great Chief governing by royal decree. However, his power was regulated by the Moot of Ouwestad, a council of noblemen of the clans, who advised and deliberated with the Chief on matters of importance.