Dwaerkar people

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File:Dwaerkar man standing at attention.jpg
A male Dwaerkar, universally short and bearded.
File:Dwaerkar woman in main article.jpg
A female Dwaerkar, who is on average of the same stature as the male, but are famously reclusive and hard to spot outside of Dwaerkar cities in Borost.

The Dwaerkar people are a race in Borost which inhabits many of its mountainous areas, with a sparse number of settlements in open terrain. The Dwaerkar are generally for their hardiness, their strength of belief, and their colourful language.

The Dwaerkar came to Borost from across the sea some centuries ago, and settled peacefully in eastern Tielsland, which remains, as far as the Dwaerkar are concerned, the "Homeland." Ouwestad, capital of the homeland, stands not only as the greatest of the Dwarven cities, but as the greatest center of civilisation north of Tirsos.

The Dwaerkar are universally short and bearded, characteristics which, to a smaller degree, also apply to their females. Their skin ranges from dark to light. They possess long and simple hairstyles. The Dwaerkar average to about 1.00 standard Dwaerkar unit in stature (OOC: 1.55 meters), and are exceptionally stocky for their height. Dwaerkar live for an average of 80 years. The Dwaerkar people almost exclusively speak the Dwaerkar languages.

The Dwaerkar are skilled warriors, miners, smiths, stonemasons, scholars, and scientists. They are known for their stoicism, endurance, adherence to tradition, advanced technology, and religious devotion.

The families of the Dwaerkar are, when exceptionally rich, powerful, or otherwise influential, known as Clans. The most powerful and influential clans of Borost are known as the Great Clans.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Comparison with other races[edit | edit source]

Whereas the other mammalian Races -- the Borostím, Tirsosím and Mankind -- are sexually compatible and can father children of a mixed-race (e.g. Idris Coldwind), the Dwaerkar are not sexually compatible with any other race that inhabits the continent.