Dwarven Pantheon (Firmament)

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The Dwarven Pantheon is a collection of deities worshipped by the Dwarves of Telamon. They are heavily associated with the greater god Skasdrumri, who is considered the king of the gods, and according to legend, they were heavily involved in the founding of the Dwarven civilization, teaching the arts of architecture, language and other such concepts to the first generation of Dwarves.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

  • Breldikig - god of toil, war and strength
  • Hurgrih - god of grudges, justice and vengeance
  • Miludir - goddess of marriage, love and family
  • Kivaedir - god of alcohol, merrymaking and respite
  • Reimdorlig - goddess of magic, runes and language
  • Skasdrumri - king of the dwarven pantheon, god of architecture, craftsmanship, creation and tradition
  • Strerderimm - god of death, fate and judgement
  • Thar-Thrassan - goddess of forges, invention and gunpowder
  • Thunardormir - god of lightning, martial prowess and honour
  • Varmumli - god of travels, roads and guidance
  • Voniana Theevrolde - Gnome goddess of gemstones, luck, trickery and innovation, included as a 'guest' to the pantheon

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