Elemental lords (Firmament)

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The elemental lords are the demigods who rule over each of the four realms of the Elemental Plane. These creatures, the most powerful of all elementals, vie for dominance of the entire plane and typically fight one another over it. There have been many elemental lords in the past who have been slain or were otherwise defeated by their successors, leading their spark of divinity to be passed on through many hands over the course of history.

Current elemental lords[edit | edit source]

  • Constarnach - lord of air, wind and skies. His avatar resembles an enormous griffon with white feathers across his entire body.
  • Ti-Amtum - lord of water, seas and oceans. Her avatar is an immensely massive sea serpent of a deep blue colour, of whose eyes glow a rich and vibrant yellow.
  • Tritonomarth - lord of water, seas and oceans. His avatar resembles an enormous cross between a shark and an octopus.
  • Umberien - lord of earth, stone and caverns. Her avatar is a gigantic humanoid made up entirely of stone, gems and precious metals, with small legs supported by large arms.
  • Vulcardentron - lord of fire, magma and volcanoes. His avatar takes the form of a colossal reptilian whose body is covered in dozens of immense, sharpened spikes.

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