Elven Pantheon (Firmament)

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The Elven Pantheon is the collection of deities worshipped by the Elves of Telamon. A tumultuous pantheon, its worship has been fractured with the splitting of the Elves between four cultures, with numerous gods being shunned away across them. The Wood Elves are the only practitioners of the entire pantheon, though they treat the deities as merely neutral aspects of their highest divinity, ignoring their more extreme facets.

Beyond their cultural gods, a number of greater deities have also found their way into Elven faith.

Gods of Light[edit | edit source]

  • Bel-Vinis - god of the sea, sailing and fishing
  • Cenalvel - god of hunting, taming and loyalty
  • Eondrassla - goddess of nature, growth and prosperity
  • Tobinnel - god of honour, martial prowess and protection

Gods of Shadow[edit | edit source]

  • Konakis - god of lust, promiscuity and assassins
  • Lelaugith - goddess of war, armaments and cruelty
  • Sethneas - god of darkness, blood, slaughter and vengeance
  • Shihe - goddess of slavery, despair and terror
  • Versorneh - goddess of magic, domination and monsters

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