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The mother of the eternal garden, where flowers bloom and trees grow eternal...
โ€” Zianan Passage, describing Eostraeya

Eostraeya is an archangel dedicated to the spheres of fertility, growth, generosity and hope, who dedicates her existence to spreading the seeds of life across the cosmos, and it is said all life, no matter how insignificant, is dear to her.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eostraeya resembles a Wood Elf woman made out of plant matter; her skin is made out of green vines, with two pairs of arms, a pair of legs, two tails and an immense pair of wings made out of leaves resembling feathers. Her facial features are beautiful, with great expressive eyes and long hair made out of thicker vines than those which serve as her skin. A crown of branches adorns her head, and from her hair, apple-like fruits constantly grow and fall. Consuming said fruit grants supernatural strength and health for the rest of the person's existence.

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Realm[edit | edit source]

Eostraeya's realm, the Garden of the Gods, lies near the inner regions of Ziana. It is an infinitely spanning combination of grassy plains, forests, jungles and marshes where plants and animals flourish, and angels work tirelessly to keep it all healthy and safe from outside interference. At the center of this garden is the throne of the archangel, at the edge of an enormous tree whose branches breach the clouds of the plane.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Eostraeya's single wish is to propagate life through the Firmament. She considers the waste of life and its destruction abhorrent, and as such is against violence outside of self-defense. As a representation of hope and generosity, Eostraeya blesses mortalkind with gifts when presented with exceptional behavior, often by influencing plants to grow stronger and healthier in areas where people may be starving or recovering from a natural disaster.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Eostraeya is a champion of goodness and is considered allies of most other deities who inhabit Ziana. She has a deep relation with the fellow archangel Kumyus; rumours are the two demigods are lovers. She considers Skanqrak her most reviled enemy due to his tendency to corrupt and warp nature with his demonic magic.

Cult of Eostraeya[edit | edit source]

Eostraeya's worshippers include farmers and botanists, who pray to the angel for their crops and plants to grow, as well as many druids and races who associate themselves with nature. Respect is paid to her by creating a beautiful bouquet of flowers and offering it to a shrine made in her image, with many such gifts often disappearing before the person's eyes; being teleported away to the Garden of the Gods so that Eostraeya may enjoy them in person.

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