Ermek Trughs

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Ermek Trughs is the Thane of the Dwarven fortress-city of Kunmaldur in Khargrimnir and one of its most famed warriors.

History[edit | edit source]

Trughs of Clan Ermek was born at 2622 3E as the only son of Ermek Kaldrag, Thane of the region of Kunmaldur by then. Spending his early life as a member of the Grimaxe Company, he became a decorated figure for his skill with dual-wielding war-axes. At the age of 40, he returned to Kunmaldur to find it under siege by the Rakash, and following what is now known as the Battle of Kunmaldur, he repelled their invasion while suffering from minimal casualties. For this amazing feat of military prowess, Trughs was given the title of Thane by his aged father, who was convinced the province would be in good hands, and was given his clan's ancestral runic swords - the Warswords of Blazes -, which he accepted with pride.

Features[edit | edit source]

Trughs is a black-haired Dwarf man in his 60s. He possesses a noticeably large scar across his forehead received during a Goblin raid; ever since, he has taken a deep distaste for their kind. He wears armor befitting a Thane, decorated with commendations of his military accomplishments. His Warswords of Blazes - Breldikig's Fury and Hurgrih's Wrath - are a pair of ancestral longswords imbued with runes which hold in them the power of fire, and a swing of these weapons is able to create powerful blasts of flame; these weapons have been passed down the Thanes of Clan Ermek for generations.

Considered an amiable figure, Trughs treats the safety of Kunmaldur as his highest priority. As a former soldier, he is eager to get to the front line and fight the enemies of Dwarvenkind personally. Among the Thanes of Khargrimnir, Trughs is notable for his interest in finding new war-beasts to be employed by the War Companies, though his attempts to domesticate the monsters who prowl underground have so far been met with failure.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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