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Eryliana is a country located north in the continent of Aurelia, south of Aynach. Made up of many hills, plateaus and woodland, it serves as the home of the elves known as the ashen, who have lived in the region for almost a millenia. Notable for its drake riders and association with all forms of fire magic, Eryliana is one of the more notable elven nations of the eastern landmass.

History[edit | edit source]

The ashen elves descend from Aithrenans who left their original homes with the arrival of Ahmalhrich Stormsword's horde of barbarians, choosing to flee east rather than fight the human horde. Settling into the region which now makes up Eryliana, the elves founded the city of Dragosthrone, so named for the drakes which prowled the region and the mysterious landmark they had found under it; a giant statue made out of solid magma, sitting upon a throne while holding unto a massive cleaver. After organizing themselves, the elves begun a process of taming the local fire drakes, and indeed, their spellcasters gained an affinity with fire, believed to have been inspired by the volcano located at the center of the region, Mount Gavakar. Through the course of four hundred years, the former Aithrena had changed into the silver-haired ashen and gained the trust of the typically violent fire drakes, with the establishment of the Duchy of Eryliana as it is known today taking place 660 years ago.

The formation of Aynach two centuries later was met with caution by the ashen elves, who still held great resentment for the humans who had by now become Mannazei. However, diplomatic envoys between the two nations proved Aynach had no interest in fighting the elves, leading the two countries to become close allies through the years.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Eryliana is a land-locked country, bordering with Aynach in the north. The most striking landmark of the region is Mount Gakavar, an active volcano which has erupted twice since the founding of the nation, leading the elves to avoid settling near the region. The rest of the land is made up of many portions of woodland separated by plateaus and hills, which serve as the home to many species of mammals and reptiles.

Government[edit | edit source]

The land of Eryliana is a monarchy led by a duke who has authority over all of the elves' lands and territories. The title of duke is hereditary and life-long, with the Tefrignatus family having held it for the last couple of generations. Noble families may only wrest the title from others if their lineage comes to a complete end or if they are shamed away from the nation altogether. The duke normally has a number of barons who serve as governors and advisors who aid them in administering their lands, ensuring the law is imposed accordingly.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Eryliana as a nation is largely unconcerned with religious matters, leaving its citizens free to worship non-evil deities as they see fit. Among the most popular gods in the region are Isiris, Soldalatel and many archangels. Additionally, worship of the elemental lord Vulcardentron is known to happen through the wizard sects of the nation, further displaying the ashen's association with fire.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Eryliana is primarily inhabited by the ashen elves, who are distinct by their brown skin tones and ashen-coloured hair from which they named. Small pockets of humans, largely originated from Aynach, are also commonly seen, primarily near the northern border. Tribes of goblins, ogres and kobolds are also known to prowl the wilderness, causing trouble to civilized areas. Eryliana holds the world's largest concentration of fire drakes, and while the nation has tamed some over the years, many of them remain wild and largely see the elves as prey, with some seeing the taming of their kind as a form of slavery.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Eryliana is a peaceful nation, and as such prefers to remain on good terms with its neighbours. Aynach are among their greatest allies, with the two countries often working together, and they are also among the trading partners of the lizardfolk of Merovaren. The ashen elves see Mannazei as a threat, though thanks to Aynach's mediation, hostilities between the two remain minimal. Due to being land-locked, Eryliana has little contact with the other continents, but retains non-aggressive relations with Dalmira. Skitterfall has attacked the region many times, with the ratfolk being considered the nation's most active threat.

  • Positive relations
    • Aynach - Aynach is Eryliana's strongest military ally, and they have pledged to protect one another from all threats.
    • Khargrimnir - The Ashen Elves see the dwarves as an admirable, if stubborn folk, and treat them as valuable allies.
    • Merovaren - Caravans of the lizardfolk are very common in Eryliana, who make good use of their presence whenever possible.
    • Ontrea - Ontrea are solid diplomatic allies of the Ashen Elves, with most of their contact being done through the Finger of the Dragon.
    • Tuaben - The Ashen Elves have a good diplomatic alliance with Tuaben.
  • Ambivalent relations
    • Dalmira - Being land-locked and in another continent, the Ashen Elves have very little contact with Dalmira.
  • Negative relations
    • Duskwood - Many Ashen Elves lament the corruption of a land which once belonged to their ancestors.
    • Mannazei - The Ashen Elves see the Mannazeians as racists and brutes.
    • Skitterfall - Ratfolk incursions are very common in Eryliana, thanks to its proximity to Skitterfall.

Notable erylians[edit | edit source]

  • Duchy of Eryliana
    • Kassina Tefrignatus - Current duchess of Eryliana
    • Filonan Aerember - Current captain of the Drakerider Legion
  • Mount Gavakar
    • Finkrath - One of the most terrible dragons of the modern day

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