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Eshmaki, sometimes given pejorative names such as demonspawn or hellspawn, are a rare form of plane-touched humanoid who shares ancestry with demons.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Eshmaki vary greatly in individual appearance from one another, depending not only on the ethnicity of the mortal parent but also the type of demon they descend from. They can have horns, greatly varying skin colors, hooves for feet, tails, unusual eyes, and other such features. These variances mean that two eshmaki born from two different fiends might have vast differences in appearance.

Eshmaki are created due to residual demonic influence in a bloodline. Most descend from spellcasters who studied demonic arts, tainting their soul with the vile energies of Irkalla, while others are the direct descendants of a Cambion.

Society[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Eshmaki are rarely welcomed in humanoid society due to their fiendish descent and outwardly fiendish appearances. As such, many Eshmaki live in ghettos and other undesirable areas of their settlements. Some Eshmaki attempt to counteract this stigma by amassing personal wealth or power, while others seek to form communities with other Eshmaki where they can live without needing to hide their natures. Unlike demons or Cambions, Eshmaki are not predisposed to fall to darkness, but many end up doing so for the reasons above.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Eshmaki who embrace their demonic heritage gravitate towards worship of the demon lords, hoping that by doing so, they may ascent into full demons and discard their mortal halves.

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Due to demons being seen as monstrous by most of the world, Eshmaki are universally seen with contempt by those who know of their nature. Such individuals tend to connect more easily with other half-breeds.

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